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Exclusively The CEO’s

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He's the most influential in South Korea, She had five part-time jobs. When fate brings them together, they don't start on good terms. *** Emily Chen gets hit by Joel Manchester —the CEO of Empire World Corporation. He helps her to the hospital and offers her money, as compensation for the accident, and to shut her up about it. But she rejects his money and asks for something else. Any idea what her request is? Come along, now! *** EXCERPTS: "It's bank accounts," "You can have all of the money," "Why are you such a ding-a-ling?" "Follow my rules," "I threw your bag away," "I own this mall..." Emily connected the dots one, by, one; blinking her eyes rapidly as she gazed at him while he drove—the man, whom she was living with, was the CEO of Empire World Corporation! It was now clear to her why he was always so arrogant and hostile towards everything; he was the most powerful business man in South Korea!

Chapter 1: He lost such a pretty lady


"Aisshhh!...Nothing ever works out perfectly for me," Emily pouted her lips and angrily tossed away the unopened soju bottle.

She took a deep breath, propping herself up on her elbows, and gazed at herself in the mirror, clicking her tongue disapprovingly. "Tsk tsk tsk," she muttered.

But then, a small smile appeared on her face. "You're such a failure, Emily," she whispered to her reflection.

"Ahhh, getting dumped today was actually a good thing," she declared, nodding vigorously.

Emily stood up from the chair and grabbed a sweater from her closet. She slipped on her slippers, put on her earmuffs, and took the last bit of cash from her purse before heading out of her studio apartment.

She had decided to visit a bar and have a cocktail shake.


In a certain corporation, the conference room was as cold as ever, not because of the air conditioners, but due to the CEO of Empire World Corporation being in an unusually foul mood. He had never been known for his good temper, but that day seemed to be exceptionally worse.

The officials had been kept in the room for four straight hours. Even though some of them were older than him, none dared to complain.

Despite the air conditioners functioning perfectly, everyone in the conference room was sweating profusely, feeling the heat rather than the cold. The CEO's presence created an icy atmosphere that sent shivers down their spines.

Joel lazily rested his left elbow on the arm of his office chair, raising his left hand slightly in the air, signaling his personal assistant, Noah, to stop reading.

"Thank you, Lord Jesus," Noah inwardly cried with relief. He had been reading the week's agenda non-stop for hours.

"That's enough for today," Joel stated, his voice cool but sending chills through the officials.

There was an inherent coldness in his voice, just like his entire demeanor.

Slowly, Joel stood up, buttoned his well-ironed tuxedo, and took long strides out of the conference room. The officials quickly stood up and bowed, not daring to make eye contact with him. His chilling aura prevented them from even attempting to do so.

Their eyes remained fixed on their scripts until Joel left the room. As soon as they were certain the CEO and his assistant had departed, they hurriedly packed their documents and scattered in different directions. Some of them had been trembling from hunger during the never-ending meeting.

While Joel made his way out of the corporation, the few people who crossed his path bowed their heads in fear, unable to control their fidgeting due to the cold aura emanating from him.

Joel stepped into his private elevator, and just as the doors were about to close, his assistant rushed in, panting.

"My boss's legs are always too fast. Oh, life is so unfair to me," Noah inwardly lamented. He had barely made it into the elevator in time.

Once the elevator reached the ground floor, Joel strode towards his car, with Noah run-walking behind him.

Suddenly, something caught Joel's attention, causing him to stop abruptly. Noah, unaware of his boss's sudden halt, crashed into him.

Joel turned around and cast his cold gaze upon his assistant.

"I... I'm sorry, sir," Noah stuttered, breaking into a cold sweat. He immediately bowed his head, avoiding direct eye contact.

Ignoring his assistant's foolishness, Joel twitched his lips in annoyance.

"Hand over my car key," he ordered, staring expressionlessly at Noah.

"S-s-sir?" Noah stammered again, unable to meet his boss's gaze as the CEO of Empire World Corporation.

Joel's face darkened. He despised having to repeat himself, and Noah knew it too well.

Noah gulped nervously. Even without looking at his boss, he could feel the sudden coldness coursing down his spine.


Noah retrieved the car key from his pocket, fidgeting, and handed it over to Joel.

With a swift motion, Joel snatched the key from Noah's hand and entered his sleek silver Benz.

"Good night, boss," Noah bowed.

The screeching sound of the CEO's car leaving Empire World Corporation was Noah's only reply.

Noah raised his head and opened his mouth, but then he shook his head, dismissing his thoughts.


"Y-yo-you need to see the way he yelled at me," Emily hiccupped.

Earlier, when she arrived at the bar, she had been accosted by a gang who wanted to harass her. Luckily, a guy came to her rescue. Being drunk, she took the opportunity to vent about her recent breakup since she had no one else to confide in.

Her savior shook his head sympathetically. "Oh, what a loss..."

"" Emily looked at the guy with drunken confusion.

"I don't mean you. I mean the guy who dumped you," her savior clarified, offering her a smile.

"Yeah, he even called me ugly... tsk tsk tsk," Emily clicked her tongue, expressing her displeasure.

"Hmph. He's blind," her savior grinned.

"Exactly! Even a blind man could see how beautiful I am!" Emily declared, propping herself up on her left elbow.

Her savior raised an eyebrow, as if hearing something, and then stood up.

"I have to go now, miss," he smiled down at the intoxicated beauty.

"Ahhh... arasso," Emily nodded her head, understanding.

"May I know your name, miss?" her savior asked as he prepared to leave.

"Emily," she smiled in response.

"Thank you, Miss Emily. Goodbye," her savior smiled and walked out of the bar.

After her savior departed, Emily continued drinking for a while longer before deciding it was time to leave.

"Ahhh... I better start going too," she staggered to her feet, blindly making her way out of the bar.

Emily had barely taken ten steps into the middle of the road when she felt a sharp pain in her arm and collapsed onto the ground.

"What the f*ck," Joel softly cursed under his breath. He stepped out of his car and checked the bonnet and wings to see if there was any damage. Once satisfied that his car remained unscathed, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking down at the girl lying on the road, he squatted beside her. Seeing that she was unconscious, he scooped her up in a bridal carry, opened the backdoor of his car, and gently placed her in the backseat. He then got into the car and drove away.

After driving for a while, Joel spotted a hospital by the roadside. He pressed the brake and parked the car. Stepping out of the driver's side, he opened the backseat and carried the girl into the hospital.

Joel strode purposefully into the hospital and handed the girl over to the first nurse he encountered. The nurses at the front desk couldn't help but drool as they stared at Joel, the city's sweetheart and the CEO of Empire World Corporation. They gasped and whispered among themselves, never having imagined he would be in their hospital.

Ignoring the lingering gazes of the nurses, Joel reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. However, upon noticing the "No Smoking" sign on the wall, he discarded the pack and lighter into the nearest trash can. He sat on a bench in the corridor, paying no attention to the nurses around him.

After a while, a male doctor approached the front desk and engaged in a conversation with the nurses. One of the nurses pointed towards Joel, and the doctor nodded before heading in Joel's direction.

As the doctor approached, he caught a full view of Joel's face and trembled in fear.

"Mr. Joel?! The CEO of Empire World?" he stammered nervously, quickly bowing.

"The girl, how is she?" Joel asked, his voice cold.

"She... she is okay. Just a broken leg and dislocated arm. She passed out from shock," the doctor replied, swallowing nervously.

Joel nodded in acknowledgement. "Good. Noah will take care of the expenses." He stood up.

"Yes, sir," the doctor bowed.

Who in the hospital didn't know Noah, the handsome personal assistant to the extraordinarily handsome CEO?

"Good night, sir," the doctor bowed again.

"Take me to her," Joel's mouth twitched.

"Ye?" the doctor stared at him, bewildered.

(✍🏾A/N: "ye" means "yes.")

Joel's expression darkened.

"Ah, yes," the doctor quickly corrected himself, bowing once more.

"This way, sir," he said, leading the way to the girl's ward.

The doctor stopped in front of a door, about to open it when Joel halted him with his cold voice.

"Leave," he ordered dismissively.

"Ahh, ye." The doctor bowed again and quickly made his exit.

Chapter 2: You hit me with your car

Joel's eyes scanned the door for a while before he creaked it open. He closed it behind him and took long strides towards the girl lying on the hospital bed with her left hand and leg bandaged. He stared at her for a while before taking his seat, watching her as she breathed softly... the girl looked so fragile and naive.


Back at a certain villa, Little Pumpkin kept walking back and forth, continuously checking through the window as if waiting for someone to drive in. After checking the driveway through the window for the umpteenth time, he climbed down from the chair and walked towards his father.

"Dad..." he called out.

"Huh?" Michael looked up at him from the settee he was sitting on.

"Is Uncle JJ not coming back home tonight?" Little Pumpkin asked keenly as he sat down next to his father.

"I don't know." his father groaned.

"How can you no


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