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Evelyn will never believe that her fellow female colleagues will ever lust after the new CEO. it is all dumb or really crazy because the guy they are lusting after is so rude. She hates him. Jayden comes to take over his family company and had never hated a lady as he does for Evelyn. She even has the gut to slap him. Both will do everything to frustrate the other. The boss and Secretary. But they come to a stage that is frustrated by something else. Evelyn with her parents, Jayden with his childhood friend. How will he even believe that his aunt has married him off to her because she never loves the girl his parent wants him to marry? How will they get to admit that they love each other? But Evelyn has a boyfriend. How will Jayden win her heart? When his childhood friend insists that she must have him or nobody will. Read as many enemies keep approaching. But it is only love that can keep them stronger. Rate, add to the library, and comment.

What's going on?

Evelyn POV

The sound of my blaring alarm jolted me out of my deep slumber and tilted deeply into my ears and I had no chance but to groan angrily as I pulled the duvet over my face. For heaven's sake, can't I have a good sleep, even for once?

The more annoying thing was that I would have a pile of files on my desk. Heaven knows that I would've quit this d*mn job, if not that I don't like staying at home, doing anything.

My alarm kept blaring, and I yanked the duvet off my face, and sat up on my bed, before reaching out to it. Rolling my eyes, I blinked tiredly. I yawned, and stretched my hands above my head, then swung my legs down the bed.

To say I was tired was an understatement. I was f*ck*ng tired. I got on my feet and dragged myself sluggishly toward the bathroom.

To be honest, I wished I could return to bed.

'For goodness sake, can't I lay on that bed, and spend some hours sleeping? I'm going to quit this job, on a serious note, I love my sleep so much, to think of sacrificing it for anything, not even for a job, earning me billions of dollars.' I mumbled inwardly

"Stop lying, Eve." My subconscious mind snapped at me, and I rolled my eyes before I lazily turned on the shower,

I felt so refreshed as I let the water touch my body.

After a few minutes, I was done taking my bath. As I stepped into my bedroom with the towel tied around my bust, I tilted my head to check the time, I almost jumped out of my skin, as I was met with the shock of my life. It was already almost 8:30 am, and the time I was supposed to be at the office was 7 am. Oh d*mn! I was so screwed up. I heard a new CEO would be taking over the company, and he would be introduced. He was termed arrogant, pompous, and a jerk. The worst I hated in a man. I just hope he shouldn't try messing with me, coz he wouldn't like what will happen.

In almost an hour, I was all dressed up for work, and I glanced at my reflection in the mirror once more time, loving the professional image of myself. Dressing in a lemon lady's pants and a silver office jacket, a silver pair of shoes, and a bag. I kept on staring without any thought in my mind but only a smile crept on my face.

My face bloomed in a smile, forgetting the past of time. The moment I remembered, I quickly stormed out of my room, not without picking up my car keys from the side stool.

I was Evelyn Jones, a twenty-three years old working class lady. My parents resided in Paris for now, for some business project, and I was here all alone with my nanny, Madam Cleopatra. I was used to it though, not that they ever cared about me. All my life, I was used to being alone, all they cared about was their business, so I accepted my fate long ago.

I worked as an accountant at Turner enterprise, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Oklahoma City. I have a boyfriend, his name was Raymond Jared, a young business tycoon, who had a passion for traveling around the world. For some business projects, we rarely talk, because we were both always busy, but our love was strong.

Climbing down the grand staircase, the aroma coming from the kitchen filled my nostrils, and I bet that I must have a taste of that delicious food before going to work. If there is anything I don't joke with, it will be food. I wouldn't leave home without eating, I loved food more than life itself.

"Good morning, nanny Cleo." I greeted her as I walked into the kitchen, I met her stirring the stew, with her apron on.

"Good morning dear, did you sleep well?" She glanced at me with a smile on her face, before turning her attention to what she was doing again.

"Yes I did, what are we having for breakfast, please?" I asked, leaning against the counter, forgetting that I was already late for work.

"I packed some food for you. You're already late for work, so you should take it with you." She said, reaching out to the food flask, which was next to her, she handed it out to me.

"Awww! Thank you, you're always the best." I squeaked excitedly, as I took the food flask from her, and pecked her hair, while she chuckled softly.

"Alright, see you later," I said, then stormed out of the kitchen, rushing straight to the exit door.

Soon, I was already at the parking lot, and without wasting much time, I hopped in one of my cars, turned on the ignition, then drove out of the compound.

After driving for almost a few minutes, I almost screamed my lungs out, as I was welcomed by tons of cars in a queue. D*mn it! There was a traffic queue.

"Oh not now!" I whined angrily, as I glanced at my wristwatch, which keeps ticking.

Letting out a sigh, I honked loudly, but the male voice from the car next to mine pulled my attention.

"Hey, miss, can you please be calm, huh? Don't blow off my eardrums, please." He rolled his eyes at me.

"D*mn you, man! You have no right whatsoever to tell me that, so go to hell." I yelled at him and pressed the honk again. More aggressively.

"Can you move your cars out of the d*mn way? I'm running late for work!" I stuck out my neck through the window, and yelled, while everyone stared at me from their cars like I was acting in a drama.

The traffic jam was finally resolved after a few minutes, as everyone drove away. I spent a few more minutes driving before I finally got to the company, and I drove in.

Parking neatly at the garage, I alighted, and the cat walked to the entrance door, not minding the fact that I was actually late for work, and should be scared of getting sacked. Not that I care though.

Stepping into the building, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets, at the sight I behold. What the hell is going on here?

She looked familiar

Jayden POV

Stepping out of the bathroom, with a towel, hanging dangerously around my waist, my body dripping wet, I walked over to the dresser and leaned in on the chair. I stared at my good-looking reflection. What more can I possibly ask for? I mean, look at me, I have the most handsome face ever, the most perfect body shape, perfect voice, everything about me was so perfect, and I have many ladies on my lists, both young and old, tripping for me, but heck! I don't give a damn about them, I'm not a flirt, so I don't give them attention.

After I was done drooling at my own image, I chuckled softly, before walking over to my cabinet and picking out my office clothes, which were a set of black suits, and a pair of black shoes.

An hour later, I was finally done dressing up, and by the time I glanced at the wall clock, I was wowed by the time. I'm already three hours late, not that I care though.

Taking one last glance at my reflection, I fin


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