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Emily Davis is the only daughter of a billionaire family. A secret in her past alters her love life . But when she finally falls in love, her parents will never approve of their daughter marrying James Parker- a common driver. Her adamancy to not marry Mitchell Foden, the only son of a billionaire family, threatens to melt her family's wealth.         Her fate is torn between the one she hates and the one she really loves. While she's willing to stand for her love, she just does not know that her worst nightmare have wriggled its way to her reality.

Chapter 1: THE DREAM.

Emily Davis gloriously absorbed the scent of the greenness of the earth. She was seated in a hanging chair that was gently pushed to and fro by the unseen hands of an element of life. She smiled. The cool breeze had a lot of comfort in it. The feeling of accomplishment was boldly printed in italics on her head. Her worst fears since she turned twenty-three years of age seemed not to exist any longer. She was happily married and already had four kids— two girls and two boys. Exactly what she had wished for since the teenage years of her life. 

” Hello, my dear.” She spoke into her phone. 

” The almighty Emily has finally forgotten about me.” The receiver on the other end spoke. 

” Come on.” She giggled. ” I will never forget about my best friend. ”

” I guess you have done that already. It’s been seven whole days that I have not heard a single thing from you. The last time I checked, I did not see where it was said that people forget their best friends when they visit that continent called Australia. ”

Emily chuckled. ” You know that’s not true. We arrived here ten days ago, as you should know. And I can still remember telling you a day after our arrival that my lines would be off . The same with my husband’s. It’s a time of relaxation. ”

” I still find no sense in you shutting me out as well. That’s not fair. Anyways, how is your time off treating you?”

” The relaxation house is what every human should dream of. Especially the married ones. My man is the best. ”

” Mm. Interesting. ”

” Mom!” The soft and tiny voice of her son called from a few meters away. She turned. In his hands was an oval tray that surely contained some edibles. 

” Over here, my love.” She replied. The young lad hurried to her. 

” Dad made this for you. But he had me bring it to you so I can start to learn how to treat a woman. ”

Emily’s lips parted in a smile. She could not have asked for less. 

” That is so sweet of you and your dad. Everything your father told you is right. ”

” Thank you, mom. ” The young lad took off again. 

” Well, as I was saying, he is the best. He just made me some scrambled eggs and…..” she was cut short by a man’s voice. 

” I can do anything for my love. ” Her husband’s sweet voice sounded from behind. 

” Uhm. Let’s talk later. I promise to call back.” Emily hung the call with smiles on her face. A man’s hands crossed her shoulders and stroked her cheeks. 

” You made this for me.” Emily said. 

” Oh yes. I did that for you. You are actually having a good time. It is a good thing the kids are not here. ”

” Why would you say so?”

” Well, it appears to me that I have enough time right now to pamper you. If you don’t mind, would you let me feed you?” 

To this, Emily chuckled. ” That’s so sweet.” 

She came down from the chair and turned around. A strange breeze of discomfort blew across her as she stared into the eyes of Jason Miles. 

” Are you alright, my love?” Jason asked innocently. 

” Jason Miles? My husband? ”

The phone beside Emily Davis came to life as the alarm began to toll again. This time the sound seemed to have more effect. Emily ruffled the bed sheet and bedspread of a near ring size bed . Her body occupied what would be referred to as one- tenth of the space. Her hand reached out for the pillow and blocked her ears with it. But the sound would not just go. Then, her eyes opened a little. Tiny rays of the morning sun had penetrated her glass windows and made their way straight to her pupil. 

” Urgh. Urgh!” She twisted her body and stretched it before finally returning back to reality. 

For a period of one minute, she was still. The alarm completed its one minute and snoozed itself to ring again in ten minutes. Her phone rang. Reluctantly, she eyed it before picking up the call. 

” Hello, sugar.” Mr Davis’ voice spoke through the phone. 

” Hello, Dad… good.. morning.” She yawned loudly. 

” I am pretty sure the width of your mouth will be able to contain the head of an infant. ”

Emily chuckled. ” That is far from possibility. ”

” It appears today is a work free day. ” Mr Davis said and chuckled. He knew his daughter so well to have said such a thing. There was no such thing as a work free day for Emily Davis. 

” Are you serious?” 

”We have not set our eyes on you since yesterday morning. I’m waiting.” He ended the call. Emily looked at the phone. 

It was already twenty-four minutes to eight . By this time on a normal note, she would have been headed to work or at the office. Among the notifications on the screen was that of seven calls that she had all missed. The dream came to her mind. 

” Jason Miles? ” The shivers came. ” It has to be just a dream. ”

 She flipped the phone into the pocket of her pajama and slipped her legs into her furry slippers shaped like a real rabbit. The ears dangled as she began a sluggish march towards the exit of her bedroom. After a few minutes of her walk, she found herself taking steps down the C-shaped staircase that ended in their massive living room. She could hear her parents laughing out loud with her younger brother. It had been long already since she was a part of such a fun moment in the house. Especially since her parents pushed her into detesting them at times. 

” And here comes my beauty queen. ” Mr Davis said as she completed her course through the stairs. 

” Even after a long sleep my daughter still looks more ravishing than the —”

” Don’t flatter her so much, mom. ” Jake said. 

” Coming from my jealous brother.” Emily said and giggled. ” Good morning, Dad and Mom. ” 

” Why not take a break today?” Susan Davis said. ” You are losing flesh. ” 

” Well, Mrs Susan Davis, thank you for your suggestion. I will pass. ” 

” Your daughter is as stubborn as you, you know.” She said, eyeing Mr Davis. 

” I better go get ready to leave. I have loads of work to do at the office today. So, you guys can have a good time here while Miss CEO of her father’s company goes up there to brush her teeth , take her bath and get ready for business. ”

” It is high time you attached a separate title to your name, you know.” Mr Davis said. 

” Whatever..” She was already finding her way up the stairs again. 

In the next forty-five minutes, Emily Davis was standing before her body size mirror. She was dressed in black and white. A black shirt with the intricate design of a floral pattern imprinted on it marched with a pair of white trousers girded with her treasured belt that reflected a touch of great wealth. Her shoes were parisian. A gift she had received exactly two weeks ago from her best friend, Jessica when she returned from her little trip to the French capital. Her hair was knotted on top and also allowed to hang freely behind. 

” Hm.” She exhaled. ” We are good to go . Aren’t we? ” 

She took her Louis Vuitton handbag and stole a last glance at herself. She was beginning to agree with her parents. No doubt. She was beautiful beyond what could be imagined. The deed was done. She exited her room and headed straight down. The rest were already at the dining table. But no one was eating. Probably, they were waiting for her. 

” I do have a pretty sister, you know.” Jake said. 

” Thank you, Jake. ” She smiled. ” Mom. Dad. I will be on my way now. ”

” Well, such beauty should not be allowed to take herself to work.” Mr Davis said. 

” I declined the last time, remember?” Emily asked. 

” That is why I have gone ahead of you.”

” What? You got a driver for me. I certainly don’t need one.”

” Keep that aside, Emily. We have been waiting for you. Let’s eat together.”

” Mom, I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m already late. ”

” I made scrambled eggs and—”

” Scrambled eggs? ” She remembered the dream. ” I will pass .”

” For the past two months, you have not eaten with us. You seem to be avoiding us or running in your own home.”

” I’m just busy. I have to go. ”

” Emily.” Mr Davis stood up. ” I was hoping you could have a discussion with your mom and me. ”

” Dad, let’s not do this now. ” She already knew why they wanted to talk with her. ” Is this the reason for asking me to eat? So, you can hold me back and start again with your issue of marriage. Is that it?”

” You have not explained to us yet why no man is in your life.”

” Dad. Mom. Let Emily have some space.” Jake said. 

” Thank you, Jake. I’m out of this place.” 

” Perhaps, there’s one more thing my angel should cheer herself up with.”

” Whatever.”

” A deal will likely come your way .”

” Till then, Dad. ” She managed a smile.

Little did she know that this deal would be the awakening of the past. 


James Parker alighted from the minibus and had his attention fixed on the exquisite glamor of the structure standing right before him. He had always dreamt of walking into the building but never could he have imagined that not only would he be heading into the building. He was also booked for an appointment with the renowned daughter of Mr Davis. His eyes traveled to the higher floors of the towering skyscraper . That is obviously where the CEO’s office was situated. His legs began to move towards the premises. 

” Welcome to limelight constructions. ” A security personnel said to him as he approached. 

” Thank you.” He replied with a smile as he walked past them. 

The splendor of the whole place was a great proof of what level of competence and expertise the company had in them. The national flag was fixed in the grip of a human statue just in front of the main building. It was Mr Davis’ statue. 

” Welcome to limelight constructions. ” A charming young lady d


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