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Deserted, but she's mine

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A war between the humans, the angels, and the demons is something no one thinks would ever happen. The reality falls upon humans in a very harsh way bringing along war and threats to the human race. They stared with wobbling legs, atrophic hands, and sweat sprinkling down their face as they looked at the worlds that had brought their war to their continent. The atmosphere is too tense for an ordinary being not to shiver in fear, the air is filled with death, and the hearts are filled with love and determination, hatred and revenge. The peaceful days were gone, the days of joy and laughter were being threatened, and the days of love and happiness were nowhere in imaginary view. ' where did it all go wrong? When did it all go wrong ?'. It was the day she got deserted. The day she was led to die was the day their trouble began. And the day their world embraces her, they embrace doom along.

Chapter 1: Convincing the king

Beyond the cloud and sky, after multiple planets comes a world. A world filled with beautification, with the fragrance so beautiful and intoxicating, a world that is filled with different kinds of flowers, butterflies, luxuries, and the most beautiful of all one could imagine, angels. Radiating beauties and melodies filled the whole universe, the sky filled with not only the birds flying, but accompanied with angels. A bird flew as far as it could, happily enjoying the beautiful sight but suddenly, it dropped dead on the other side of the kingdom, dead on the cold and rough floor with the place reeking of blood and the smell of maggots. The world was divided into two kingdoms, the kingdom of Akarsto which is filled with only angels, and the kingdom of Darkso which is of only demons. Darkso is a kingdom created out of angels that became evil, the moment any angel harbors evil, the pure little white glass on their forehead turns black indicating the presence of evil resulting in him or her getting banished into the Darkso kingdom. But then the powerful Orb that separates the two kingdoms suddenly goes missing and the boundary becomes shaken, since then there has been a war between both kingdoms until one of the queens sacrificed herself to make a new stone boundary that's now guided by the white angels. But there wasn't assurance the demons wouldn't find their way in.

In Akarsto kingdom On a large green field were two angels, a young female angel, and an old male angel. The atmosphere wasn't so nice as the female angel possessed a weapon, a sharpened dagger with determination, braveness, and coldness written all over her face but her opponent maintained a straight look, daring her, looking at her like she wasn't up to an ant that can be squeezed between fingers. This angered her the more and she said in her mind, you shouldn't have underestimated me ', she thought and suddenly dashed at him, her wings flapping in the air. He defended himself with his two mighty wings. They engaged in a fierce fight which he soon got tired of as he was beginning to find it boring, he fired a bluish arrow, aiming at her tummy but really ? he did over-under estimate her, she stopped the arrow mid-way and was suddenly nowhere to be found. Before he knew what was going on, it pierced through his back.

"argh", he groaned and fell, hitting the ground heavily on his butt, "ouch...", he hissed in pain.

She flew back to the ground with a smirk on her face,

"That wasn't as long as I expected", she said mockingly, The man snorted in reply,

"you shouldn't underestimate me Gojja ", she took some steps closer," I'm sorry about that though, you knew that would weaken me before aiming it at me, so I just served you your own medicine",

"Princess", he called as he stood up, "I must say, you have improved a lot", he complimented,

"Not when I must find out how my brother died", "Princess, you have to accept the reality, the prince died due to the injury he sustained from the battle",

"never", she turned angrily away," he didn't die in the battle with the demons, he was okay till he got back to the kingdom and suddenly he died overnight and you want me to believe he wasn't murdered?",

"if he truly was I'm sure the king won't hesitate to investigate and I'm sure we would have found the person",

"That's why I'm going to make sure he did investigate",

"Princess ",

"Now that I have defeated you Chief Gojja ", she said aloud with authority," you should go to the king and announce your defeat",

"yes your highness", he replied quietly with a bow and watched her fly away. He sighed and limbed away, he was too weak to fly or even walk faster.

The princess approaches the golden castle in her war uniform and the dagger in her right hand. Both the angels flying and the ones walking bowed at the sight of her and she non-hesitantly replied. She was welcomed by her mother, the queen's cold and unfriendly face. She bowed immediately she got to her,

" and now what is your plan?",

"Didn't the king say he will know what to say if I present myself worthy of his consideration, now that I have defeated one of his chiefs I am heading over to him",

"Amelia!!", the queen yelled her name angrily, " Wake up from your dream and see the reality, the prince is dead, he died as a hero, he wasn't murdered",

"How could you say that mum, my brother didn't die from an injury, I know him so well, he isn't that weak, how could you not even know that as his mother",

"and did you think you know my son more than I do?",

"I can say so when you don't even understand your daughter's pains", she said and walked out on her.

The queen felt a slap on her face. She felt a stab in her chest, looking worried and angry but knowing how stubborn Amelia can be, she decided to let her have her way, leaving her to whatever fate she met.

Princess Amelia waited patiently for the king to show up, she couldn't help but feel nervous about what his decision might be. Though she can be rude sometimes, cold, and fierce, that doesn't change the fact she is tender by heart, she just doesn't want to believe the person she loves most died from a mere injury. She was with the prince that night and she confirmed he was okay before leaving him to rest and the next day, he was reported dead. The prince is the closest angel to her, the only one who understands her, the one who knows the real Amelia even when some think she's just an arrogant and stubborn angel, but he's the only one who sees through her loneliness and the one whom she loves so much.

"Someone seems lost in thought ", the king's deep voice jolted her out of her thoughts. She bowed immediately after she saw him," you can rise ", he allowed her, " looks like you did defeat Gojja ",

"yes, your majesty",


"And now I've come to plead and persuade you to please investigate my brother's death now that I've proved myself worthy of your consideration".

The first princess standing beside the king bowed and said, "Please Your Majesty, allow me to have a say in this conversation",

"go ahead",

'Seriously? Not now ', Princess Amelia cried in her mind. She and the first princess, Princess Tania were never on good terms.

" Princess Amelia, defeating Gojja isn't something to be proud of", she started, smirking, " Gojja is an old man, defeating him is 80% chance, how about you compete with young blood and then I will personally plead with the king to investigate our brother's death", she said,

Amelia looked at her knowing the game she was trying to pull, she had always wanted to compete with her and claim she was superior to her. But she was also angry at how indifferent they all were about the prince's death. She knew they were pained and could see the sorrow in their eyes during the funeral but which expression could she say is sincere?

"and who do you want me to compete with?", Princess Amelia asked,

Princess Tania smiled," I ", she said.

' of course, I knew that ', she thought. " When did you want it to be", she said looking at Tania like she does even worth a fight with her and that pissed Tania off, that expression wasn't what she was expecting.

Princess Tania turned to the king, "Please Your Majesty, I would love to have it tomorrow",

"so shall it be ", She turned back at Amelia and smiled. Finally.

Chapter 2: Memories from heavy heart

Amelia set out into the kingdom, to her favorite spot, located at the far end of the kingdom. It is a place filled with little innocent animals including birds. She loves this place more especially cause of the cool and refreshing scent of it and the breeze. She sat on the branch of a tree staring into space and allowing the memories of Prince Allan to flow in.

She yanked as she felt someone tinkled her waist, she turned to see her brother giggling,

"that's not funny, you know I don't like that",

"you need to see how your body jolted, are you sure you ain't expecting anything",

"argh", she groaned and threw a pinkish-powered ball at him but he ducked it. She knew he was talking about seeing an angel and getting intimacy even though it's only allowed with married angels but he just wanted to tease her. Prince Allan is the type that loves making her break rules and getting her into trouble.

" c'mon sister, you shouldn't waste your power like that, save it


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