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  • Author: Hellen
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 13
  • 7.5

Behind the glamorous facade of the city, Su Tian's life was filled with gloom. Born into a family that valued material wealth and social status, she was constantly ignored and belittled. Her father was indifferent towards her, while her mother and sister never ceased to criticize and demean her. However, an unexpected marriage proposal opened a new chapter in her life. The story begins on a stormy night when Huo Beicheng, originally betrothed to her sister, faced rejection from the entire Su family due to his family's sudden downfall. At this critical moment, Su Tian made a bold decision: she chose to marry Huo Beicheng as a means to escape her painful family environment. Although their marriage seemed to be one of convenience at first, Su Tian gradually discovered that Huo Beicheng was not as simple as he appeared. Huo Beicheng had a face of unmatched beauty, which instantly healed the years of emotional scars Su Tian had accumulated. What surprised Su Tian even more was that Huo Beicheng turned out to be incredibly clingy. Whether at home, on the streets, or at work, he always found ways to stay close to Su Tian. Just as Su Tian was getting used to and enjoying this sweetness, her mother and sister began to frequently interfere in her life. They ridiculed Huo Beicheng's poverty and deemed Su Tian's choice foolish. Faced with her family's lack of understanding and societal prejudice, Su Tian firmly stood by Huo Beicheng's side. Wearing the inexpensive wedding ring Huo Beicheng gave her, she demonstrated through her actions that the value of love far exceeds material wealth.


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