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Despising the Bachelor

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Danielle West is at the lowest point of her life now. After her mother passed away and she is kicked out be her father, she is forced to survive by being a go-go dander. Four years have passed, she gets a gig in a bachelor’s party. Much to her surprise, there she meets the man who is one of the reasons why she has been suffering—her ex-boyfriend, Kionno Morikawa, the bachelor billionaire.


“Come on, no one will know it’s you!” Michaela pushed me towards the walk-in closet to change into the sultry set of clothes that she prepared for me.

She was quick to close the door even before I was able to react. I let out a groan before shouting back at her, “I told you I’m not doing this!”

“For the record, you agreed a while ago. You can no longer take back what you said,” she replied, which immediately made me sigh in frustration.

I agreed because I thought I’d yonly be performing in a regular event, which is usually what my gigs are  about. I never knew it would be in a freaking bachelor’s party! I don’t want to dance with someone’s soon-to-be-husband! I’m a performer, not a stripper.

“You’ll just be dancing to three songs, okay? Three songs for 20k! Where will you ever find a gig that will pay you that much money for three songs to dance to?” I heard her say as I was eyeing the pieces of clothing that I am holding in my hand. “You told me you need the money!”

“Yes, but—“

“No buts, Danielle! I promise you won’t be dancing with the groom. I heard he’s not that kind of guy.”

I rolled my eyes before walking towards the direction of the full-body mirror to look at myself. “Not that kind of guy,” I echoed to myself. They tell you that before doing literally all the things that kind of guy does.

I didn’t bother replying as I stepped into the tiny bits of clothing that Michaela handed me. It is a sheer one-piece white lingerie that has a center-front keyhole, sexy g-string coverage, dainty back ties, and ruffled trims above the hips. It effortlessly showcases my curves, and also compliments my tanned complexion. It even comes with what seems like a nurse cap.

From what I heard, the groom is a doctor. It’s his friends who organized the party. I’ll be dressed as a sexy nurse to maybe fulfill any workplace fantasies that the groom has.

I rolled my eyes. Men and their gimmicks.

If I weren’t desperate for money, I wouldn't even be here, but there are bills that need to be paid, and Vivi needs money for school. I don’t have much of a choice, do I?

After getting dressed, I stepped out of the closet, and was greeted with Michaela clapping her hands, looking at me. “Perfect! Now let’s do your hair. You don’t need to wear makeup because you’d be wearing a mask, anyway. I told you, no one will know it’s you.”


It was a thirty-minute drive from Michaela’s condominium unit to the venue, which is a rented VIP club room. I was directed to the back room to prepare as the party will start in ten minutes.

Michaela gave me a peck on the cheek before entering the main room where her fiancé is. “Don’t be nervous!” she told me.

We started doing sexy performance gigs four years ago when we were both at the lowest points of our lives. The jobs kept us alive. We were competitors at first, always eyeing who earns more and who gets more gigs. Then we became a duo, a team. She has been like a sister to me since then.

A year ago, she met her fiancé in one of her gigs. They immediately clicked, and he saved her from her hell hole. Her life has been better since.

I envy her in the sense that she is now able to support herself and her family without having to expose her body to random people. However, when I say I want to get out of this hell hole, I want it done all by myself. I don’t want any man's help.

Just a little bit more.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My straight jet black hair is up in a loose and messy bun. I am tall, and a lot of people could easily mistake me as a model, which they are not entirely wrong. I entered the modeling industry when I was 16. When my mom passed, that was when things went downhill.

I could go on and on talking about why I ended up this way, but this is no time for history class.

I grabbed my mask before putting it on. It’s a single-colored white mask that covers the upper portion of my face. However, there is a sheer piece of clothing attached to it to slightly cover the lower portion of my face. It suits the overall vibe of the fit, and honestly, I kinda love it.

When it was already my cue, I got out of the room, which led me to the dance floor. It is just a typical dance floor in clubs, which I’m already accustomed with.

There are cheers from the audience, which I assumed were the groom’s friends. The spotlight is on me so I cannot actually see other people. If not for their cheers, I would’ve thought that I was alone. Great for me, I can pretend I’m dancing for myself.

I swayed my hips with the beat of the music, thoughts still lingering inside my mind. They are loud, making the beat of my heart even faster. I gave it all in my performance as the audience cheered for me.

I will do anything to get out of this hell hole.

My performance ended with my hands lifted up in the air, legs slightly kneeling on the floor. The cheers and claps were louder now, and I can even hear Michaela’s cheers from the audience. I can’t help but let out a small smile. 

“Our seductive nurse is in the house!” the host screamed as he was walking towards my direction.

I stood up, and looked at the audience. The room, although dim, is a little brighter now, allowing me to scan the faces of the people inside the room. The groom is sitting at the front of the room, looking like he didn’t want to be there. He is surrounded by his friends who look like they are teasing him. 

Except for Michaela and her fiancé, I don’t know these people. It allowed me to be more relaxed. I don’t like meeting people that I know way back when I’m doing my job. I don’t like seeing the looks in their faces when they realize it’s me.

I was told to rest in the back room for a while as the games are about to start. After the games, I’ll be performing two more dances but with two of the groom’s friends as the groom declined to be lapped dance by me. Not that I care.

While waiting, I took out my phone to answer Vivi’s messages.

‘Pls I need the money on Monday. No payment, no exam,’ it read. I let out a sigh. Vivi’s in her last year in college, which meant graduation fees. I don’t mind as long as it’s for her own future. I’m willing to work my ass off it meant her achieving her dreams.

I texted her that I’ll be able to wire her the money tomorrow. She didn’t reply back. I haven’t seen her in two weeks, but she told me they were working on their thesis.

After two more minutes, I was called back on stage once more, only this time, there was already a man sitting on a chair in the middle of the stage. He was wearing a tight black polo shirt, which hugs his body so perfectly, I can see how nicely toned it is. He looks like he just came from work. He even looks like he doesn’t even want to be here because of the profanities he is saying, addressed to his friends.

Behind him, I placed both of my hands on his shoulders as the song started. Screams and cheers from his friends erupted, making the guy groan in annoyance. I am certain he really doesn’t want to be in this situation, but that is the least of my concerns.

I walked towards his side, swaying my hips to the music. When I went in to bend closer, his perfume’s dry-down scent immediately wafted towards my nose, sending shivers down to my spine. I can smell crisp top notes of apple, blackcurrant, pineapple, and bergamot. My eyes widened as memories came crashing down to me in an instant.

I took a step back, subconsciously disrupting my dance routine. My eyes are wide as I stare at the man sitting less than a meter from me, finally able to take a proper look at the lower portion of his face.

I can feel the hard thudding of my heart as I hear a high pitch sound inside my ears. I cannot be mistaken.

How many years had it been?

How many years had  it been since I last saw the guy that I should be dancing to right now, my one-and-only ex-boyfriend?

Chapter 1

I feel like I’m being stalked. 

There’s this silhouette that I see in my peripheral vision following me whenever I go out. The only place that I feel safe is my own apartment, but I still make sure to double lock the doors. 

I have already experienced being stalked before. Working in this industry, it can’t be helped being surrounded by perverted men who can’t take no for an answer. Sometimes they’d follow me for a few hours, a few days. However, this time’s different. It has been three weeks since I felt like I’m being followed.

It has also been three weeks since the bachelor’s party happened and I saw Kio. Seeing him after all those years ignited something inside me. Anger. The need for revenge.

I let out a sigh before changing into a fresh set of clothes, getting ready for bed. The apartment has been too quiet since Michaela moved out. We used to share a two-room apartment before, but now she’s already staying with her fiancé.


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