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Broken soul

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The novel includes a story that tells about the exploitation, which falls on the shoulders of a girl who lost her father, by her family, namely her mother, her uncle, and her cousin, who will marry Hathel at the request of his father, who covets her inheritance, which will conflict with her mother, and an epic quarrel breaks out between them, which will end Carrying out his desire, and marrying her to his son, who will be orphaned by her since his eyes fell on her, as he was not familiar with her, and he had not seen her at all at this age of twenty years, his attraction to her gradually turned into a love that was entrenched in his entire being.

Chapter 1

A scream with a very strong echo, spread throughout the house, as if the walls shook as a result, frightened the crowd of workers, when they listened to it, they immediately rushed towards the source of the sound, to check the matter, to find out the owner of that voice, the voice was for Astrid.

She was in her father’s room, since the beginning of his fatigue and his coma, to refuse at that time to enter the hospital, and asked the doctor who specialized in his condition to supervise his condition from home without transferring him to any hospital, no matter the cost, because of her great fear from a young age about the affairs of hospitals, and in order for her to On the other hand, stay close.

The screaming was increasing, and did not stop, accompanied by several nervous convulsions, with a complete refusal to distance her from her father's body, whose soul had just left his body through a heart attack.

Her mind was refusing to believe the truth of his death, she was screaming at everyone who approached her, pushing him from in front of her so as not to prevent her from embracing her father, and trying to wake him from his nap as she was convincing herself.

She collapsed, tried to evade, took off her body and evaded their grip on her, but the doctor hurried his step towards her, grabbed her arm tightly, and then injected her with a medical needle, which had a quick-acting sedative, which spread little by little in her veins, until she no longer felt anything around her.

She felt a sense of slackness in her entire body, and there was not an ounce of strength in her to move, her voice became muffled in her throat, despite the feeling of the words are leaving from her throat, several seconds passed, and a misty cloud appeared out of nowhere, blurring her vision, and it pulled her inside her, she closed her eyes little by little. Then, she only listened the calm, and it embraced her entire whirlwind.

Several hours passed until the effect of the sedative was removed, she was slowly opening her eyes, with feeling a dreadful headache in her head. Vertigo blurred her vision for a moment, She had her eyes closed due to the severity of what was affecting her head, Several seconds passed, she opened them again when Her condition began to improve, and her face, which intensified from the pain, became calm, after she felt better.

fatal prick she felt in her heart, when she recalled the events of what had happened before giving her the sedative, She wished for a moment that this was a dream, but rather a nightmare that she had in her sleep, And that her father is fine and has not been harmed.

Meanwhile, her mother entered the room, she was wearing a black robe, and crying was visible on her face, Astrid's heart contracted, and her breathing increased, she was afraid of believing the bitter truth, And what occupied her mind now was the reason for her mother's crying, and her wearing that black dress.

She woke up from her trembling thoughts, at the hands of her mother who placed her shoulder.

Are you okay, Astrid?" her mother asked hoarsely indicates that her throat was affected by something.

She swallowed her saliva in terror, and a suffocating pain settled in her throat From her mother's voice. "Dad," she countinued. "nothing happened to him, right?" she asked in a stammering voice, wanting to erase everything that swirled in her mind about her father's inevitable death.

Sophia shed many tears, patting her arm, and sadness overwhelmed her face with a intense redness. "Pray to the Lord to accept him from the righteous, my love, he doesn't need anything now except for that." she answered crying.

Her eyes widened in shock, and her heart being shook, she moved her face in disbelief, and tears fell without her realizing, then she got up from the bed and ran outside, Heading to the room that holds her most precious thing, or if it is true now what she had.

She entered the room in a rushing, all she wanted at that moment was to see her father's face, embrace his body, as a bid farewell for the last time, she found him on the bed, in his clothes, stripped of all the medical hoses that were connected to him, and the room was emptied of all the other medical equipment, her eyes filled  With burning tears, and she could not bear,and fall on the ground crying hard, she lost what she was living for, and with him, he was her only friend, she had no companions but him, she was crying and her body twitching, with all a long gasp that pulled her to her chest, and her crying broke the heart of All those who listened to her, no one tryed to approach her, that crying is enough, she does not lack another nervous breakdown.

her feet pushing them to move and advance from her father's body which lying on the bed. She approached him with trembling steps, and as soon as she was in front of the bed, she pushed her body into his bosom, and her crying and wailing increased, she was clutching his clothes, shaking his body in the hope that he would respond to her. "Rise up, Dad, please, get up for me, I can't live without you, my dad. Get up, you won't die and leave me. It's not impossible for that to happen. Get up, Dad.. Didn't you say to me repeatedly that you will hold my hand for a lifetime, don't break your promise with me, I have no friends but you  I have no one but you, please dad, please don't leave me, get up, dad, get up." she said wailing.

those words breaked them hearts, no one came near her, except for one, who came to her hesitantly, but they should not stay like this for much longer, the burial ceremonies should take place soon.

Hold her hand, urging her to get up. "We can't wait any longer, My daughter, we should go with him to begin the burial." He said in an attempt to calm her down and keep her away.

She turned her head to him, looking at him with her dark red eyes. "Wait a little, please, I'll just say goodbye to him, let me fill my eyes with his face and fill my body with the warmth of his embrace, I will be deprived of them for eternity." She begged him with non-stop tears.

His heart ached at what she said, and his eyes were affected, but he knows that if he leaves her, she will never move away, so he bent over more, surrounded her arms with his arms, and lifted her from him after he grabbed tightly and gently. "My daughter, get up, pray to the Lord in your prayers, to have mercy on him, but waiting is not right, we must go with him now." He said in a way that bears friendliness and calmness so as not to be stubborn and cling to her position not to stay away from him.

She grabbed one of his hands with a trembling hand, trying to take it from her arm, and she looked at him begging. "

I will only kiss his head, and then I will walk away and leave him to you, I swear to you, this is what I will do only" She said him weakly and helplessly.

The man sympathized with her and fulfilled her demand, and let her say goodbye to her father, she headed to him with her steps that refuse to move, and she came to his bed again, hugged him tightly, and kissed his head with her tears streaming down his face, then she closed her eyes while she was leaning on his forehead,  she didn't turn her face away and stared at his features that she would miss to the utmost. "I'll miss you so much, but I'll always remember you, and I'll pray for you, and I'll keep waiting for the day I will come to you, we'll be back together again, goodbye, my love." She told him softly so that no one would overhear them as they always used to talk, so that no one would know their secrets.

She kissed his forehead again, and forced herself to get up from his side, after which two men came from behind her, and they carried his body from above the bed, and two other men helped them carry it, then they were put him inside the coffin, she could not bear to see that scene, She put her hand over her mouth and gasped loudly, and she ran outside crying and tears streamed from her eyes.

Chapter 2

Suddenly and without warning, Noah entered the meeting room without asking permission, or even a knock indicating his entry and alerting his son, who was chairing the meeting, of his coming.

Massimo stared at him with a look that bears anger and surprise at the same time, but what made his surprise grow more, is his speaking in a high tone, directing his words to the employees, as he walked towards them. "The meeting is over, go back to your offices." He said

The lack of understanding appeared on the face of his son, who was chairing the meeting, giving orders, and making laws, being the eldest son of Noah, the owner of the company, and serving as its general manager.

He gave him a look, Erupts from her the hegemony and vanity, which is inseparable from his arrogant personality, out of those narrow gray eyes, his father met those looks, with vague looks beyond any normal emotion, utterly empty and incomprehensible, Just as he is standing firmly in front


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