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Game of Revenge and Pleasure

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Kael Graham is a cold, unfeeling man driven by a relentless quest for revenge. He is determined to destroy Rachel Mitchell's life and will do anything to achieve his goal. To do so, Kael lures Rachel into a dangerous trap, but, ironically, it is Rachel's sister Sarah who suffers the consequences. Now, who will emerge victorious in this game of revenge and pleasure?

Chapter 1 - Dramatic Testament


I was stunned by the scene unfolding in the grand boardroom of Mitchell & Associates. It was unbelievable, almost surreal, to face the harsh reality of our impending bankruptcy. How could this have happened? A whirlwind of anguish and despair churned inside me, but I fought to maintain a stoic expression, a skill I had cultivated since childhood. However, my twin sister did not share the same self-control.

She repeated the question vehemently to the lawyer who had been our father's representative for decades. Her voice echoed through the room, reflecting the disbelief that consumed us, while her expression contorted in a mix of anger and despair. The response we received, however, was as monotonous as it was devastating, hammering relentlessly on our already shattered hearts.

"As I mentioned just a few minutes ago, during the reading of the will, your father left behind debts valued in millions of dollars, and his assets will be liquidated to honor these financial obligations."

The ensuing outburst was monumental. Rachel wholly lost control of her emotions, her voice ripping through the air like thunder.

"This is impossible!" she shouted, her voice echoing in the room, laden with indignation and disbelief. "We were millionaires! Our fortune was built over generations. My father could never have accumulated such colossal debts as you are claiming. How could he have simply squandered all our wealth?"

The expression of disbelief on Rachel's face showed her profound anguish at the devastating news. I held her hand, seeking to convey some comfort amidst the emotional turmoil that engulfed us. The lawyer looked at us with a serious and understanding expression before responding.

"Unfortunately, your father faced a series of financial challenges in recent years. Debts gradually accumulated, and he may not have fully shared this situation with you."

Rachel wiped away the tears streaming down her face and tried to regain her composure.

"But how could this happen without us noticing?"

The lawyer sighed before responding cautiously.

"Your father may have made risky choices in an attempt to restore the financial stability of the company. Unfortunately, these decisions did not prove successful, and the debt continued to grow."

It is extremely difficult to accept that our father, whom we have always admired, could have made such disastrous decisions.

"What will happen now?" I asked the lawyer, my voice trembling.

"At this point, Mitchell & Associates will be liquidated to pay off the existing debts. The assets will be sold, and the proceeds will be used to settle the liabilities. After this process, we will need to assess your situation and evaluate the best options to move forward."

The feeling of helplessness and uncertainty intensified. Despite being someone who always avoided drawing attention to myself, that information exceeded the limits of what I could bear in silence. A wave of indignation and anguish grew within me.

"I refuse to believe it!" Rachel shouted. "I... can't... believe it!"

The lawyer responded contemptuously, "You are free to hire another lawyer to get information on the matter."

Anger consumed Rachel, evident to everyone. And I understood her perfectly because if what Mr. Gonçalves was saying was true, and all indications pointed that way, with what money could we afford another lawyer?

"I refuse to be part of this grotesque spectacle you've created," Rachel declared proudly. "I'm leaving now, and soon you will hear from me."

She walked out of the room, strutting in her high heels, which had always been her trademark. When she reached the door, she looked back, expecting me to follow, as we had always done since birth.

"Let's leave right now, Sarah!" she ordered in her commanding tone.

Unlike her sister, full of desires and always having her wishes granted, I was merely a pale shadow, obediently following others' orders. I despised conflicts and always opted for the easiest path.

So, I jumped up from the chair I had been sitting in for over two hours, listening to the reading of our father's will, and realizing how our lives had just taken a disastrous turn. I went straight to where my sister was and we left the family company's boardroom, each going our way.

While Rachel was all dressed up in an expensive designer outfit, clinging to her body and accentuating every curve she had, I was wearing cheap jeans, a hoodie, and sneakers.

"This won't come cheap!" Rachel repeated that over and over again.

From the moment we entered the elevator of the massive thirty-five-story building, Rachel didn't stop complaining, letting out swear words that would make any laborer jealous. The whole journey was a festival of grievances.

When Rachel parked the convertible in front of the mansion where we had always lived, her confident posture vanished, and she collapsed into desperate tears. Between sobs, she asked me how our father could be so selfish, burying himself in debt and squandering the fortune that was rightfully ours. As if I could have a better answer for her than the lawyer did.

"How can we... be... in poverty?"

"I don't know either, Rachel. I have no idea," was all I could respond, feeling powerless in the face of all that misery.

We hugged, still inside the car, and my mind started spinning, thinking of what we would do from there. Without any experience, without any other family besides ourselves, without a place to call home, and without a penny in our pockets. It was a lonely scenario.

Chapter 2 - Debts and Despair


After a few days, reality truly hit us as the deadline to leave our house approached, and we had no idea what to do. I couldn't believe how selfish our father had been in spending our entire inheritance on his vices.

We discovered that our father, Patrick Mitchell, was addicted to gambling and had been losing a lot of money for years. He would take out loans and renew them until it reached the point where he had to sell the company to pay off debts to dangerous people who were threatening him.

"I can't accept this at all. It's absurd that we have to leave our home because of our father's stupidity," Rachel spoke loudly during one of our last breakfasts in our old house.

"You can't talk about our father like that, Rachel. He's dead."

"I can, and I am. How did he manage to lose millions in gambling debts?"

"There were also some business ventures that went wrong..."

"That just makes it worse! An experienced


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