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" I love you, I don't know what you think about me sir, Maybe I'm not your kind of girl, or maybe am not as classic as you want your woman to be, it's the way i feel for you, I thought coming to tell you how I felt would ease the pain in my heart" I added All the while I was talking, my face was bent down, I could barely stare at him eyeball to eyeball, I thought I was bold enough to do this but I realize I was extremely shy and shaky, I looked up to him to see his reaction, but there was nothing from him, no reaction, no yells, just a really weird smirk on one side of his cheek, he stared at me for some minute and the finally the only word that came out of his mouth was capable of bringing the most courageous person down to thier feet "Leave my office, you are not my type and you never will be" he said

Chapter 1

Waking up really early on a Monday morning should be one of the hardest things ever. Especially after a long weekend outing with friends. My alarm rang at 6:00am, reverberating over and over again, till I struggled to put it off. I was super excited Because it was my first day at work and I had to show signs of punctuality. I got off the bed, opened my window to view the brightness of the day. "How amazing it is," I thought to myself. I got into the bathroom, switched on the shower while I took my bath, I made sure I scrubbed the stink and smells that came out of last night's party.

I finally got dressed in office wear. It was a black well ironed skirt short which was a little above my knee. I put on my White shirt and tucked it into the black skirt just to make it look moderate. I looked at myself in the mirror, picked up my hair brush, combed and packed my hair in a ponytail style. It was almost 7:00 am, for a company that begins work by 8:00 am, I had to get going. I grabbed my suit jacket, and my pause, put on my average heeled shoe, and ran out of my room, only for me to find Liam, crashed on the couch, still snoring heavily. I didn't bother waking him up cause I could swear he was tired.

Liam Hansen is my best friend. We have known each other for like forever. We grew up together in the same street, went to the same high school and college, we have always been there for each other, so he's more like a big brother to me Because he's 2 years older than me. He's really cute, tall, eyeballs are extremely black and shiny. He's more than the friend I could ever ask for. I stood there watching him sleep and hoping that one day, he would get a job just like I did. I covered him up properly, and left for work

My name is Sophia Harper, and this is the story of my love life. I grew up being the only child of my parents, no siblings, just me, my mom and my dad. Imagine how bored I would have felt not having anyone to exchange words with. Although I was born with a silver spoon, at some point the spoon broke. It sounds funny but it's true, my parents' business began to fold just before I could get into college. It was extremely hard for them and I understood, so I tried to help out. This hard time that my father faced led to his death. I was devastated, my mum cried for months. I felt bad for her. Ever since then, I vowed never to make my mum feel the presence of her husband. I worked harder, doubled my hustle, I gave her whatever she asked for, I called her almost all the time and we gossiped about everything.

I finally got to the company, "Goodlife Paragon" , which is really big and at the same time demanding. I saw hell while trying to get a job here, I almost lost hope of working here till I got a call, it felt like a dream. I screamed for joy with the top of my voice, little did I know that I was coming to sign a death warrant as the secretary to the CEO.

As I got inside, All eyes were stuck on me, different faces, different colors, I paused for a little while, staring back at everyone, fear filled my skin, the offices were large, I kept my face straight and my shoulder high, I walked slowly down to God knows where, until I was finally directed by a young man whose name is James.

"Are you new?" He asked. I nodded my head in agreement, while he directed me to the office of the CEO. I knocked, and got into the office. A young man sat down facing the window, I couldn't see his face, but there was a glass of wine in his right hand. I gazed strongly at the beautiful designs and portraits hanging on the wall. Really expensive artifact was kept sideways by the door of the office, while I was still staring at them. A really thick and manly voice aroused. I got frightened, but immediately comforted myself.

"Are you the new secretary?" The voice asked

I was opportuned to see the CEO, Such a charming young man, with curly hair and really blue eyes, although he was sitting on his chair, but he looked tall, he is exactly the kind of man I want for myself, I noticed his energetic stature like as though he visits the gym. He stared right at my face, waiting for an answer, I was lost trying to remember the question he asked, so dumbfounded that I couldn't even find the right word to ask again

"Are you the new secretary?" He asked again

"Yes sir, My name is Sophia, and you must be the CEO, Mason?" I have heard a lot about you

"Is that so, words get around so fast" he chuckled. Very well then, I'd ask my assistant to show you the road to your office, and you can come back when you are done with work, you'd be given a new apartment where you'd stay for a year, is that understood?" he said

I was shocked, "a new apartment?" Is it necessary? "I asked"

"It's our own little way of saying welcome," Mason said. "Mary, could you please show our new secretary to her office" Mason said

I stared at him for a while, until I followed his assistant Mary, I got to my office, it was close to the Mason's office, I noticed Mary has a really weird look on her face, she didn't say a word to me even while brought me here.

"Thank you" I said to her. Waiting to see if she would reply to me, rather she turned back to the and was about leaving. Order than the fact that she is really beautiful, s*xy, elegant, and her accent is undoubtedly classic, she also seem rude

"Words of advice newbie" Mary said, turning back to me "stay away from Mason, he is mine" she said, and finally left.

I didn't bother to give her threat a thought, I dropped my bag on the table, sat on the chair, and thoughts of how I was going to tell Liam that I will be leaving him filled my head. At that point, I became scared of going back home.

Chapter 2

After work that day, I was given the keys to my new apartment and was directed to the place. I got home and found Liam making dinner. He looked really happy and I didn't want to spoil his mood. I went upstairs immediately to pack few of my things, I didn't notice that Liam followed me up to my room and caught me packing my stuff

"What are you doing?" He asked, startling me, he was shocked, and I could understand he wasn't having it "what Is happening?" Liam asked again, he grabbed my arms, trying to make me stop and answer his question even while I tried ignoring him, I stared straight at him, I could swear there was pain in his heart

"I'm sorry I didn't want to tell you, the company is making me move into the apartment which they had provided for me" I finally let it out

"Is it necessary? Do you have to stay there" Liam asked

"The CEO made it compulsory, it's just for a year and I pro


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