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Caught Between Two Brothers

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"Do you like it when I'm deep inside of you?" He whispered into my ear and my body shivered. "Yes, please. Don't stop, please don't stop..." I managed. He put both hands on my neck and started to choke me as he f*ck*d me even faster, his entire length filling me up. *** Having s*x with one... no, two of your stepbrothers is just about the most forbidden thing ever. Serena just received the biggest shock of her life- her mother is engaged to be married to Dan Lodge, the father of her ex-boyfriend Cameron. To make matters even more complicated, Dan Lodge has twin sons- Her ex, Cameron, and his brother Kaden. While Cameron is familiar, Serena is intrigued by the mysterious Kaden. With the wedding fast approaching, Serena lives under the same roof as the twin brothers. As a criminal defense lawyer, Serena is supposed to defend one brother against the other, but her feelings are spiraling out of control. She can't choose between the two brothers, and they're not making it any easier for her. The tension between them is off-the-charts, and it's driving her insane. CAUTION: This steamy novel is strictly for adult eyes only! Enjoy, but be warned, the heat will leave you breathless.

Chapter 1 Marriage?


There I was, thinking my first blind date ever was perfect. My date for the evening, John was smiling sweetly at me and then his eyes suddenly widened with panic. He leaned in, whispering urgently, "Serena, duck under the table! Quick!"

Confused and alarmed, I stammered, "What? Why? What's happening?"

Before he could respond, a woman stormed into the restaurant and scanned the place.

In an instant, he confessed in hushed tones, "That's my crazy ex-wife. We're going through a messy divorce. Please, just duck under the table. I don't want her to see us together. She can't see me here!"

Way to go, John Cena.

To say I was shocked was an understatement because for the past thirty minutes we had been sharing laughs and talking about our interests and life, he didn't think it was necessary for him to give me such a vital information?

Ain't no way in hell was I allowing that fire breathing dragon to come have my head. I spied her coming closer from the corner of my eye and she was headed to our table.

"No way, " I declared, a little horrified as I stared at him."You've had ample time to mention this, and you chose now? I'm not going to be part of this mess."

As the angry ex-wife closed in, I swiftly grabbed my bag, rose from my chair, and shot a stern glance at John."Deal with your own issues, John. I'm out of here."

But then I felt a tug at my hair from the back and I almost lost my balance.

I spun around to see the woman staring daggers at me and John who was unsuccessful at hiding under the table.

"Did you just pull my hair?" I asked.

"You're the whore he has been screwing throughout our marriage?"

"Uh excuse me, " I said, mortified."I met your partner for the first time thirty minutes ago. Your focus should be on him. Now, if you would excuse me, I have somewhere to be."

A few people were staring at our direction by now. As I started walking away, I heard her scream at him, "If you think you can escape paying alimony, think again you bastard!"

Getting into my car, I escaped the brewing drama and found my way to my best friend, Katy's house. She had been the one to set me up with the guy in the first place. She opened up the door, dressed in syrup stained grey sweats and her black wavy hair that fell across her shoulders was a little dishelved.

"You have a lot to answer for, " I frowned and pushed past her into the house. Then I narrated my ordeal.

Katy, wide-eyed, exclaimed, "I had no idea, Serena! I swear, I thought he was genuinely a nice guy. I would never set you up with a married man intentionally."

Sighing, I sank into the couch and said, "Katy, I appreciate the effort, but maybe my love life doesn't need your intervention right now. I'm perfectly fine on my own, busy with work and not looking for unnecessary complications."

Katy rolled her eyes playfully."Come on, Serena! You've been buried in legal briefs and courtrooms for too long. Sometimes, you need a little nudge into the world of romance and fun."

"Well, that nudge turned out to be a shove into a soap opera. I think I'll stick to my busy, drama-free life, thank you very much."

"Come on, Serena, don't tell me you didn't enjoy the drama. Blind dates are supposed to be exciting." She giggled and clapped her hands.

I shot her a stern look, "Katy, that was no excitement and I am officially declaring a blind date ban on my love life. No more setups, please."

She was pouting when she said, "Alright, alright. But you can't deny it's been a while since your ex boyfriend, Cameron. It's been a year, Serena. You need to get laid. You are practically celibate."

A small smile tugged at my lips."I am celibate and I'm perfectly happy that way. I don't need the complications of dating. My work keeps me busy, and I'm content with the peace that comes with being single."

"You are twenty six years old Serena!" She grabbed my shoulders and shook them slightly."Aren't you supposed to be in crazy in love, having fun, lots of sex or even making a baby?"

I laughed."Let me tell you something best friend, being a criminal defense lawyer is quite fun."

"Are you serious?" She looked at me incredulously."Tell me, 'My Lord, If I may, ' is better than saying 'Oh yes daddy?'. You've become very boring, " she gave an eye roll.

I snorted a laughter and pushed her hands off my shoulders."Were you saying that minutes ago? Is that why your hair is dishelved and this place is a little messy?" I wiggled my eyebrows at her with a teasing smile.

"Shut up, " she giggled."I swear I wasn't having sex before you came in." A little pause and then, "Okay maybe I was, but he left about twenty minutes ago."

"Ha! I knew it!"

Still giggling, Katy stood up and offered to get us some drinks from the fridge. As I turned on my phone, a voicemail notification caught my attention. It was from my mom.

"Hi, Serena! It's Mom. I have some exciting news. I'm getting married! Can you believe it? Come over for a few days; I need your help with the wedding plans. Love you!"

I replayed the message, my mind struggling to comprehend what the hell I had just heard. My mom, getting married? I called her immediately, needing an explanation.

"Serena, darling! I'm so glad you called. I've missed you, " her voice exuded happiness.

"I've missed you too Mom, but marriage? What happened? And who's the lucky guy?"

Chapter 2 My Ex, My Client


She laughed joyfully, "Oh, it's a wonderful man. I'll explain everything when you get here. I'll text you the address. Can you make it?"

Still in a daze, I replied, "Sure, Mom. I'll be there in a few days. Let me pack my things."

"No baby, can you come today if possible? I know it's impromptu but please? There is a lot to do and I need you around."

"Oh okay, fine. I'll be there in two hours."

As I hung up, Katy re-entered the living room with a bottle of Cadila, my favorite creamy drink and two glass cups.

"Sorry Kats, but I can't stay. Mom just told me she is getting married."

She blinked in surprise."For real dude! Omg, your mom is such a lucky woman"

"Yeah, except she didn't ever tell me she was dating anyone. I gotta go, I'd let you know what happens later."

After a brief hug, I dashed out of her house and made my way to my own apartment. I hurriedly packed a few essentials into my small suitcase, wondering what


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