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Contract Marriage With Mr Billionaire

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Contract Marriage With Mr Billionaire Synopsis How would you react if you received a letter which says that your only family who is your grandma borrowed a huge amount of money to save your life and you have to repay the money. You tried finding more about the Letter and how to repay the money when you found out that the only way you can repay is having a contract marriage with a total stranger. “How about we make a deal?” “What deal?” “ You’ll have to sign a contract to be my wife for a year and I will give you anything you want.” “What if I refuse to sign it,” “What if I refuse to let you live also?” “It’s either you sign the deal or you loose your life.”

Paying Him A Visit

Contract Marriage With Mr Billionaire

**************Chapter 1**************

*******Paying Him A Visit*********

Elizabeth POV

I hummed to myself as i moved about the kitchen, preparing breakfast for myself and my papa.

I Inhaled the familiar scent of papa’s house as a small smile crept through my face.

I can’t believe I am finally at home with papa, I am so happy to be a graduate and I am so thankful to papa as well.

He made my dream of becoming an accountant come through.

I promise to pay him off his good deed, I just pray he live long to enjoy the seed he sow on me.

“I’ll make sure papa doesn’t regret training me.” I promised my self as a drop off tear fall off my eyes.

“Should I call this tears of joy?” I questioned myself as I wipe off the tear drop.

I waved that happiness aside as I focus on what I was doing.

I had already set the table and was now working on the final touches of the meal.

First, i cracked a few eggs into a bowl and whisked them with a fork until they were beaten. Then, i heated up a pan on the stove and added a little bit of butter.

As the butter melted, I poured the eggs into the pan and let them cook until they were set.

While the eggs were cooking, i prepared some toast and set out a jar of jam and a tub of butter.

I also brewed a pot of coffee and set out a couple of mugs.

“Papa prefer taking coffee instead of tea so the coffee will be for him.”

When everything was ready, I dished out the eggs into a plate and placed it on the table, along with the toast, jam, and butter.

I poured myself a cup of tea and poured papa a cup of coffee with his favorite mug.

“Thank you my pukito.” Papa appreciated me as he fondle my cheeks and I let out a smile.

I was arranging the meal in dinning table when i heard a knock on the door.

“Excuse me papa.” I said to him as I quickly wiped my hands on a towel and made my way to the front of the house.

When i opened the door, I saw that there was no one and I was confused.

“I thought someone knock on the door, why is no one standing on the door step?” I questioned my self with confused look on my face.

“Pukito, who is that?” Papa asked me from the dinning table.

“No one papa, I didn’t see anybody.” I replied him still in a confused state.

“How could someone knock on the door and run away, don’t tell me this neighborhood is hunted by ghost..” I wondered aloud.

I was still looking around when my eyes dilated across a small box on the door step.

I guess this was the reason, why I couldn’t notice that there was a box on the doorstep earlier.

I looked at the box to be sure if it belong to our apartment.

Something was written on the box, I looked at it and noticed grand pa name was written on it.

“This is definitely for us.” I said as I picked up the box and went inside.

I didn’t bother dropping the box on the sitting room, I took the box with me to the dinning room to show grand pa.

“Papa, I saw a box on the doorstep and your name was written on it.” I announced as I pointed the box to him.

“Why don’t you help me open it?” He pleaded with a question and I nodded my head.

I dropped the box on the table and I tried to open but it refuses to open.

I tried to open it again but it was to no avail.

“Since I can’t open it with my hands then I’ll have to try it with a knife.” I mumbled to myself as I went to the kitchen to get a knife.

After collecting the knife, I tried using it to open the box and it works.

I opened it and saw that the box was empty, what is happening?

“Why is it empty?.,” I Questioned myself confusedly as I noticed a small envelop sited on the side of the box.

I took it and tear the opening and I saw a tiny paper.

“I think this is a letter grams.” I said to grams as I took it and showed the tiny paper to papa.

“Read it aloud.” He instructed and I nodded my head.

I opened the paper and saw that it was really a letter.

“The topic of the letter states that the letter is about an unsettled debt.” I whispered to him with a confused face.

“Dear Amoli Ryan, you have just one week to settle your debt or you’ll pay with your life and that of your Grand Daughter.”

“You need to come to my office as soon as possible or you’ll have yourself to be blamed.

“Your worst nightmare, LOD Enterprises.” I read aloud with fear.

“Grams!!, who the hell is that and since when did you start owing debts?” I asked him.

“It wasn’t my aim to borrow the money but I have no option than to borrow it.” He explained to me with a sad look.

“What was the reason you borrow the money?” I threw another question.

“When you and you parents had an accident, the doctor requested for a huge amount of money for the operation and I have nothing with me.

“So I have no other option than to take a loan but it seems luck was not on my side as you were the only one that survive the operation.”

“Your parents didn’t survive.” He explained to me and tears dropped off my face.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the debt earlier?”

“I don’t want you to think about the debt and think about your studies also, you were too young for that..” he answered with a sadness written on his face.

“Do you have any way that you’ll use to pay the debt?” I threw him another question and he shook his head.

“I don’t have any way but I have hope that there is going to be a way out of this” He uttered.

“You don’t have to be sad, I am going to look for a way” I encouraged him.

“What way sweetie?, even if you look for a job, you still wouldn’t get the money to pay the debt.

“Even if we got sold, the money still wouldn’t be enough to pay for the debt.” He confessed.

“I am going to pay the CEO of the LOD enterprises a visit, there must be a way out of this.”


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