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Caught in the revenge of a millionaire

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A single night was enough to meet him and fall in love with him, a single night was enough for him to ruin her life. In one of her nights out, Clara Isabel meets the guy she has always dreamed of sharing her life with. José Luis has been wanting to get close to her for several months, and at a party he is presented with the opportunity to do so. He pretends to love her, and she feels love for him believing that what he shows is true. Until one day they get married, and that is when she learns her husband's true intentions and begins to suffer as she realizes that for him, she is only part of a revenge in which she will be trapped. What happens when you find yourself alone, pregnant and without a job that can help support the son of a millionaire?

Chapter 1

- You're a sl*t who goes around screwing everything that crosses your path! Have you no shame for yourself? -The man snarled, no matter how painful his words were.

-What are you talking about, José Luis? -I only have you.

-Ha, ha, ha, ha, I will make you pay for your deceit, besides the fact that your family murdered my parents, you dare to disrespect me by sleeping with another man while you are my wife. What a nerve, but from this day on you will know who I am and you will have to pay dearly for all that you owe me.


- Clara Isabel Mejía, I order you to get up from that d*mn bed right now. You've been mourning that idiot Francisco for a whole week now, it's time for you to get your life back on track and go back to being the girl who smiled at everything. - Her friend angrily complains to her.

Francisco is Clara Isabel's boyfriend, well, until this week he was, because now he is not anymore. Now they are just two strangers, because they don't even speak to each other, since their relationship didn't end well.

- You're right, my friend, there's no point in shedding another tear for that b*st*rd ex of mine. -Clara acknowledged.

And yes, he is a complete b*st*rd, because he was unfaithful with her cousin when they were still dating. Yes, just as I tell you, with her own cousin she found him having s*x on the sofa in the apartment they shared.

- That's the attitude my friend, make yourself beautiful, in a few minutes we will pick you up, my brother and me. -Celebrated her friend with excitement.

- Where are we going today? -Clara Isabel asked.

- To my brother's girlfriend's house, her older sister has a birthday and her parents are traveling, so they will have a party, and she said that she wants to see us there and that we can help her to take care of my brother so that no cat in heat gets close to him.


José Luis is in his office where until a few moments ago he had a visit from the State Attorney's Office, since a few days ago they reported an employee for robbery and they are looking for him to tell them what I want them to do with the boy.

- Hey, brother, today there will be a party at my sister's friend's house and she sent us to tell us that we are also invited. You know that we are the ones who spice up the parties. -He has been her friend since childhood and now that they are adults they are still best friends.

- No, my brother, you know very well that on this date is the anniversary of my parents' death and I don't like to go to parties because it seems to me that I am happy for their death. -Since his parents passed away, José Luis does not like to have fun on this date.

- Oh José Luis, you're always so boring! Look, it's not that I'm a bad friend or that I don't feel sorry for your parents' death, but I think it's about time you let them rest in peace. It's been several years since that event and you're still locked in your grief. I swear that your parents would be happy to see you enjoying life.

But no, all you do is f*ck every woman who passes in front of you and then discard them like simple trash. -Young Alberto scolds him in desperation, getting up from the chair where he was sitting a moment ago and doing so in indignation.

- You do the same with women, Alberto. So don't come to me complaining or lecturing me about it. -José Luis answers him, smiling in his defense, although he knows he is absolutely right to lecture him that way, but after all, he just wants to annoy him.

- Well, I accept it, I'm like that too. But you see, at least I made you smile, come on, cheer up.

- And what do you want me to do if I don't feel like going. -He replies, pretending to be angry with him.

- Come on, man, I imagine that there will be some of the little brunettes that we love. -He commented with a mischievous smile. -And then he feels like going, because José Luis, when they talk about women, is the first one in line to get in.

-That's my soul mate. -Alberto comments, patting him on the back.

They arrive at the party and everything looks great, there are lots of girls, but so far none of them catches his attention. His friend seems to be equally bored because he hasn't gone out to dance with any of the girls at the party and he's still sitting there, accompanying him to have a drink at the improvised bar.

- Hey, José Luis! I think it would have been better if we had stayed at home and slept, this party is as boring as it gets. -complains Alberto, already half drunk and who apparently now regrets having come.

- If you want, let's go, we are not doing anything here. -José Luis proposed.

- Yes, we'd better.

- Oh, no!" exclaimed young Alberto excitedly.

- What's going on?

- Wait José Luis, look at the delicious chocolates that are coming into the party, I think I'd better stay, you go by yourself if you want, because my fun has already arrived.

José Luis turned to look at the famous beauties he mentions, he was stunned to see who they are coming. One of them is none other than the girl he has wanted so much to have around to make her fall in love and this is the perfect opportunity to try and hopefully succeed.

- Hi girls, can we join you? -Alberto speaks to them flirtatiously when they approached them with the intention of having fun during the night.

- Hello, couple of handsome guys. -The girl that José Luis has had his eye on, replied, "We've been looking forward to meeting you.

- Thanks, but we don't need your company. The girl who is his target spoke, and at that moment he thought he had missed the long-awaited opportunity to approach her.

Chapter 2

Before the boys gave up and opted to retire, they heard the best answer of the night. - Of course you may join us gentlemen. -The first girl said again, while the other girl looked at her with a murderous look, but her friend paid no attention and immediately took Alberto by the hand and pulled him to the dance floor, while José Luis stood in front of the shy girl.

- Shall we dance? He asked her, a little afraid that she would say no and leave him in total embarrassment.

- Sure, why not, if I came here to have fun. -she said with a smile.

- My mother, but this woman smiles so beautifully that even I was infected by it. -He thought in his mind. -He took her by the hand and they went to the dance floor to move the skeleton for a while.

- What is your name? -The handsome man wanted to know, getting close to her ear when they had been dancing to a catchy song for a while.

- My name is Clara Isabel.

- Wow, what a beautiful name, just like the one who c


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