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Entangled(A Billionaire contract)

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Normally, having the reputation as an arrogant loner wouldn't bother Adrian but when his Parents and Board of Directors threaten to stop the flow of contract until he gets a wife between thirty one days He just needs to convince Alyssa, a frustrated young lady who has been sacked twice and now is on a job hunt in Adrian Company, to marry him so they both get what they want Ann, a young cripple who attends BRIGHT WAY COLLEGE and capture the heart of the popular twins. What happens when she discover that the guy she fell in love with first was only using her for his advantage and was also working with the school queen and popular bully


Chapter 1.

"Alyssa, you are fired!" A hoarse voice rang in her ear, she stared at the phone screen and arched her brows, then placed back the cell phone on her ear.

"Sir, what offence did I commit?" She managed to speak out of the shock that had already enveloped her.

Tears were struggling in her eyes already.

"I don't ever want to see your feet in this company again, get your filthy self another Job." The CEO screamed at her.

"But…" the phone hung up when she was about to say something else.

She lifted her face and stared at the wall clock, it was almost 7:30am. She stared at herself completely and shook her head in disgust.

"What the heck is really going on with me? This is the second job that I'm losing within two months." She murmured and leaned in the wall with her head bowed low.

The tears that had been fighting had the opportunity to roll down and drop on the floor.

She sniffed. "All because I'm refusing them my body huh? Why on earth should I date my CEO, a married man for that matter?"

A hot breath passed through her mouth and then she took a deep breath and headed to the little table beside her bed.

"I'm not gonna stay idle for any reason. Going out now to search for a job." She dragged her little handbag and dashed out of the room.

She stood at the roadside waiting for a cab to board when an idea struck her mind.

"Isn't it better to keep strolling down the street? I might find a job vacancy." She thought twisting her face.

She began taking short steps along glancing at each side of the road in search of a job vacancy.

"This life is very miserable to me, I just hope to be that strong enough to overcome all these." She murmured while walking.

A splash of water brought her back to reality, she turned to see a car some miles away from her.

Her feet stiffened at a place staring at the car, and then her body that was messed up.

She rubbed her palm on her face and wiped away the water with her hand, since she doesn't a towel or handkerchief.

Her eyes affixed on the car until it stopped and a young man on a dim blue suit alighted from it.

He made his way towards Alyssa expressing an apology look on his face.

"You jerk…" she cursed with a chiseled face. "If you don't know how to drive, why not drop the car key order than disgracing yourself?" She roared at him.

The young man dipped his palm into his pocket and brought out a light blue little towel, then began cleaning Alyssa's body wit it.

She hit his shoulder and pushed him off her side. "You're out of your senses."

"But I'm very sorry, it wasn't intentional." He apologized trying to bend again when Alyssa took the towel away from him and threw it on his face. "I can see that you lack manners, you aren't scared of cleaning my body."

"I'm only showing sympathy, stop being rude." The young man replied her.

"F*ck off my sight." She yelled at her.

He swallowed his saliva. "You can go to hell with the dirty splash." He retorted and moved to his car.

Alyssa bit her lips in dismay while staring at her body. "This dude is a devil sent." She muttered making use of her palm on the wet cloth.

"I just hope my looks doesn't matter when it comes to offering me a job." She soliloquizes and moves on.


"Welcome Sir." The young clerk greeted Mr Adrian.

He turned to her and only gave a nod, her greetings worth's nothing to him since he finds it as a means of drawing his attention.

What he hasn't thought of doing is to sack her clerk, despite the way she showcases herself to him.

One warning he had gave her is never to dress indecent to work or she will fired, and she obeyed that order.

Certain times he doesn't blame those ladies wanting his attention. Who wouldn't want to be close to a wealthy and famous charming like him?

But he doesn't give a d*mn time to them, heaven knows he isn't ready for a woman.

Oh! He wouldn't have their time for any reason. All that matters to him is the flowing of the company.

"Where are the visitors?" He asked the clerk who kept throwing a lustful stares at him.

She pouted her lips in a s*xy manner. "They've been waiting for you in the visitor's room." She replied him.

He nodded and walked out heading to the visitors room. Immediately he stepped into the room, they all stood on their feet.

"It's nice to see you, Sir Adrian." One of the men uttered.

A smile appeared on his face for the first time since he left his home. "I'm very sorry for keeping you all waiting, I had a little clash with a woman on my way coming so I had to sort it out with her." He apologized.

They shrugged their shoulders.

"It's alright." They all chorused one after the other.

"Let's go to my office." He referred to them and moved out, they all followed him instantly.

In his office, he offered them a seat while he got seated on his.

"So, what brought the business board management to my office?" He asked smiling at them.

One out of the three men placed a file on his table. "Uhmmm! We are here to extend an important message from the business board to you."

He knitted his eyebrows. "Okay, I'm all ears."

"Sir, the business board will be responsible for all the hanging contracts coming to this company, if the CEO isn't married thirty one days from today." The young man stated.

He narrowed his eyes. "What are you trying to say? I don't… I don't really get you?"

"He meant that you should get married before thirty one days from today, or this company will no longer be getting any contracts for a work again." Another man narrated to him.

A fake smile affixed on his face. "This is all a prank right? There's nothing binding the contracts I get and my marital status." His voice sounded hoarse, revealing how enraged he is already.

Chapter 2 The Countdown

'Who gave such order?' Adrian stood up from his chair, banging his fist on the table making the board members shriek in fear

'Your father' they chorused like they were under a spell

Adrian collapsed on his chair in frustration, he never knew his father could go this far to make him get a wife

'Get out all of you' he said in his hoarse voice as they all scrambled to their feet immediately none wanting to be a victim of his evil wrath

He loosened his tie knot closing his eyes to rack his brain on how to solve the mess he was in.

He felt someone carcass his broad chest making him flinch immediately, he opened his eyes and saw his clerk staring at him with lustful eyes

'I can see you are ready to beg on the streets again' his threatening voice rang out making her adjust herself in fear

'Say it or get out' he buttoned up his shirt when he noticed her wide eyes on it

'Sir we have a cand


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