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Crazy Billionaire's Maid

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What happens when you slap a billionaire not accidentally but on purpose, you wanna know what happens. I will tell you what happens. Michelle Sylvester is the true definition of crazy, if you ever want to know what real craziness is then I had advised you, to go look for Michelle Sylvester. She is so crazy, she beat up her boss after getting fired. That's how crazy she is, but this time around Michelle ran out of luck when she slapped Xander Collins on purpose. I don't know if you get me so I'll repeat myself. Michelle Sylvester a crazy girl slaps billionaire Xander, billionaire Xander who is not to be messed with. Xander who's out to teach the crazy girl a lesson decides to make her his maid for a week. But wait on a serious note, how can you teach a crazy person a lesson? Actually, you can't do that. Xander Collins thought he had the game in his palm, and he controls the game. But what happens when a certain crazy girl he threatened to lock up in prison, agrees to his deal to be his maid for a week.


"Wake up, wake up crazy girl. Wake up!!" A voice yells disturbing Michelle sweet dream. She turned around, hoping whoever the person is, he/she would go away. The he/she didn't go away.

"Seriously Michelle, have you forgotten what today is, get up before you miss your interview. Lazy *ss."

*Interview, interview. Oh my God, I have an interview.* Michelle thinks sitting up immediately, her eyes wide open.

"What the heck soph, why didn't you wake me up earlier. I'm gonna be late, oh geez." Michelle yelled, getting up from my bed as fast as she can.

"What! Is that the thank you, you should be telling me. Besides, I've been waking you up for the past one hour and you were busy snoring like a dead man. I can not believe you right now." Soph, her one and only best friend says, staring at her in disbelief.

Michelle ignored her and hurriedly rushed into the bathroom, took her bath, got dressed, did all the stuff a lady should do in the morning.

"I'm off soph, whish me luck." Michelle said pecking soph on the cheek.

"You know you would get the job, unless you don't break a certain persons head or noes, neck or..."

"Shut up, I promise I won't break anybody's head, noes, neck, leg, bones unless they annoy me. shhh, bye." She blew a kiss at her and walked out of the house merrily.

"Oh my God, i can't believe I've actually forgotten the company I'm going for the d*mn interview, how I could I have left the address at home. Ugh." Michelle exclaims, staring around.

She walked around the street hoping to locate the d*mn company, she could not.

"Where the hell have you been Melissa, I've been looking for you. The shoot is about to start, come let's go, the director is already mad and you know he can be something else whenever he is angry." An unknown guy, who she has never seen before in my life dragged me by my hands towards one of the company in the street.

"Hey, hey. You've got the wrong person here. Mister, I said you have gotten the wrong person here." Melissa yelled trying to get the man attention but the idiot won't even listen to me, he just kept on dragging her, ignoring all she is saying. Melissa decideds not to say a thing or do anything, she would love to see the end of this.

The unknown guy stopped in front of a black gate, knocked on it. The gate got opened and the both of them got in.

"I can't believe you right now Melissa, how can you try to play that, hey you got the wrong girl card* with me. Huh?" The strange guy says, Melissa rolled her eyes and smiled at him.

"Director she's here, I've found her. Please can we start the shoot." The guy yells, an elderly man who is the director yelled at Michelle next.

"Where the heck did you go yo Melissa, you know I'm working with time here, how dare you disappear like that, now get to your position. Wait, girls please make her up, also change the clothes she's wearing." The director dished out instructions here and there, Michelle was dragged again by two unknown ladies. By the time her make over was done, she could barely recognize herself, she looks gorgeous.

"Melissa!! Melissa! Where the heck are you, I've got to be somewhere else, don't waste my time!" The director yells with a megaphone, making Michelle cringed. People call her crazy but this man is more than crazy.

"You better go Melissa." One of the make up artist says, Michelle sighed getting up from the chair then walked over to where the director is.

"Sir I'm here." Michelle says to the director.

"Well, get to your place and least start this f*ck*ng shoot, you've wasted my time already." The director yelled with an eye roll.

"Sir I don't know where my place is." Michelle says again. This time the director's face glows red, "What the heck do you mean by, you don't know your place. Melissa, your place is right at the office table, where the bowl of cereal is. Have you forgotten what you're supposed to do, you are a model not a dummy. Now, go do your job!" The director yells so furiously pointing at the office table not to far. Michelle, had to hold the urge to laugh cause to her the director looks really funny, when he is angry.

"Okay sir, I will sir." Michelle slowly walks over to the office table, and sit down on the office chair.

"In 1, 2, 3, Action." The director yelled. Michelle didn't know what to do but still went ahead anyway to do the number one thing in her mind and that's too eat, she didn't eat this morning, so the more the free food the better.

"Cut! Cut! What the heck are you doing, Melissa!!" The director voice vibrated throughout the room.

"I'm eating sir." Michelle answered, mouthful. The whole production crew burst out in laughter.

"Shut up! Everyone of you keep your d*mn mouth closed!" The director yells, making everyone to quiet down.

"Melissa! You are supposed to eat a spoon or two then say your lines, not to eat the whole bowl of cereal. And after eating two spoons, then you say, hmm, so yummy. So yummy. Got it!!" The director asks his eyes bulging out of their socket.

"Yes sir, I get it." Michelle answered.

"Good, in 3, 2, 1, camera rolling, Action." The director yelled. Michelle could literally see the veins puffing out of his neck.

2 hours later, 10 scene, 10 good scene retaking, 10 bowls of cereal eating by just one girl, Michelle. The director looks at Michelle tiredly, he didn't have the strength to shout or yell again. What the hell had gone wrong, the Melissa he knows, is very diligent in her work and is a pro. What happened to her!.

"What is going on here, don't tell me you guys start the shoot without me. I was on my monthly period director, I told you I needed to get some pad and I told you director I don't just use any pad, I had to go to the company and that's what delayed me, how could you get me replaced." A voice yells from the door. The director looks at Michelle then back to the real Melissa, he did the same thing over and over again before asking the million dollar question, "if you are Melissa, then who is she?" The director asks, and everybody turns to look at Michelle who is already taking three packets of the cereal.

"Hi.. okay funny story, I was on my own when that idiot over there, dragged me in here. I had told him I wasn't Melissa, but he didn't listen. Anyway, it was nice working with all of you, and director come on you have to chill sometimes, it's not everything you'll be shouting like a roaring lion, and hi real Melissa, I guess I can see why they mistook me for you, I'm your lookalike. Goodbye everyone." She says having a box of cereal in her head(she tried carrying like 10 packets and saw it was a lot of work) and the bowl. She is not leaving the bowl or the spoon, she loves it.

"One more thing Melissa, if the director yells at you like a mad man just kick him in the *ss. And thanks for the Make up and dress. Once again, goodbye." With that said she was out of the door and out of the company.

"Are we really going to let her take a full box of cereal, that box contains about forty cereal packets." Austin, the guy who had dragged her in asked.

"If you've not brought her here, would she have the chance to take it in the first place." The director asks glaring at him. "No sir, sorry sir." Austin apologise.

"Okay, I've got to ask, what just happened?" Melissa who is still standing by the door confused by the display, that just happened asked.

"Everybody go home, shoots starts by 7am, don't be late." The director announced, getting up from his director seat, ignoring Melissa.

"Seriously, what the heck happened here. I'm so confused." Melissa yells, but the whole crew members were to tired to answer her, Michelle had run down their energy.


"You are back, did you get the job, were you picked, how was it?" Sophie asked her friend the minute she walked into the sitting room. Michelle ignored her instead carried the carton of cereal into the kitchen and placed in the kitchen cupboard.

"Where did you get the money to buy that?" Sophie questions following Michelle into the kitchen.

"Ugh, for a human being you talk to much. You're not a parrot so stop." Michelle says with an eye roll, hands on her waist.

"If you had answered all my questions, I don't think I would still be asking more. Would I?" Sophie retorts.

"Fine, I did not go for the interview." Michelle announced, plopping down on one of the armchair.

"What! Why?" Sophie exclaims.

"Sit down, and I will tell you." Sophie stares at her friend for a while then went on to sit down.

Few minutes later, Sophie could be seen laughing her heart out on the expense of Michelle. "Wow, my friend is really crazy. How could you even take the


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