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Isabel Kelso joined a news broadcasting company with high hopes and aspirations. Despite facing initial challenges with co-anchor Josh Peterson, who found her annoying, incompetent, and a nuisance, Isabel persevered and found a way to connect with him. As they discovered their shared interests and developed a friendship, their feelings for each other grew stronger, eventually leading to love. Although they faced obstacles, including Josh's disapproving father and meddling ex-girlfriend Megan, Isabel and Josh fought for their relationship with courage and determination. Will Isabel and Josh end up together? Will Josh be able to go against his father? Read to find out.



I awoke from my bed, eager for my first day at work. I went for the job interview last week, and I secured the job at the famous Sky News as their co-anchor, here in Cardiff. I quickly got out of bed and headed over to my restroom to get ready, then I went into my closet and took out a nice blue gown and put on a black jacket to go with it. After that, I ordered a Lyft driver to take me over to work.

My name is Isabel Kelso; I am 25 years old, and I graduated from Cardiff University. I majored in Media Studies, and I have always wanted to be a news presenter, ever since I was 12 years old. I have a little brother, Brian, who is 21 years old that lives with me for some months now. My dad lives in Turkey, and we talk to each other occasionally. My mom died when I was about 5 years old, and ever since then, my dad has been finding it hard to move on with his love life.

After some minutes of ordering the Lyft, it finally arrived. I got out of the house, locked my door, and put the house key under the mat so that when Brian came back, he could get into the house. I got into the Lyft, and after that, the driver drove off.


We arrived at the Sky News headquarters in Cardiff, where I will be working. I came down from the Lyft, and after that, I went into the main building. After some minutes of walking around trying to locate my office, I ran into the man that interviewed me for the job.

I called his attention, and we both halted in the hallway. "I am here to resume work."

"Ehh, Isabel Kelso, right?" He asked. "Yes, sir." I am glad he still remembered me.

"I am Francis Grande; I am your boss in this district," he said with a warm smile. His aura towards me was very welcoming. Of course, I remembered his name was Francis, but I didn’t know he was going to be my boss.

"Okay, come with me this way. I will show you to your office and the co-host you are going to be working with," he added.

He took me over to my office; at the front of the door, my name was already written there with a golden tag.

"This is your office; come with me and let me show you over to the broadcast area." He said this as we walked away from my office's front door and over to the live broadcasting room.

As we got there, he opened the door and we both went in. I noticed there were cameras almost everywhere and the room was swarming with people, cameramen, cleaners, makeup artists, and so on. He then took me over to a tall, white, British-looking man who was putting on a gray suit. The man turned around. As soon as I saw him, I had a déjà vu moment. I met this guy on the day of my interview, and it wasn’t a pleasant moment.


It was a sunny day, and I was in front of Sky News, waiting to cross the road when I heard the roar of an engine. I turned to see a red Lamborghini Urus speeding toward me. I froze, and the car came dangerously close to hitting me. I could feel the wind from the car as it raced past me. I was furious and yelled at the driver.

"Watch where you're going, you almost hit me!" I screamed at the car. The driver rolled down the glass and looked at me. He was a handsome British man with green eyes and a nicely shaped jawline.

"Hey, calm down. I didn't hit you," he responded.

"That's not the point. You should slow down and drive more carefully," I complained my eyebrows tightly pressed together. Who does he think he is? He couldn’t even apologize.

"I didn't mean to scare you," he replied bluntly.

"You know, I don’t get it, why do rich dickheads like you feel like they could do anything they want and get away with it without apologizing?" I asked in a rumbling tone.

"Why would I apologize when I didn’t even hit you? Poor slags like you are difficult to deal with," he answered.

"Who are you calling a poor slag you, rich prick!" I yelled. Before I could know what was happening, he started his car and zoomed off.

Looking back, I never thought such a guy would be working at Sky News. It's funny how fate works sometimes.

"Meet Josh Peterson, Miss Isabel; he is going to be your co-anchor," Mr. Francis introduced, bringing me back to reality. My co-anchor? So this douchebag is going to be working close to me.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Isabel." Josh Peterson said as he shook my hand with a slight smirk. He acted as if he doesn’t remember me from the other day. He looked at me from head to toe as though he was checking me out. But I didn’t want to pay attention to that.

"Same here," I replied. I wanted to play along since he acted as if we have not met each other before.

"Mrs. Isabel, Josh is your superior, so you will learn how he manages the show and also follow his lead; he is going to show you how we do things around here," Mr. Francis stated staring at me.

"Okay, sir," I replied. After that, Mr. Francis left me and Josh alone and exited the broadcasting room.

"So, Isabel, where are you from?" Josh inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"I am from Turkey, but I grew up mostly in the UK," I answered.

"OK, because I was going to say you have a Middle Eastern look." He said bluntly. Why would he say that? I know I have a middle eastern look.


"I am going to introduce you to our viewers at the 3:00 p.m. news; you can go and settle in your office for now," He added.

"Alright, thanks. See you soon, sir." I replied. I don’t know why he is acting as if he had forgotten that he almost hit me with his car the other day, but whatever. After that, I went out of the broadcasting room.


When I got to my office door, I noticed it was a keycard door, so I pulled out the ID card that Mr. Francis had given me earlier when he showed me around. I slid the ID card on the door and it opened, I went into the office, I looked around the office, it was very beautiful, with paintings all over the wall, a beautiful desk in the middle, a Desktop computer and all sorts of luxury souvenirs, I dropped my bag on the desk and sat on the executive chair that spun around when I move, I turned on the PC in front of me. "Wow, so this news company is truly luxurious; I already love it here," I mum


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