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Cinderella Man Fredrick's CEO Encounter

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"How can you lie to your wife? For what? Revenge? You have changed!" "For being a man! Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you!" Cinderella Man Fredrick wasn't the billionaire CEO until he found his real father...Fredrick, as the live-in-son in-law of the Brown family, didn't mean to hide his identity without the humiliation of Rose's family. As Rose's husband, Fred has to disguise as a poor guy to take revenge for her sufferings. Rose was born into an affluent family and she went against all the wishes of others to marry her school lover Fred. The romantic love story between Fred and Rose is problematic in reality. How would Rose choose after knowing the truth behind the scene? What if Fred has a secret lover to support him when he is losing faith to fight back? Eventually, self-dignity plays a role in this life game.


The Browns were a very elite and affluent family. They had everything - from fame to prosperity to heirs that would carry on their legacy, including Fredrick Warren. Fredrick Warren was the live-in son-in-law of the Brown family. He had fallen in love and gotten married to Rose Brown, the granddaughter of Mark Brown – the man behind the success of The Verizon Company.

Mark had not only founded Verizon, but had also made it one of the leading companies in the market. He was a proud man who could not bear to see his granddaughter marrying someone like Fred.

Fred was born and bred in a low class family which included only his mother and himself. He had lost his dad when he was 3 years old and that is all he knew. His mom refused to talk about him no matter how many times he asked. She had remarried a few years later to a man named Alex. Not only was he a substance abuser, he would also lose his temper frequently and take it out on him and his mother. Alex didn’t care for either of them and they had decided to cut all ties with him.

Fred found safety and love in Rose, whom he had met in high school. However, no one in the Brown family liked him or approved of their marriage, which resulted in all them turning bitter towards the couple.

Rose was not the only grandchild. She had two sisters – Britney and Kayla - and a brother – Mike – who was the future CEO of Verizon. They all looked down upon their sister and her husband. They saw him as worthless and useless and considered their sister a fool for marrying him. Rose’s siblings, along with her entire family, didn’t miss an opportunity to tell her and Fred the same, even if publicly. To them, they were nothing but a disgrace to the family.

One such time was the evening celebration of Mark’s 65th birthday party. With every family member present, he wanted to open the expensive gifts which were so generously given to him by his near and dear ones.

Among many others, he had received a beautiful golden watch from Kevin Brack, Kayla’s fiancé. He was a part of the Razaya Company, owned by his father and he was all set to take it over soon. Razaya had a well-established name in the market and was slowly catching up to Verizon financially.

“Mark, this luxury watch is made by love and designed as the unique one in this world to show the beauty of your power!” Kevin said.

“Oh, this is one of the most beautiful gifts ever!” Mark cried. “Thank you, son. Thank you!”

He had leaped forward and hugged Kevin, thumping him on the back gleefully. Kayla had given a snide look to Fred, who stood there in his battered clothes with empty hands.

Nobody was paying attention to him. Kayla wanted to change that. She had always been envious of Rose. For her, Rose was prettier, smarter and more talented than she could have ever been. And the fact that she didn’t realize it and practically threw it all away to be with someone like Fred angered her. She always looked for a way to show her anger.

“Where is your gift, Fredrick?” She said with a voice coated with sweetness but her eyes were filled with haughtiness. “Or yours, Rosey darling? Are you guys just coming here for a free dinner? Haha?”

Rose looked at her sister, wanting to say something just as rude in reply, but she kept quiet and shook her head, reaching for Fred’s hand.

Fred passed her a look and their eyes met, passing a silent agreement. He squeezed her hand gently and walked up to Mark with cautious steps.

“Hey, Mark,” he said slowly, so as to not alert him. “Happy birthday! I am so sorry to request from my parent’s side.”

The change in Mark’s expression from happiness to fury was instant. He glared at him, and put his glass of wine down.

“What do you want now?” he asked, his annoyance evident in his tone. “Letting you and your fool of a wife work at Verizon is more than enough I have done for you. You dare ask me for a favour!”

“Sir, please, sir.” Fred said, bowing his head. “It’s your birthday and – and I thought perhaps you could help out someone in need, do a good deed.”

“How can you ask me for something when you didn’t even get me a present,?”

Fred took a step back. “It’s my mother, sir.” He said, voice cracking. “She is the only family I have left and she is very sick. She needs an operation. It will cost thr- three million dollars but I don’t have that kind of money and nowhere else to go to.”

“You don’t have a place here to come to, either!” Britney shrieked. “ Rose! Fred! Get out here! You won’t get a single penny! We would rather throw the three million to feed the stray dogs! They might get trillions of canned dog food. Lol”

Rose’s tear filled eyes met her sister’s infuriated ones. Before she could retort, Fred was near her, holding her hand and pulling her out of the party.

“But Fred, what about mom?” She complained.

He didn’t respond or stop walking until they were far away from the Brown Mansion.

“We have done nothing wrong, love,” he said, holding her face. “We will find a way out but you don’t deserve to hear any of that. At least not because of me.”

“Fred Warren,” she said, the hint of a smile on her face, “I would cross the oceans and climb mountains for you. You are the kindest man I have ever met and there is not a single thing I wouldn’t do for you.”

Fred knew he was lucky to have someone like Rose with him. He was grateful for every moment that led up to the one when he met her and made her return his affections for her. He brought her into a hug, holding her for a few moments before they made their way home after which he went to visit his mother.

The hospital his mother was being treated at offered the best service at the cheapest price and knew their mother would be okay, if only they had the money.

Fred took a deep breath and made his way into the hospital through the glass doors. He walked to the front desk, intending to talk about delaying the payment. He was even ready to beg, if needed.

“Hello,” he greeted the nurse. “I wanted to ask about my mother Andrea Warren’s operation bill. We were wondering if the bill can be paid later”

“Oh!” The nurse interrupted cheerfully. “You don’t have to worry about the bill sir.” She said, “It was fully paid this evening.”

“I – I don’t understand, ma’am,” Fred said. “I wasn’t informed of such a thing prior neither do I know someone who would do this for us. Who was this kind person?”

“That is weird that you don’t know him,” the nurse remarked, looking at Fred. “Since he claimed to be your father.”


It was like the world had come crashing down on Fred. Everything that he had believed, all the half-truths his mother ever told him while he was growing up hit him like bricks.

“My what?” He croaked.

“Your father, Sir,” the nurse said. “In fact, he was waiting here until a while back but had to rush. He asked me to tell you -”

Before she could continue, Fred turned around and walked out the same glass doors he came in through. He couldn’t bear to listen to any more. His father was dead. Dead! Or so his mother had pretended.

He spent his entire life thinking that his father didn’t exist. The only father figure he ever knew was Alex but he also knew that he was not what fathers are supposed to be like. They are supposed to be caring, loving and gentle with their child. They are like their children’s first teachers and support them no matter what.

He didn’t have that. All he had were lies and now his father was back as if nothing had happened. What was he


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