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  • Author: Abeille
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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When Rose Stewart was printing the land contract she had easily won, her cell phone rang. She quickly rushed to her desk and looked at the bold word “Darling” on the caller ID, and her heart missed a beat. She hadn't received a call from him in three years. She could feel it was a rarity as her heart drummed against her chest. When she saw the name, she took a deep breath and answered with a shallow voice: “hello”, and paused. The reason was that she could not guess why Ivan Smith would call her number. He had never done it before, and she would not expect that he might. “I’m back.” The phone caller replied with the gentle laughter of a woman. The sudden female voice made the blood on Rose’s face boil and burn her skin, and she tightened the hand holding the phone and gripped it violently. She had only just received the news that Dahlia Brown had returned home, however, that woman had already gotten together with him! How did she get his phone?? Rose impersonated not to hear who was talking, and asked, “Who are you?? Using my husband’s phone to call me, are you trying to steal my husband from me and become the mistress?” “Rose Stewart, you’re the f*ck*ng mistress!! You’re the mistress who intervened between me and darling Ivan! If I hadn't left, how could your position be yours? I was fated to become Mrs. Smith!! You stole everything from me!!” “So, it’s Miss Dahlia Brown!! You are such a shrew. No wonder my husband married me seamlessly after you left.” Rose was deliberately testing Ivan when she answered that call to discover whether he was on her side. Just thinking about him betraying her, her heart would ache so much that she couldn’t breathe. In fact, she already had a definite answer in her heart. Because Ivan’s phone was triple encrypted, no one could open it except himself! Dahlia Brown wasn’t a mindless moron. She wouldn't say she called behind Ivan. She acted gracefully and said, “Ivan, honey, you said you would divorce Rose as soon as I came back, and now that I’m back, are your words still valid?” Soon, Ivan’s low voice reached Rose’s ears. “Of course!” Rose’s breath tethered and her head throbbed, as she wasn’t really expecting Dahlia’s call to be performed in front of Ivan. However, she had underestimated. He had really hated her.


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