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CEO'S Contract Wife

CEO'S Contract Wife

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Mabel Russet , an extremely beautiful, eloquent and hardworking lady, she had the perfect figure everyone envied. But her life was far from being perfect . The 21 year old talented chef was abandoned by her mother in an orphanage when she was younger. She struggles to fend for herself up until now. And then there's Dwayne Ford, 26 year old handsome, billionaire CEO of Ford establishment, an international skincare  company. He's ruthless , Arrogant and could get all he wants without stressing except one "A perfect wife" . He meets with Mabel in a not so good situation and things kick off from there. What happens when Dwayne's career goes down to ground zero and his first ever true love goes missing , can he bear his losses and move forward?! Would Dwayne and Mabel path ever cross again?! What exactly happened to Mabel? Join this story to find out!.


Mabel's POV

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Morning 7:30 am ...

"Layla doesn't sleep on me" I whined, tears falling from my eyes as I sat by Layla's bed.

I stared down at her face, her once-so-always-smiling face looked so pale, white, and lifeless.

Her lips were very red and breaking, it broke my heart to see her like this.

The doctor said she was just in an unconscious state but she looked like she no longer had life in her.

I couldn't even see a rise and fall in her chest. Tears dropped from my eyes and I wiped them immediately sniffing.

Layla has always been there for me, right from the orphanage until now. But right now I feel like I haven't been there for her enough.

I feel like I wasn't open enough for her to tell me what she was going through.

We have lived together for more than ten years now. How can I not know she had cancer?

Thinking about it now just makes me feel like a not-good-enough friend.

Two weeks ago she had an incident,  it was then I found out she had secretly been battling cancer and she needed a blood stem transplant.

I just came from the doctor's office and he told me the situation can still be helped.

We needed to perform the surgery as soon as possible and right now I'm down to zero Kobo.

I sighed and placed my head by the edge of her bed.

Where the hell am I to find a hundred thousand dollars? Even five years in advance of my salary at the coffee shop can't even pay close to half of the medical bills.

I stood up and began to pace the room.

Can I ask my boss to lend me the money?!, If he lends me the money I'll probably work for him till the end of my life.

Is that practical?!, I walked to the window and folded my hands as I stared out at the busy road.

I heaved a deep sigh and wrapped my hands around my bosom.

My shift starts by nine this morning, I would still talk to my boss anyway, at least something good should come out of it.

Even if it's a down payment for the surgery to commence at least.

I walked back to Layla's bed,   picked up my bag, placed a kiss on her forehead, and walked slowly out of her room.

If I eventually succeed in getting a loan from my boss, I should consider taking up other side jobs.

Immediately I got outside the hospital, I flagged down a taxi and got into it.

"Luigi's," I said to the cab man, he nodded and began to drive.

I was so deep in thought on our way there and the next thing I heard was a loud banging sound.

My head slammed on the window where I was resting. What a painful way to bring me out of my deep thoughts.

The sudden pain in my head coupled with the frustration of Layla's situation stirred a certain kind of anger in me.

"Stop the car" I growled at the cab driver.

"It's okay Ma'am let's just go, he looks rich we won't stand a chance"

"I said stop! the! Car!" I growled.

Immediately he stopped. I came down and walked angrily over to the guy.

Immediately I got to the front of his car, I hit his car angrily.

"Did you leave your eyes at home huh" I yelled?

"Or what sort of driving school did you attend" 

The glass of the car was tinted and I really couldn't see the person in the car.

I still stood akimbo in front of his car.

"Ma'am, let's just go," the cab driver said, stepping out of the car.

"No !!" I replied obstinately, 

"I demand that this asshole apologize or better still pay for the damages" I yelled.

It wasn't a busy road, at the moment there wasn't anyone on the road apart from the both of us, so I'm wondering why he had to bump into us so hard.

As the cab driver was about to say something, the door of the driver seat went open and the first thing that caught my eye was the neatly polished shiny shoe that had just stepped out.

I heard the door slam shut and I looked up at the figure that had just stepped out slowly.

Immediately my eyes got to his face, my jaws involuntarily dropped open and I lost my voice immediately.

He seemed like he was molded from another cast, as he his beauty looked like one I had never seen!

His blonde hair dropped to his face, he looked dangerously handsome.

His almost clenched jawline and broad shoulders screamed strength and I couldn't deal with staring at him for a long time.

I tilted my head to the side and blinked slowly, handsome is in every way an understatement, and cannot encapsulate the extent of this guy's gorgeousness.

"Who is this crazy woman?!"  I heard him say and I blinked my eyes immediately.

"Excuse you?!!" I replied immediately, my voice coming out hoarse.

Dang, it!!.

I cleared my throat and took my fearless pose again.

"Why the hell are you making noise here" he repeated and I moved closer to him.

"How dare you insinuate I'm a nuisance?!"

"Well clearly you are" he retorted.

"You son of a .." I growled as I restricted myself from completing the sentence.

He looked at me from head to toe and rolled his eyes and at that moment I felt really small.

He turned to the cab driver.

"Hey old man, if she's your daughter"

"Get her the hell out of here before I lose my temper," he said.

"Oh really ?!" I growled, moving intimidatingly close to him.

No one can dare make me feel less of myself. Never!.

"We were the one hit and you're the one losing temper?! " I yelled in his face.

"Ma'am please let's just go already," the cab driver said.

"No wait!"

"Let me drive some senses into this just privileged rich man kid!!" I yelled.

"I'm sure if you worked for this money yourself along the line you should have learnt humility" 

"You're squandering your father's money, that's why you have no regard for the struggling masses" I yelled.

He scoffed and sneered looking at me with so much contempt as he turned to walk into his car.

I reached for his shirt and pulled him back.

He turned to me, his eyes bloodshot red and I involuntarily flinched and let go of his shirt.

I demand an Apology

Mabel's POV

He turned to me, his eyes bloodshot red and I involuntarily flinched and let go of his shirt.

"How dare you touch me with your filthy hands" he thundered as he moved closer to me.

"Have you gone completely out of your mind?" he added as he held my arm tightly, pushed me away roughly and walked to his car again.

"Don't you even dare " I growled and he stopped midway?

"What's that?!"

"What do you think you were about to do?!"

"You wouldn't even dare" I scoffed and his hands dropped slowly.

I saw the look of defeat cross his face but it disappeared as soon as it came.

"I demand an apology right now!" I said.

"You're clearly out of your mind" he replied.

I looked down at my wristwatch, it read quarter after Eight o'clock, I still have about one hour and even if I get to work late I don't mind payi


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