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Jude’s life was based around helping his people and community prosper and live a peaceful life until the arrival of his enemies friends grand daughter Emily with her naivety and innocence portrayed to whole world causing not only Jude to notice but also his greatest enemies Emily is a beautiful 22 years old lady fresh out of college with so much plans for the future deciding to visit her granddad in the country before continuing of her life plans around the whole unknown to her her grand dad has planed her marriage already to Jude’s greatest enemy Maximo which jude won’t permit

Chapter 1

Being an accounting major for Emily was a life changing decision since she was the first to go to college in her family. But she managed to brave the stage just fine and still retained all her naïveté she came to college with .

Being an orphan her first year in college she has just her granddad who live in the country and she has decided to go visit him before she embarks on her journey to Africa where she’s planning on helping the 3rd world countries established sustainable business with her knowledge in finance

“ Emily wake up you are day dreaming again right ” said her room mate Natalie “ I don’t know why you keep filling your head with this ideas of being a world hero and philanthropist , well as for me am off to the end of year party I know you never attend such things so have fun being at home aloneee, bye “

Emily laughed “ bye Natalie have fun “ left to her mind to entertain her she decided to plan ahead on her trip to the country the next day and also draw programs on how to help the poor establish sustainable businesses in their countries her head was filled with so much ideas until she slept.


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