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Wilfred Bright

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Crazy Billionaire's Maid
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What happens when you slap a billionaire not accidentally but on purpose, you wanna know what happens. I will tell you what happens. Michelle Sylvester is the true definition of crazy, if you ever want to know what real craziness is then I had advised you, to go look for Michelle Sylvester. She is so crazy, she beat up her boss after getting fired. That's how crazy she is, but this time around Michelle ran out of luck when she slapped Xander Collins on purpose. I don't know if you get me so I'll repeat myself. Michelle Sylvester a crazy girl slaps billionaire Xander, billionaire Xander who is not to be messed with. Xander who's out to teach the crazy girl a lesson decides to make her his maid for a week. But wait on a serious note, how can you teach a crazy person a lesson? Actually, you can't do that. Xander Collins thought he had the game in his palm, and he controls the game. But what happens when a certain crazy girl he threatened to lock up in prison, agrees to his deal to be his maid for a week.


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