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Dark world is the fated story of a young girl; Stephie who gets to find herself in a world of darkness and betrayal from her close friend; Kelly despite her innocence. Stephie lived in torments for so many years unknown to anyone as fears of speaking up might likely be the end of her existence. Here, she is not permitted to fall in love or be in a relationship, she can't get married too Will she be able to live despite all these rules? Is there hope of a complete life for her? Find out in this action packed novel!

Chapter 1

"Oh my I'm so so sorry didn't see you coming I swear"

"How would you have seen her coming when you were busy smiling sheepishly at a guy that didn't even look twice at your face? Huh ??

Kelly sneered at a pretty young girl who just poured her drink on my white long sleeve.

Speechless would have been a nice name for me at that moment, like I was so mouth-closed . Not even an 'eww' came out of my mouth. I just stood there looking at the pretty little girl and my very own Kelly defending me.

'Oh my this is not happening ' I thought within. Would be having a presentation in 20minutes. Just rushing down to the venue before the time, and this?? How do I change my clothes? I'm no way close to home. Ahhhh...

My head would have blown off if not for a guy that jerked me of my thoughts

Hey beautiful, how 're you doing?

'Yah..., I....., I ....oh sorry

I'm good '.

I replied obviously lost of words

Are you okay? You look lost in thoughts and somewhat worried. Is anything Wrong ?

he asked

Who is this one nau, has he been staring at me from a place I didn't know, I thought within and quickly looked around. Something just felt wrong all of a sudden. I wasn't just comfortable with his presence but couldn't place things rightly. My heart started beating so fast.

"Oh my what is wrong with me" then I remember Kelly was defending me at the other end. Without replying him, I turned again to see Kelly but she was no where

'what ?? No Kelly? No pretty girl??

Where did they go?

"Please don't do this to me sir,

Please I beg you, pleaseeeee"

I pleaded with the horror smelling old herbalist or witch doctor trying to force himself on me.

Oh my world, what I'm I doing here? why me? How did I get here.

goosebumps filled my whole body, fear was written all over me.

The old man wouldn't listen to me, it's seems he was paid to do this or something.

Does he want to use me for ritual?

. Oh my, I've heard so many stories like that.. but is this really it ?


I screamed as I felt him penetrating me painfully.

He wouldn't have pity on me. He was so aggressive. Hot tears ran down my cheeks as this old man kept piercing me .

Not only was he taking my youthfulness by force, he was also given me pains around my pelvis.

I could feel an evil pain as he continued molesting me. The worse of my fears finally happened to me, to think that a witch doctor is defiling me in a shrine is the most scariest feeling I've ever had.

So, I would finally be used for rituals . My thoughts alone almost killed me

"ahhh... ahhh.....ahhh.."

I screamed again as I felt my heart pulling away from me

An evil smell welcomed me as I regained consciousness. I had fainted earlier. I felt as though my heart had been dragged earlier while he molested me and I felt so much pain all around my body.

I couldn't just bear the excruciating pain I felt as I screamed and fainted.

All that happened while I was unconscious I can't tell but now I'm regaining consciousness and still can't see my environment .

I felt so weak, everywhere seemed dark too. " Are my eyes having issues? Or it's really dark?

"hope this old man didn't do anything to my eyes ?

he has taken my virginity by force

does he still want to take my eyes ?

I thought as an evil fear crept into me again .

"No no no no"....this is not happening again. I could feel my heart pulling away as I had felt earlier.

"What could this be? Is this as a result of him abusing me?..ahhh...

"No, I think I've had too much thoughts, I'd just clear my head and stay cool watching what would happen next"

I tried calming my head. It wasn't easy a bit, but I tried thinking off the fact that I had been raped in a shrine. I just lay hopelessly on the ground removing all thoughts from my head and I started feeling calm . My heart that was pulling away gradually pulled back in it's position.

"I think I like my heart this way" no more fearful thoughts I said to myself and remained silent in the dark


"Where am I ?

"What really happened earlier?

"How did I get here?

These questions kept taunting me even when I tried pushing them away. I promised myself no fearful thoughts but can I live as though nothing had happened and is happening to me? I questioned myself.

I tried recalling what happened earlier but nothing was coming to my head.


"did this man take my memory too?"

"She's been like that for the past three days now"

I overheard the old man saying to someone . I knew the person replied, but I couldn't get what he or she said.

3 days???...

like seriously?

I've been like this for the past 3 days?

What? What are these people doing?

"So this people are actually using me for business ?

I thought within me as anger rose from my inside. I could feel it within me that I was angry, but my body could not respond. It was as though my body was dead, only my innerman was alive .

Hot tears rolled down my eyes again as the realization that I couldn't just do anything hit me.

Although I couldn't remember anything that happened earlier, but I knew I was supposed to be somewhere. Not a shrine, not to be raped but see where I am now. In a shrine and the old man is saying something about being like that for the past 3days

" So how long have I been here?

"That means I'm really being used for rituals"

These thoughts kept running through my mind.

At this point, it is just me and my thoughts, I thought as I spoke silently

" Dear God, I know I am not too much of a Christian but, please have pity on me and help me".

" I remember Kemi telling me that You can pick one from the mud and refine the person. I know I might be hopeless physically, but pls help me"

I cried, praying silently to God.

"Wait, did I just say Kemi?

Chapter 2

I asked myself as the realization hit me that I could remember someone's name

"Kemi, Kemi, Kemi"

I kept calling trying to see if I could recall anything

I could remember Kemi telling me sometime ago about how God picked her from the mud of sin and darkness showing her His endless love and glory.

When exactly, I couldn't place rightly but I remember her very words clearly


"Kemi can you stop all these your up and down rantings about God?

I go to church too you know, so just keep it shut"

I barked at kemi when she kept on buzzing my ears of the many teachings and understanding she's got so far from following God.

" Stephie baby, calm down joor "

She replied

" See ehn, you won't understand.

I think I should tell you something"

" Errrmmmm... Hanty church please don't come and give me one of all these your long sermons oo


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