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Nini was giving a job by the man she had always seen as big brother since Childhood she never knew he had a crush on her because they part ways when she was sixteen. They never met until she was happily married with kids. He offered her a job and also offered to help her husband get a better job little did she know this big brother of her that is now her boss had a motive behind all he is doing to help her now she has to divorce her husband and marry him at all cost and he will stop at nothing to have her because he is obsessed with her. Will she divorce her husband to be with her boss?

Chapter 1

I open my eyes in a dark room, feeling scared , I looked around in fear because the room was so dark but I kept hitting my legs on maybe sofa or table , I do not even know.

"Help! Somebody help! I yelled.

My heart began to beat so fast and scared at the same time.

I panic and suddenly, I heard the someone trying to open the door, I moved back a bit in fear and I could see the door open two men and another man in suit entered , I didn't see very well until he turn on the light and it turn out to be my boss Mike.

" Sir" I said.

" Mike" he replied laughing.

" What do you want from me" I said fiercely moving back.

Ofcourse I know what he wants from me, he wants me to be his wife after knowing that I am married with two kids.

What kind of obsession is that?

" You know what I want Nini" he says walking closer to me.

" You must be joking because I will never leave my husband and come to you, I do not love you! I said breaking down in tears.

He stood up and walked up to me, he crouch down before me and wanted to hold me.

I hit his hand.

" Take me back home! I want to go to my husband and kids" I said.

" Are you really serious about this , I am your husband " he said softly.

" Give me the opportunity to give you those things Dayo cannot give to you, I promise you will never regret it, I promise to give you whatever you want, just name what you want and I will give it to you" he says.

" I do not want whatever you want to give me just let me go" I said.

" Alright" he says.

He held me up with force he threw me to the chair and as I tried to stand up, he held me down to the Three seater sofa, he pinned me in the chair, he looked into my eyes and smile , he slowly bend his head to kiss me, I try to struggle but it wasn't just working he was stronger than me, despite that I was trying to move away my head and not giving him access to my lips he forced his lips on mine, I bit his lips and he quickly moves his lips away, there was blood on his lips, I thought he would hit me instead he s*ck*d the blood on his lips.

I moved away from him and sit.

I quickly stood up and rush to the door and the two men at the door stopped me they held my hands and drag me back to him.

I struggled but they were stronger than I am.

They dropped me in front of him.

" You know how much I love you and how much I hate to treat you bad right from when I had known you since when you were sixteen , I knew you before Lanre knew you, I loved you before Dayo loved you! I have always wanted us because I know you are the only woman that can complete me" he said as he held my Chin and raised it.

" Do you remember those days that I will bring gifts to you? I always buy those gifts from the last money on me? Remember when I was leaving that I came to tell you? I came to tell you because I loved you and was going out there to hustle for the future so that you can live better, I did a lot of work that I am not proud of that I have to make it to make give you a better life, now that I have that life , you don't want to stay with me , you just want to stay with a Dayo, I love you and I have always think of you being my wife and that you are going to be the mother kids, why won't you come to me, listen you can tell me how much you will like me to pay your husband off to divorce you, I have the divorce paper prepared " he said raising the divorce paper and showing it to me.

" It's not my fault Mike, you were just like a big uncle to me then, you never told me you were in love with me then, How would I have known you were in love with me, you were good to me then, yes but Dayo too was good to me, he came to my rescue so many times, he took care of my education, he took care of everything I wanted then and we got married and he was still that good husband and a good dad to his Children, my sister Kate is unmarried , she will love you, you can marry her and I know she would make a perfect wife but please let me go I beg of you, my sons need me right now" I said.

" I need you too, you can bring your sons along to our marriage, I promise to treat them like my children , I promise to adopt and love them like mine just divorce Lanre and marry me" he says.

" I am sorry I will not divorce the man that I love and marry you, I beg of you let me go" I pleaded sobbing.

" Since you want me to go hard on you it fine! Since you want me to go to the level

I do not want to go with you I will" he says.

I picks his cellphone and stood up, hello.

" Plan B" he says.

Hearing the word plan B I knew it must be something terrible but I can't figure it out, I quickly grabbed his foot and rest my head on his leg.

" What are you planning ?I asked.

" You are leaving me no option Nini, I wanted us to be calm about this but you are being stubborn" he said softly.

I stood up and look to his face.

" What are you planning to do? Hope you are not planning to hurt my husband and kids? I asked looking into his eyes with tears dripping down my face.

He didn't answer, he continue with his call after the call he straightened his blazer and walked out of the room, I ran after him to also run out of the room but the door was shut before I could get to the place.

I hit the door several times tell Mike's name but no one open the door.

I began to think back to how it all started.

I was fourteen when Mike moved into our neighborhood, he use to Scott with his friends, he is a factory worker then.

He started giving me attention after he asked me the definition of " Ecology" when he came to see a friend in our compound which I answer correctly since then he would always come around joking with me buying me little gifts which I always appreciate even though my step sister Katie always get to used them mostly.

I never knew there was a motive behind what he was doing.

When I became sixteen he began to call me his wife playfully, when I was writing my secondary school final exams he would always give me some money which it's my step mom that will always collect it from me whenever I showed it to her.

I was sixteen preparing for my exams that I knew Dayo , he use to live in our compound then, he was an undergraduate, he also tutor me and prepare me for my final exams in secondary school even then I never knew Dayo was also in love with me, it was when I got admission to the university that my stepmom couldn't send both I and my step sister to the university that we got along.

I was going to drop out while Kate had her boyfriend support then and at that time she was even working towards participating in the beauty contest that happens every year in their school.

I had always been too serious with my studies and I had no side job than returning back home to start helping my step mom.

My mom is a very good woman because when I was a toddler when she started taking care of me because my mom died while I was five months old and she was just a neighbor who was still single and searching then, she took up the responsibility to take good care of me and she tried her best to raise some money to send me back to school but she didn't have that money to send me to school.

It was when Dayo heard of my problem that he took it up upon himself to send me to school.

After Mike had left our neighborhood during my secondary school days , he never came back, I only met him few months ago when I was in search of a job because my husband just lost his job and he had tried laying his hand on some businesses with few money on him but the investment didn't yield, he came as a rescuer , I never knew he had been stalking me before offering me the job, I realized I never worked or do anything in his office all I do is just sitting down, he helped my husband get a job in a petroleum company , he pays me huge amount of money for doing nothing at the office .

I thought he was helping as a big bro but he wanted me , he was just doing all of that to ask for a divorce from me from my husband.

I thought of how my husband must be worried about na and what my children must be going through without me.


My mom had called me that my wife was yet to return from where she had gone to buy some stuff, I was rushing back home when some guys entered into the taxi with me , they brought out their gun and told me they will shoot me if I shout, I was scared.

The Taxi drive into our estate and seeing me made the security guard let us in, I wanted to signal them that the guys with me are not good people but all this men had guns including the driver, I had to co operate.

The Taxi stopped in front of our house, I knocked the gate and my mom comes to open the gate she was shocked seeing m with four guys, they showed her a gun by opening the side of their shirt, she yelled and run back we entered into the compound,the guys shut the gate and we walked into the house with the men putting gun to my mom's head.

We entered into the house while my kids who were still struggling to walk were jumping , I quickly grabbed one of the boys and my mom picked up the other twin and held him tight to her chest.

We were scared pleading but the guys didn't answer us.


"I finally find out you do not love me mom! I said angrily.

" What do you mean? She asked.

"If you love me you would have convinced Mike to marry me but instead you gave him a solution to kidnap her and force her to get married to him, Nini has alway been happy, she has it all, she has a good husband like Dayo, she has two kids but I do not have any of those yet you will claim not to love my Nini yet you gave Mike a solution to kidnap and marry her and now she would become a billionaires wife" I said.

Chapter 2

" You cannot blame me from taking such decision my dear and don't mistake the love I have for you for Nini, you and I know I have never live Nini, I just have to show her that fake love to make her think I loved her so much and that is it?

I have never loved her and I will never love her, Nini is just our pawn to our success" she said , she stood up and walked towards me but I wasn't going to agree to that, it's tru mom never loved that girl but what is the sudden love my mom is showing to her letting Mike have her.

" I had a deal with Mike to make you that superstar that you have always want to be some, with that you can meet with senators, Governors even President and become marry any of this people I mentioned so think of that opportunity " my mom says.

" I don't want all of those people you just mentioned, I want Mike, I have always loved Mike the only thing is he never loved me in return and I am so mad about that


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