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Dirty Play with My CEO

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Zoey Afar has had a long-held affection for her boss. However, she was unwilling to confess this since, first and foremost, they were different in level of life. The second reason she feels "abnormal" is that even a light touch from her stimulates her desire. She has obsessive sexual behavior, sometimes known as hypersexuality condition or sexual addiction. Things become worse when the hot CEO makes her personal BDSM partner.

Chapter 1: I will watch you

“Zoe! Aren’t you going home yet?” Yuna Gutierrez, Zoe’s friend, yelled. They were chatting loudly because there were only two of them remained in the office. They prefer to be left out since it is inconvenient for them to take the elevator every time they go home.

One time, they went home early; unfortunately, that is time that many people were rushing to get on the elevator, in the end, they just walked down the stairs which is breathtaking because they are on the 16th floor. This building is big. This building holds all the sales that go to the malls. Unbelievably, Zoe was accepted into this prestigious company.

Yuna sat beside her, staring at the display, while Zoe jotted down something on the computer. She stays late on purpose, not because she wants to, but because it is a must. Yuna began conversing with her. Another story concerning her sex life. That’s what makes Yuna envious; she has boyfriends, but Zoe can’t even get one because of her high standards. In contrast to Yuna, anybody she encounters on the road is scooped up and she is making them her boyfriend. She doesn’t have just one guy, but several. Zoe isn’t paying attention while her friend is giving her a story, since her mind is elsewhere.

She is perplexed as to how she might get rid of her physical sensitivity. It irritates her to think that anyone she tries to make out is discouraging since their “dicks” don’t even meet her expectations. Zoe has a delicate physique, thus she avoids interacting with people since the mere act of touching her alters the movement of her body.

“And so are you! Find a man who will make you feel as if you’re in heaven! You need also to have a sex life to keep yourself young!” Yuna was already toying with her lips as if daydreaming about the cocks she was seeing. To find out what she was thinking, there were nearly any eggplants sprouting out of the top of her head. Zoe ignored her and continued to type.

Zoe looked at the watch in her hand and saw it near 10 PM. Yuna was already asleep next to her, waiting for her. This is always their scene because their apartment is next to each other, so Yuna has no choice but to wait because she has no one to go home with. With so much exploitative people outside, Yuna is afraid that one day someone might suddenly grab her and pull her somewhere.

“AHHH! HMMM!” Zoe got up from her swivel chair, turned off the monitor and system unit, and stretched her bones. She yawned and her bones rang in her body. “Perhaps there aren’t many people today,” she thought to herself. She touches Yuna, but Yuna doesn’t want to wake up. She tickled the side of her stomach to tingle, but the witch was like sleeping oil!

She gathered all the air in her mouth and positioned herself for the scream she would make. She placed both hands on the side of her mouth as if it was a horn to make the sound of her voice even louder. She was sure this woman would wake up to what she was going to do.


Yuna rose swiftly and wiped her lips, as though there was drool on the side of her cheek and mouth. She peered around with red eyes, fearful that someone might mistake her for a drug user. She touched her tits and then murmured something that sounded like she was smoking marijuana, based on the worst act of her.

“Where is it?”

Zoe simply scratched her brow and shook her head. As long as this lady is engaged in sex while her mind will always be unconscious. She then pondered when she’d have the dream about cocks hitting her cheek. She’s sick of the pure dildo that constantly sleeps next to her!

She slapped her two cheeks hard with her two palms, then shook them. Because of Yuna, that’s what she started thinking like that. Yuna powdered and fixed her hair. She put the clip in her hair. Probably, that’s why this woman is getting ready again to find another handsome man on the road. Fortunately, she was not caught by her other boyfriend cheating. Before what happened to her the: “Cock turned to stone.” She laughed at the thought, so Yuna frowned while pouting.

“That’s what I am saying, when you don’t have a penis entering your mouth, you will go crazy.”

Zoe just stared at her, then she walked ahead. Yuna also quickly followed her. The rooms they passed were already dark, the people were already gone home. It’s good because it’s tiring to deal with people who are in a hurry to get home. Not only that, if possible, Zoe avoids rubbing her body against who or what.

When the elevator closed, there was a hand that prevented it from closing. Yuna and Zoe were both surprised when they saw it was the janitor. He was carrying the cleaning tools and the long mop. Zoe went to the far corner so that Yuna or anything wouldn’t hit her. Even though she and Yuna are friends, she still doesn’t want to touch the woman.

“Sorry, misses. I need to get home. I’ll just go down with you.” The janitor apologizes to them. She did not answer. The janitor even pushed the wheeled carton where the cleaning supplies were.

Her eyes widened and when the mop handle had accidentally hit her nipple. This is what she fears. Her body hair immediately rose. Her nipples hardened immediately, luckily, and Yuna didn’t notice her because she was busy clicking what was on her phone. Zoe’s body was heating up. She could feel the rapid heat of her body as if electricity had flowed through her. Her already tight panties seemed to be itching, and she felt her getting wet quickly. She wanted to touch that, but she couldn’t.

“Ah.” Almost air came out of her mouth because she didn’t want anyone to hear her. Her knees are weakening. She did not know where she would hold while waiting. Panting as well, she was catching her breath. Even though it was cold, she was sweating. Her eyes widened as she looked outside as the elevator rang quickly.

Yuna and the janitor left, but she stayed inside. She calmed herself before speaking to Yuna. She just wish she was heard before the door closed. “Go first ... I-I still have something left upstairs ... Haaahh ... The bus will be gone later so go first.”

She pressed the floor button as rapidly as she could. She had no idea what floor it was on and simply pressed it to go up swiftly. Her mind was already being consumed by the heat. She was no longer able to think clearly. She didn’t want to do the “thing” that was going through her head since it would be an excuse for her to leave here. She’s the ideal Zoe Afar, and she can’t sully her image in any way.

She practically crawled as she reached the unknown floor. She went where she saw a light. She didn’t think twice about removing her skirt and rapidly lowering her underwear. She was not wrong when she stroked her private area since she instantly felt the liquid in it.

She instantly elevated her foot and clutched her toes after inserting the finger. She sat in the swivel chair, her foot placed on the table that housed the keyboard and monitor. She didn’t mind her situation, since she was more concerned with the thing that was twitching inside her. Her white long-sleeved blouse was unbuttoned. She wasn’t wearing a bra and was only wearing padding, so she swiftly took them off. Her nipple appeared to be too firm.

“Hmmm ...” She couldn’t stop her growl and because she knew no one could hear her, she didn’t stop them and just let every growl go away.

She is squeezing her nipple while making an entrance to her hole using her two fingers. As her body gradually calmed down, she could feel her cum coming out. Because of that, she turned her head to the left side but her eyes widened when she saw the man leaning his head on one of the computer barriers with his hands crossed. The man smiled at her as he said the words that startled her even more.

“Keep going. I will watch you. ”

Chapter 2: Swallow it

Due to the severity of her come down, Zoe’s foot resting on where the keyboard was, her knee struck the table. She shuts her eyes and grabs her shoulder bag, covering her nude body. In his place, the guy did not even stir. The man lifted an eyebrow at her and appeared bored as she came to a stop.

“Why did you stop? Am I not watching?” The man watching him took a swivel chair, sat down, and crossed his legs while leaning like a king because his hands were also on the handle of the chair. Zoe can’t raise her head because of the number of people who can see her why the new Chief Executive Officer!

Zoe hugged herself and her bag tightly. She does not speak as if she were completely dumb. She didn’t know where she had left her underwear and skirt. Even she wanted to look for it, she couldn’t stand up because she only had the white long sleeve. She still did not open her eyes because she believed that after opening her eyes, it was just all a dream.

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