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Forbidden Heat 18+

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[MATURE CONTENT R18] "I'll f*** you so hard that you'll forget all about him" Natalia has been desiring her stepfather for the longest time after her mother passed away. Suddenly, her stepfather becomes engaged to another woman while his younger brother found out about Natalia's secret... Trying to keep her affair with her step cousin a secret from her passionate bodyguard. "I no longer want to be forgotten. I'll give you so much pleasure that you'll forget all about my brother." - Edward "We've always been together so I never told you this...I love you" - Zak "I'll do whatever it takes to make you mine. Please wait just a little longer" - Lucien "I'll always protect you...even from your own self" - Reiner **This story does NOT contain incest. All male love interests are NOT blood-related to the female protagonist** Note: I own the right to the cover photo. Please do not copy without written consent.

Bonus - Belle of the Ball

“Finally, it’s time for your graduation prom, are you excited?” Ellen, my personal stylist asked with a proud smile.

“Very. I’m sure I’ll look amazing with your help though, so there’s nothing to worry about on that front,” I replied with a confident smile. Ellen and her team’s skill were professionally top-notch. In addition to working regularly to assist me when I had to attend public events, Ellen works as a stylist for many top-tier celebrities including actresses, supermodels, and singers.

“Let’s start with your make up and hair right away. There’s no time to waste!” Ellen said excitedly as she clapped her well-manicured hands together to signal the make-up artist and hair stylist to start with their magic.

“Thank you so much for being with me today on one of my important days,” I told the whole team while beaming them a smile. They all smiled back and nodded happily.

I eyed the dress that had been specially tailored for me by Lucien, my stepfather, for this event. Obviously, it was from a luxury brand boutique and uniquely designed to bring out my best features. I had chosen a rosy-red dress with matching red lace and embroidery decoration for this event. The dress was made more eye-catching and elegant with a long train that swept the floor behind me.

Despite all the attention and money that had been put into my look for this special evening, the most special thing about tonight was my date. Lucien Rosenhall had finally agreed to be my escort and date for tonight after I had pestered him endlessly for weeks. Lucien was a very busy man and didn’t particularly enjoy these types of public events unless it was necessary for business. Even then, I doubt he viewed it as entertainment.

I smiled a little to myself as I pictured the good times we would have together tonight. Dancing and laughing with Lucien as we had fun all throughout the night would be a dream come true for me. University had not been entirely easy for me, so graduation was quite a big deal for me. Most of all, it meant that I was ready to take that step into adult life where I could be more independent. Getting a job and perhaps one day becoming independent from this family might be nice…

Being a Rosenhall was very difficult and even more so when you weren’t born one…

Just as my thoughts started to get darker and darker, a bright voice from an angel called out to me, almost literally.

“You look real pretty, Natalia,” a tall and very handsome guy with an angelic face framed by light blond wavy hair called out to me. You would be forgiven for mistaking him for a professional model because he was one and still looked so much the part. Zak, my step cousin, had popped into the room.

“You flatter me too much. My face is probably less than half made-up,” I teased him a little as I laughed. His compliments always made me happy, and I bet he knew that well enough. I blushed a little, Zak looked so handsome in a white tuxedo with a black bowtie. The color combination complimented his facial features and hair so well.

“Not at all. I think you look super gorgeous even without any make-up on. Trust me, you know I’m super honest,” Zak said with a laugh. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

He sat down on the sofa and leaned forward to keep watching me as I continued to get my hair and make-up done.

“Do you want us to touch up your face for you, Mister Zak?” Ellen asked politely. It was clear that she felt at least a little uncomfortable in Zak’s presence.

I don’t blame her, many people felt that way around Zak simply for the massive influence he has on the entertainment and fashion industry. Actually, his influence extends beyond that into other industries as well due to his other job working for the family business in pharmaceutical. However, Zak was most famous for his career in entertainment, fashion, and the arts.

“There’s no need. Just focus all your attention on Natalia. I’m good,” Zak replied politely with a little smile. I swear all the women in the room just blushed and casted their eyes down to the floor in slight embarrassment at seeing Zak’s charismatic smile up close and in real life.

Zak definitely knew the effect he had on them and most other women as he winked secretly at me. I just rolled my eyes back at him.

“Are you certain? Since you’re here a bunch of paparazzi will be swarming around you,” Ellen continued after she had recovered her composure.

“Yup. There’s no problem. I should leave soon anyways,” Zak said casually as he leaned back onto the sofa and relaxed.

“Well then, please wait for a little while longer, we will be done with Miss Natalia soon,” Ellen said before smiling nervously at Zak.

After that exchange with Zak, the women returned their full attention to me and soon my hair and make-up was complete. Checking how I looked in the mirror, I was splendidly satisfied with what I saw. This should do very well for tonight’s event. The pink and gold tone make up I had on along with the slightly shiny rosy pink lip color should go very well with the dress. My hair was also swept up into an elegant bun showing off the contours of my face perfectly.

“Let’s go?” Zak said as he offered me his arm.

Smiling sweetly at him, I slowly but firmly hooked my arm in his. Gazing into his golden light hazel eyes had me captivated by how stunningly handsome Zak always is. I’ve known him for around ten years now and we practically grew up together, but his beautiful face and smile has never once failed to captivate me. It wasn’t something you could get used to no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

--To be continued…

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Bonus - Living as a Rosenhall

“Yes. Let’s go…” I replied softly before turning to wave and offer my thanks to my stylist and her team. I wished them good night as they started packing up their equipment.

“I wonder where Lucien is. I hope he’s not going to run too late…” Zak whispered to me with worry. Lucien did mention that he would be my date for this event, but he also told me that he was going to be late. He didn’t specify how late was ‘late’, so I guess I’ll have to make do with Zak until Lucien arrives.

“Yea, I mean it’s not my graduation prom event every single day, you know? Oh well…I guess I have to be thankful that he agreed to clear his schedule to come at all. Lucien is such a workaholic…” I complained a little to Zak. Zak was a very good listener among other things.

“Being the number one candidate to take over the Elder group of the family must be hard. He’s always been working hard. I guess we should be thankful to him…if he isn’t here, I’d bet my darn mother would be pushing much


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