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Flash marriage to disabled husband

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Back to the rich and powerful family to attend his sister's wedding, the day of the wedding, the groom Shen Yan suffered a car accident, the sister broke the marriage and did not marry. In order to hold the Shen family's golden thigh, the biological father did not hesitate to push Su Mei to take the place of marriage. In this way, Su Mei and the business boss Shen Yan flash marriage. The outside world is widely rumored that Shen Yan is unruly and bad-tempered, it is impossible to be happy to marry him! Su Mei does not care. Business marriage, she only talks about money and not feelings. As a result, after a long time, the way Shen Yan looks at her gradually strange. Occasionally also deliberately tempted her: "Be a real Mrs. Shen, all my money is yours, and the person is also yours."

Chapter 1 Groom escapes from marriage

"Shen Yan, he is too cruel! Who does he take me for?"

Inside the makeup room.

The beautiful bride with delicate makeup and hair got up in exasperation and slapped the dressing table. Then she looked at Su Jinlun and Qi Ruoli with tears in her eyes.

"Dad, Mom, the groom escaped on the wedding day. I don't have to be a human being anymore!"

Su mei originally painted bride makeup for Su Xiangrong, but now she consciously retreated to one side without saying a word.

It was none of her business anyway.

Before the Shen family said that they wanted to give Shen Yan a blind date, Su Jinlun thought that it would be profitable, so he eagerly rushed to promote Su Yurong and Su Xiangrong. In addition to competing with other women who tried to cling to the Shen family, the two sisters also fought with each other, thinking that Shen Yan was a hot potato.

However, in the whole port city, everyone knew that Shen Yan had someone he liked.

In this situation, one should have been mentally prepared.

Su Mei sneered in her heart and did not sympathize with Su Xiangrong.

Su Xiangrong cried and clamored to cancel the wedding. Although Su Jinlun was angry and escaped from the marriage, he didn't have the confidence to say anything about canceling the wedding.

He could only comfort his daughter, "Don't be anxious. Let's look at the situation."

Just then, Old Master Shen Heshan, who was on crutches, came in accompanied by his eldest son, Shen Jiangdong.

"The brat did such a disgraceful thing. In-laws, I'm really sorry."

Shen Heshan was over 70 years old, seemingly kind-hearted and approachable, and he even took the lead in apologizing to Su Jinlun. In fact, all shrewdness was hidden in the bottom of his eyes, and he was absolutely smiling.

"Regardless of whether Shen Yan is here or not, today's wedding will continue as usual. When it comes to marriage, our Shen family pays attention to the orders of our parents and the matchmaker's words. When we hold the wedding, it will be the Shen family. Young people are not sensible. After getting married, they will naturally have feelings."

Yo, the old man is quite fashionable and highly praises the set of love after marriage.

Su Mei could not help but lament.

Don't you know the absurd things your grandson did for his sweetheart? Fighting and fighting for Bai Yueguang, fighting with people in bars to alcohol poisoning, a huge advertisement for the whole city to confess, and even a life-and-death duel...

With such deep love, are you sure you can marry and love others first?

Shen Heshan calmed the Su family's emotions in a few words, but soon a subordinate trotted over in a hurry, looking panicked.

"We have Shen Yan's whereabouts?" Shen Heshan's eyelids lifted slightly. After discovering that Shen Yan was nowhere to be seen, he immediately sent people around to track him down. Presumably, there was a result now.

"Old Master, on the way to the airport, Young Master Yan was sent to the hospital for rescue due to a car accident caused by the speed of the car. The car accident was tragic. The hospital called and has already issued a critical condition notice."

Shen Heshan instantly clenched his cane, his figure somewhat unstable.

"Where did he book a flight?" Shen Heshan asked.

"It seems to be Country A."

The old man instantly laughed angrily, "Very good! It's for that woman again! This time I don't even want my life! Shen Jiangdong, go to the hospital to see your good son. You should treat him. If you can't treat him, don't embarrass the doctor."

"I will sit here and finish the wedding. If Shen Yan is dead, it will be considered a ghost marriage. If he is not dead, it will be considered joy! He wants to keep his body like a jade for that woman until death, but I am not as good as his wish!"

A mere woman can't get worthless things.

Not only that, but also for her to go crazy, ugly, life is not. I would rather die than fall in love and get married, and carry on the family line.

Su Jinlun and his wife didn't look good.

Especially Su Xiangrong.

Just now, I was thinking that feelings could really be cultivated slowly. As long as she became the Young Madam of the Shen family, no matter how gentle and considerate she was, she was not afraid that she would not be able to take Shen Yan.

The problem was that Shen Yan's life and death were uncertain. Even if she survived by luck, the car accident would always leave some sequelae, right? In case she lacked an arm and a leg, even if the Shen family had money, she would still lose completely!

Su Jinlun and his wife did not want to wronged their precious daughter, nor did they want to give up the opportunity to cling to the Shen family and gain great benefits.

Shen Heshan could see that and directly threw out the chips. "I know that this marriage has wronged the Su family. If you agree to continue the wedding, the Shen family can inject capital to help the Su family win the project of building the undersea tunnel in Hong Kong City. You can consider it for half an hour. I hope that after half an hour, the wedding can be held on time."

Old Master Shen was uncompromising, leaving only the Su family to consider in the makeup room.

Su Mei seemed to be watching a good show.

Between great commercial benefits and Su Xiangrong s happiness, what would Su Jinlun choose?

Can't you just marry Qi Ruoli, the daughter of a rich family, while not letting go of her mother He Jiao's first love like when you were young?

Su Xiangrong jumped on her feet, hysterical, "I won't marry! I won't marry! If Shen Yan dies, I will be a widow, I don't want it!"

Qi Ruoli quickly covered her mouth. "My ancestor, keep your voice down. Don't let the people of the Shen family hear you!" Shen Yan did not know whether to live or die now. The most taboo word was "death."

Su Jinlun s eyes flashed.

The Su family was engaged in engineering, and he had been greedy for the undersea tunnel project for a long time. If he could win it, the Su family would be able to take it to the next level. It was just that the funds were insufficient, and it was useless to be greedy. Now Old Master Shen took the initiative to speak...

Even if Shen Yan is really dead, it seems nothing to want to marry him.

However, Qi Ruoli was so vigorous and had a bad temper. Su Jinlun hesitated repeatedly and could not speak.

Qi Ruoli saw what her husband was thinking at a glance and pulled the person aside. She lowered her voice and muttered, "If you dare to force Rong to be a widow, I will fight with you!"

"Isn't Shen Yan dead yet?" Su Jinlun said irritably.

The meat was delivered to his mouth, forcing him not to eat it. Can he not be bored?

"If you want to take advantage of the Shen family, you can let Su Mei marry. Anyway, Old Master Shen only said that he hoped that the wedding would proceed as usual, but he didn't say that he had to be a bride. He shouldn't care who the bride is, he just wants to respond to Shen Yan."

Su Jinlun subconsciously rested his sight on Su Mei.

Yeah, why didn't he think of this good idea?

They are all daughters of the Su family. If they want to marry or not, Su Mei can totally top them!

And to tell the truth, Su Mei's facial features were exquisite, and she was as beautiful as a goblin, even more beautiful than Xiangrong. She replaced Xiangrong, and the Shen family did not lose!

Su mei suddenly looked at Su Jinlun and had an ominous feeling.

Hearing Su Jinlun speak...

Very well, the ominous premonition came true.

She looked straight at Su Jinlun, and her eyes instantly became aggressive. She laughed, "Dad, don't you think your request is quite ridiculous? When Shen Yan didn't have a car accident, you only thought that Su Yurong and Su Xiangrong could marry into the Shen family and enjoy their happiness. Now Shen Yan may die, but you want to leave the blessing of being a widow to me?"

After Su Jinlun was poked through, his face turned ugly.

"I won't talk nonsense with you. Just tell me how much you want to marry."

Su Mei stretched out five fingers, "Five million."

"Okay." Su Jinlun agreed.

This is why he despises Su Mei the most for his three daughters and one child. Indeed, she is as beautiful as a goblin, but she is extremely fond of money, full of philistine petty family, very beautiful with only five points left, and the rest are all gaudy!

Anything, as long as you give money, she can agree.

Even for his sister's bridal makeup, he had to charge 500 yuan.

Chapter 2 Would you mind having a different bride?

Half an hour passed in a flash.

Shen Heshan came in again.

Su Jinlun pushed Su Mei forward.

Su Mei smiled and bowed at Shen Heshan. "Old Mr. Shen, as you can see, my dad thinks that the wedding can go on as usual, but the bride needs to be changed. Do you think it's okay if it's me?" She didn't care about being a widow.

Shen Heshan narrowed his eyes and looked at Su Mei. "Sure."

Then, he praised, "Good-looking."

Shen Heshan has gone through many vicissitudes of life and has a broad vision. It can be seen that Su Mei's appearance is not bad.

Both the Su Jinlun couple and Su Xiangrong were relieved.

"Get ready, the wedding will start soon." Shen Heshan left on crutches.

Su Xiangrong took off her wedding dress and threw it on the ground. "Su Mei, this is yours. Put it on quickly."

Su Mei chuckled and pulled out her phone. "There's no hurry. Dad, you pay the


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