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Flash Marriage Husband is a Billionaire

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Behind the glamorous facade of the city, Su Tian's life was filled with gloom. Born into a family that valued material wealth and social status, she was constantly ignored and belittled. Her father was indifferent towards her, while her mother and sister never ceased to criticize and demean her. However, an unexpected marriage proposal opened a new chapter in her life. The story begins on a stormy night when Huo Beicheng, originally betrothed to her sister, faced rejection from the entire Su family due to his family's sudden downfall. At this critical moment, Su Tian made a bold decision: she chose to marry Huo Beicheng as a means to escape her painful family environment. Although their marriage seemed to be one of convenience at first, Su Tian gradually discovered that Huo Beicheng was not as simple as he appeared. Huo Beicheng had a face of unmatched beauty, which instantly healed the years of emotional scars Su Tian had accumulated. What surprised Su Tian even more was that Huo Beicheng turned out to be incredibly clingy. Whether at home, on the streets, or at work, he always found ways to stay close to Su Tian. Just as Su Tian was getting used to and enjoying this sweetness, her mother and sister began to frequently interfere in her life. They ridiculed Huo Beicheng's poverty and deemed Su Tian's choice foolish. Faced with her family's lack of understanding and societal prejudice, Su Tian firmly stood by Huo Beicheng's side. Wearing the inexpensive wedding ring Huo Beicheng gave her, she demonstrated through her actions that the value of love far exceeds material wealth.

Chapter 1 The Extremely Handsome Poor Man

Su Tian was advised by her mother, "Su Tian, the Huo family is coming to propose marriage for your elder sister.

After you prepare the desserts and fruits, please excuse yourself." "Understood, Mom."

Su Tian had no intention of meeting the Huo family members anyway.

Her elder sister, Su Yurou, expressed her concerns with a hint of worry in her eyes, "Mom, what kind of person is this Huo Beicheng?"

"His grandfather was your grandfather's old comrade-in-arms. How bad could their family background be? Let's see how it goes. If we find them suitable, we can agree. If not, it's not a big deal. In today's society, an oral agreement made by the older generation can't really be considered a legal obligation, right?"

Su Yurou's gaze flickered momentarily. ...

On the roads of Fancheng. A light blue Lamborghini supercar cruised along.

Huo Beicheng, sitting in the passenger seat, concealed a trace of impatience in his deep eyes.

The man with a high nose bridge had impeccably handsome features.

The driver, He Wang, joked, "Brother Chen, why don't you just skip this matchmaking? I could find someone to take some money over to dismiss the Su family."

He Wang was well aware of the distinguished young master's temperament—

Devoted to studies in his youth and later engrossed in work to the point of obsession.

In his twenty-eight years of life, there had never been any romantic involvement.

All the eligible ladies in Jinghai City were lining up, hoping to win over this unattainable man, but all failed.

"Why don't you talk to my grandfather?" Huo Beicheng spoke. His voice was cool and noble.

He Wang shrugged, "Brother Chen, you're quite the joker!"

This marriage arrangement was decided by Elder Huo on his deathbed.

He and Elder Su from the Su family were comrades-in-arms on the battlefield in their youth.

The two had agreed on a future marriage between their children when they were young.

As time passed and circumstances changed, they lost touch and didn't see each other for many years.

Finally, in their old age, they learned of each other's whereabouts.

Unfortunately, one was on his deathbed, and the other was too senile from illness.

Elder Huo, on his deathbed, held Huo Beicheng's hand, urging him to keep his promise!

Huo Beicheng agreed. However, he delayed for two years until he could no longer postpone it and decided to fulfill his grandfather's last wish by visiting the Su family.

He Wang had a clever idea. "If you're really so reluctant, there's a way— Pretend to be poor when you visit the Su family.

If they initiate the breakup, you can't be blamed, right?

That wouldn't count as breaking your promise.

Moreover, if they look down on you for being poor, even Elder Huo would understand that they're not a good match."

"What if they don't despise me for being poor?"

Huo Beicheng asked. He Wang scratched his head, "Ah, well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it..." Huo Beicheng slightly closed his eyes.


Hearing the sound of the car outside, Su's mother, Xu Liuhua, immediately stood up and looked outside.

"Yurou, come with me to welcome our esteemed guests." Xu Liuhua adjusted her appearance in the mirror.

She had heard that the Huo family was wealthy. And Huo Beicheng was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

She was somewhat satisfied with this marriage proposal. Su Yurou followed her mother's steps.

A dilapidated Jetta drove in, kicking up dust. Xu Liuhua and Su Yurou coughed a few times from the dust. ... Two men got out of the car.

Both were dressed in very ordinary jackets and jeans.

Although the clothes were clean and tidy, they were clearly out of fashion and showed signs of wear at the cuffs.

Xu Liuhua and Su Yurou's smiles instantly froze on their faces. Their full expectations turned into uncomfortable embarrassment.

Xu Liuhua remembered hearing that the Huo family's business had been struggling in recent years, and their fortune had dwindled.

She thought, no matter how bad it got, a sinking ship still has three pounds of nails. But it seemed they were truly down and out. ... "Hello, ma'am.

I am Huo Beicheng." Huo Beicheng spoke, "This is my friend, He Wang."

"Hello! So this is Miss Su Yurou, Mr. Su's granddaughter? Quite pretty!" He Wang was very lively and enthusiastic.

"I'm Su Yurou. Hello." Su Yurou, seeing their state, didn't want to say much.

Huo Beicheng nodded as a greeting. Su Yurou then noticed his handsome and extraordinary appearance.

He was also very tall; she had to tilt her head back to see his face clearly. A man who could make hearts flutter.

It's a pity, though, that he was so poor. No matter how handsome, it couldn't put food on the table.

Rationality quickly overcame the impact of his good looks. "Let's go inside and sit," Xu Liuhua said, her voice cold. Her smile also faded. Huo Beicheng and He Wang walked into the Su family's living room. ... The Su family owned a company; though not a wealthy family, they were quite affluent.

The home's decor and layout reflected their financial standing. Su's father, Su Chengbang, was reading the newspaper on the sofa.

When he greeted Huo Beicheng and He Wang, he also made his judgments.

He Wang gave Huo Beicheng a meaningful look, as if to say, "See, this family doesn't seem eager to marry off their daughter."

He Wang set down the gifts: "Uncle, Auntie, this is a small token from Brother Chen."

It was some health supplements and fruits. Xu Liuhua was thoroughly displeased now, not even bothering to buy higher-end tobacco or alcohol, yet daring to come here.

"Please, have a seat," she said. As they sat, she asked,

"How's your family, Beicheng? Your parents haven't retired yet, have they?"

"Thank you for your concern, my family is doing well. My parents have already retired."

"I remember your parents aren't that old. They've retired already?"

"The elders wanted to enjoy some time together, so they retired early." Currently, Huo's parents were traveling around the world, living comfortably.

Xu Liuhua lost interest in learning more about him. But since they had come from afar, it wasn't polite to send them away immediately.

"Su Tian, come out and serve tea." Su Tian came out with the prepared desserts, fruits, and tea.

Wearing a home cotton dress, without any makeup, her long hair fell over her shoulders.

As she approached Huo Beicheng, a sweet scent of tea wafted through the air, inadvertently causing Huo Beicheng to look up.

The girl's pure and beautiful face appeared in Huo Beicheng's eyes.

Her skin was porcelain white, her features delicate and ethereal.

A tiny mole under her eye added just the right touch of charm to her innocent appearance. The girl lowered her eyes silently as she poured tea for Huo Beicheng.

Chapter 2: Can I Marry You?

Su Tian poured the tea and quietly slipped out of everyone's sight.

She saw the disapproving look in her mother Xu Lihua's eyes—just pour the tea, why bring out the expensive imported fruits as well?

Su Tian ignored her mother. Who else would eat the prepared fruits if not the guests?

People always like to categorize and treat others differently, that's their way, not hers. Huo Wang's gaze followed Su Tian, whispering to Huo Beichen, "Beichen, look, a beauty!"

"Drink your tea!" Huo Beichen gave him a disdainful look.

"Beichen, later you help me out, I'll go ask for that girl's WeChat. Help me this time, and I'll be your servant in the future!"

Huo Beichen didn't respond.

Xu Lihua cleared her throat and said, "Beichen, we weren't prepared for your visit this time. Why don't you and your friend stay for a few days, and we can get some local specialties for you


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