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Crazy Hannah

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Harry, a very handsome and elegant looking young billionaire who was a surgeon and at the same time has a multi-billionaire father that want him to work at his hospital in Korea. Harry refuses at first because of his past experience in Korea mostly about the death of his mother and the look alike sister of his residing there, he later take up the task on a condition.... Hannah, a beautiful young lady who is full of adventure recently got an employment as a Nurse in the same hospital that Harry was to work....the two meet together having different class order, character and orientation..... Will anything ever work in their Favour??

Chapter 1


Harry was seated by the pool, his eyes closed, wearing shorts and sunglasses, and roughly eight maids were seated next to him. While the other two were applying sun lotion to him, two were busy massaging his legs while another was holding a silver tray with his phones on it, another was holding a golden tray with a glass of wine on it, another was giving a head massage, and another was holding a towel.

Mr. Cha's assistant called, "Mr. Harry," and he rushed over.

"Yeah?" With his eyes closed, Harry questioned.

He exclaimed enthusiastically, "Mr. Lee has agreed to your conditions, sir."

Harry sat up and opened his eyes.

"What?" He was astonished by the question because he hadn't yet expected his father to agree to his terms.

He agreed to your terms, Mr. Cha said again.

"Exactly what did you say to him?" Harry questioned incredulously at what his helper had said. He would be forced to return to Korea and begin working as a surgeon in his father's hospital if his father actually agreed to the terms. This cannot be happening, oh no.

"I told him you indicated you would only go back to Korea if he lets you drive without guards to the house, allow you to depart with only me and no other staff members or guards, and finally, let you to travel in second class alone without me or any guards," I added. As Mr. Cha said

And you're claiming that he concurred? Harry hoped expecting a no response when he inquired.

Yes, sir, Cha answered.

"Oh no, dang it! He agreed, but why in the world?" He questioned if he should return to Korea, the nation where he lost his mother, even though he missed his sisters, the tiny twins who were identical to their mother. He anticipated this day, but not at this speed. He recently turned 25 and had spent the previous ten years studying and running his father's hospital in France.

When are we currently living, then? He mutely inquired.

Since you insisted on traveling alone, I'll be leaving before you, tomorrow," Mr. Cha said.

Harry murmured, "Okay. The maid continued to massage him as he rested his head on the chair.

Harry went for his iPhone when it rang, gagged on his saliva when he read the caller ID, and the maid holding the silver tray leaned down. Why was "Nina," his former best friend in Korea, calling now when they hadn't spoken in years?

He signaled the maids to depart with a snap of his fingers, and those who were holding the trays placed them on the glass table next to Harry before they all left, leaving just Harry and Mr. Cha. After answering, he put the phone to his ear.

"Speak," he merely said.

"Oppa!!" Harry moved the phone away from his ears as a result of her yelling.

Hi Nina, how are you doing? He questioned while using his free hand to stroke his temple.

"I'm good, oppa!

How are you today?" She enquired

I'm okay?, he muttered.

What do you desire? Already weary of her voice, he inquired.

She responded, "Oppa, you don't have to be rude; I called because I heard you were coming to Korea."

"Dad tell you, or did you hear?" His query

She responded, "Uh, maybe," and Harry rolled his eyes.

She said, "I can't wait to see you, oppa, love you.. bye!"

He murmured, "Whatever.. bye," and hung up.

Did she mention love?

He inwardly scoffed, "In her dreams," and dove into the pool.






*7: 40am*

Hannah tossed and turned on her bed, snoring loudly. The cold was just so amazing—she could sleep for hours if she wanted. She turned again and landed on the floor with a thud, lying comfortably on the ground with her legs still propped up on the bed. Then, her phone rang. She sat up, reached for it, answered it drowsily, and put it to her ear.

"Where are you, Hannah?" Sofia enquired

She yawned and replied, "In my room.

By this point? Sofia enquired

Hannah said with her eyes closed, "Relax Sofie, it's just a few minutes after six, I guess."

"To eight, stupid,"

"What?" She said incredulously as she peered at the wall clock after opening her eyes.

"Ahh!" She yelled.

Why didn't you call more quickly? She inquired as she hurried to the restroom.

Sofia said, "Don't blame me Hannah, I'm not your alarm, doctor Lan will be here soon, and don't forget you have a surgery together." Then she disconnected up.

She hurriedly dropped the phone on the bed before brushing her teeth, washing her face, and exiting the bathroom. She decided not to take a bath because the water was too chilly for her. She rapidly put on her nurse uniform, pulled her hair up into a bun, and grimaced as she glanced in the mirror. She had sold all of her makeup the week before. She applied the one pink lipstick she could find to her lips before quickly grabbing her phone and purse. Jeremy, her younger brother, was seated next to Sona, her sister, and their backpacks were on the floor while they ate dinner when she hurriedly descended the stairs.

She said, "Good morning, Mom and Dad, as she made her way to the door.

Why don't you have breakfast, Hannah? Her mom enquired

"No, mum," she answered.

She cried, "Sona, there's a pink lipstick on my bed, take it!"

Sona yelled back, "Thanks Hannah."

A voice stopped Hannah just as she was about to bolt from the house.

"Unnie?" Hurt, he called! , Why had he gotta get up right now? She turned to see her younger brother Nick, who was grinning while seated in a wheelchair.

Sona ran forward and kissed his cheek while still holding the handle behind him.

Nicky, how are you? Squatting in front of him, she questioned.

I'm okay, Hannah, but I'm a little depressed," he added.

"Why?" Looking at his adorable face, she questioned.

He sadly said, "I didn't see you last night; my mother told me a story.

If only he knew she was out selling her clothes to pay for his surgery while she grinned and clutched his hands.

"I'm sorry Nicky, but I had to work at the hospital. I'll make it up to you today by reading and singing. Okay?"

Okay, he cheerfully replied.

Finish your dinner before I have to leave, okay?

He responded, still grinning, "Okay."

She gave him some cash after removing her bag.

"Jeremy and Sona will take you to the mall; shop there for anything you desire." She chuckled.

He gave her a cheek kiss and said, "Thanks, unnie."

How about us? Jeremy enquired as he chewed his toast.

Identify yourself. Hannah questioned while standing

Your little brother," Jeremy said with a smile.

"So, are you now a child?" Dad questioned while grinning

Sona questioned, "What about me unnie, I'm your only sister."

"That's the issue you have. Nicky, please refrain from giving any of them your money. Because of mom "Hannah remarked as she quickly left the house.

"What!" After her, her mother yelled.

Just seven minutes remained, she saw as she scowled profoundly.

Ethan is the only male friend she has, and he can chat for hours on end. When she went out of the home, she caught his smile and returned it before he could say anything.

She came to a stop on the main road and checked her watch once more, realizing she would have to squander $20 today. She started flagging down cabs, but none were interested in taking her; it felt as though the universe was conspiring against her today.

She was going to demonstrate her insanity to the world by darting into the traffic and standing there without thinking. When a cab stopped in front of her, all other vehicles also came to a stop. She grinned and jumped inside the cab.

Ignoring the driver's shocked reaction, she added, "H.R."

You could have committed suicide, miss? Finally, the driver mumbled

She said, "But I didn't."


After tipping the driver, she got out of the cab and sped inside the hospital.

Mathron Linda was the first person she noticed, and she was certain to be upset with Hannah.

Hannah gathered all of her acting prowess in one swift motion, roughed up her hair, and moved slowly in the direction of the mathron.

Hannah, why are you only now arriving? Her question was directed at Hannah.

She stumbled and held her head while weakly groaning, "I'm a little. To check if her strategy was working, she glanced at the mathron.

Oh my, are you sick? Concerned, the woman enquired.

Hannah mentally grinned.

She muttered hoarsely, "A little."

Hannah, I'm very glad you're here since the procedure is about to begin. Sofia described advancing on her.

I don't believe she can work today because she is ill, Sofia. Linda remarked, "Holding Hannah

Hannah said, weakly clinging to Sofia, "I'll be fine, a little aspirin will do the trick."

Are you certain? The woman worriedly questioned.

Sofia answered with a smile, "Yes.. she'll be OK. It's a hereditary ailment that stops with a dose of aspirin."

"Is it real? " Looking at Hannah, Linda questioned.

Yes, in her family, I spoke to her yesterday about it, Hannah said.

"We have to leave right away, so don't contact it," Sofia mumbled.

The girls both moved to leave, and Linda said, "Yes.. please, you can go." By the time she intervened, they were almost at the elevator.

"What is the illness's name?" She questioned distantly.

"Uh, it's, um," Sofia began.

Hannah retorted, "Heri-aspirin," and they both dashed into the elevator giggling.

Chapter 2

"Seriously? Heri-aspirin?.. that's crazy Hannah"Sofia muttered as they walked out of the elevator

"It's the only thing I could think of, thanks bes, you're a life saver" Hannah said and hugged her

"You would have done the same for me.. it's nothing" Sofia said and they did their signature handshake..

"Wow.. that's nice" they turned to see doctor Evans smiling.

"Uhh.. it's uhm, it's a new dance step we are working on"Sofia mumbled

"Oh really?, I never knew you both could dance"Evans said surprised

"Yeah, we..we dance alot, we dance for several occasions, like uhm .. weddings" Hannah started

"Seminars" Sofia chimed in

"Birthdays"Hannah said

"And Funerals" Sofia added.

"Funerals?" Evans asked confused

"Uhh.. yes.. yes, funerals. We know a lot of people whose family members


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