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Chasing After Him

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His bride was snatched on the wedding day by her brother. But the wedding had to go on. "This wedding will take place. I will marry you," Rena said, staring into his dazzling depths. Rena Hamilton had no problem offering herself as a substitute bride to Adam Stevens, eligible bachelor and stunning billonaire. She'd been in love with him for years and opportunity merely presented itself in form of a missing bride. What Rena didn't bargain for, however, for the subtle, yet continuous pursuit of her husband and his non existent affection. She had loved him, cared for him and remained as subservient as a wife should be, but he didn't seem to care. And Rena got tired. She gave up. "Let's get divorced," she proposed. He arched a brow at her. "Why? What's wrong?" "You don't love me. This is a ruse, and I am tired of it." His gaze searched hers intently and her heart skipped several unhealthy beats as he said, "Then I will love you from tomorrow."

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

In midsummer July and at the Angelic church, surrounded by rose bushes, with a wide lawn behind it, a grand wedding ceremony was being hold.

White veils were hung on the columns, colorful balloons decorated the sky, and the golden sunshine lit painted the view with soft colors...

It was every woman's dream to get married in the Gothic Church.

Erina Bruce had already sat down, and the time was approaching, but the bride had disappeared.

In the dressing room before the show, the gorgeously dressed middle-aged woman tentatively asked: "Adam, do you know where she is?"

The man who was stopped sat in front of a vanity mirror with his eyes half closed, turning the silver ring on his index finger. The man was wearing a white suit with the word "Groom" written on a corsage on his chest.

His surname was Stevens, and his full name was Adam Stevens.

As the groom's official, he seemed to have nothing to do with the bride's running away, and he was not in a hurry. Facing his mother's question, he just responded lazily: "How would I know?"

She calmly approached and said: "I even suspect that it's a trick played by your partner. Mom knows you don't want to get married, but you have to take care of the overall situation. You should call Yulia Walker over quickly, and we can discuss it after the wedding."

Adam's voice was low: "Discussion? If I get married, there is nothing to discuss."

David Harris got up when he heard the words, as his face was angry and he said in a stern tone: "Today, the marriage will be done. If Yulia Walker is gone, just find any other woman. Got it!"

"Master..." sighed Adam.

David Harris left angrily, followed by Daniel Miller. When the door was pushed out, no one noticed the sneaky girl hiding behind the wall.

Adam sat alone in the chair beside him, only to clear his thoughts. This marriage was a farce, but he couldn't prevent it from coming, however he could decide how to end it.

Hearing the slight sound by the door, Adam didn't turn his head, but looked up in the mirror and saw that the door was pushed open a crack from the outside, and half of the girl's face was seen through the gap.

The girl's gaze just met him in the mirror, so she showed herself, smiled awkwardly "hehe", pushed the door open and walked into the room.

Adam turned the chair, crossed the pair of his long legs, and he looked at the girl lightly without any emotion in his eyes.

The girl pursed her lips to break the silence: "I heard it outside just now."

"Huh?" He sighed lightly, looking at her as if silently asking: So, what?

The girl took a deep breath, with a look of resignation, and said vigorously: "The wedding could continue, if I will marry you!"

Before Adam could answer, the girl introduced herself: "My name is Rena Hamilton, a poet of the court’s poetry. I can sing and write poets, have no bad habits, know five languages, understand nine dialects, and can cook some food. I am also very hot and cute."

Adam was stunned, stared at the girl for a few seconds, and asked: "Are you high school student?"

Rena frowned, stretched out her hand and said: "I am a sophomore!"

"Are you only twenty?" asked Adam.

The girl retorted dissatisfiedly: "I am not too young!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Adam's gaze moved down to her chest: "It's not too big."

Rena blushed, subconsciously puffed out her chest, and then thought in her heart that the man she had always loved on was such a person!

"Why are you in such a hurry to get married when you're only twenty?" asked Adam.

Rena hesitated and explained: "My family is urging my marriage! They want to marry me to a bad old man! Then I might as well marry you, at least... at least you look like me, pretty handsome! And you’re young too…"

Adam laughed, only to feel that Rena's face had turned redder.

Rena seemed afraid of missing this rare opportunity, afraid that Adam would not agree, and hurriedly said: "Anyway, you don't want to get married, and I don't want to, let's do each other a favor, and I won't disturb your life after marriage. I am very independent and not clingy, and I will not divide your property, if you are worried, we can make papers now!"

Adam did not answer, took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket, dialed the phone and went to the window.

Rena didn't know what he meant, did he accept it or not? Then, she looked down at her breasts, did she dislike her small breasts?

When she rushed over to fight for herself again, Adam hung up the phone.

When he turned his head and saw her standing behind him, Adam was stunned for a moment, and then ordered: "You should wait here, the stylist will come over in a while."

Rena was stunned: "Eh?"

Adam raised his hand to look at his watch and said: "You still have half an hour.” Then, he went straight out.

Rena stood in the dressing room in a daze, belatedly realizing that her "marriage proposal" was successful!

She slapped on her face, and the pain was very clear. She really was not dreaming.

In the morning, she accidentally learned from her parents that the male god she had been secretly in love with for many years and hadn't had time to chase after her got married today. So, she prayed tearfully that fate might bring them together…

After the make-up team arrived, Rena only made one request: "Please tighten the skirt a little bit, so that I can look particularly professional."

The wedding dress was a one-shoulder style with faintly bare shoulders and delicate with a little push up bra.

When Adam turned back again, seeing Rena who was well-dressed, a look of amazement flashed silently in his eyes and a heart beat skipped hastily.

"Let's go." Adam ordered concisely.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

When Adam turned back again, seeing Rena who was well-dressed, a look of amazement flashed silently in his eyes and a heart beat skipped hastily.

"Let's go." Adam ordered concisely.

Rena glanced at his bent arms, and put her hands on his with a smile.

When she followed him and appeared in the sight of everyone, she was excited, nervous, and embarrassed... She didn't know how to describe this crazy feeling.

Her mind was blank, she couldn't hear the noisy discussions around her, and she didn't dare to look in the direction where her parents were. She just looked ahead and followed Adam to the oath platform along the road paved with rose petals.

Rena didn't know what kind of consequences such an impulse would bring, she only knew that when she said "I am willing", she got her wish and married the man she loved.

She did not want to think a lot about them, she only wished that


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