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Bound To The Mafian Billionaire

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Obsession. That was the first thing he felt when he first set his eyes on her. Disgust. That was the first thing she felt when she first set her eyes on him. He had kissed her the very moment they met and the second time, they had slept together. Consumed by his feelings which he hoped would go away after sometime, he proposed to marry her by kicking her into a tight corner. His plan worked. With Blade Neron trying to win his wife's affection, secrets about him and the past he had tried to hard to bury began unveiling itself. The most scary thing about it was that his lovely wife was in the middle of it all. And when he found out that he's stepbrother who he had gotten 'rid' of because of his attachment to his wife, didn't die, he knew all hell was about to break loose. The story of the possessive Mafia Billionaire; Blade Neron and the apple of his eyes; Collette Hendrix, isn't something you'll want to miss.

Chapter 1: Collette Hendrix

"No, I'm not coming." A girl with chestnut brown hair said walking into the average looking sitting room.

Slumping on a couch, she switched the hand holding her phone to the other. Hearing the person on the other end say something, she sighed. "I'm serious. I can't come today. Besides, the weather is really hot."

The other person seemed to scream out because the girl took the phone a little further away her ears before returning it.

"Look I'm not..." She trailed off as her blue eyes caught sight of a shivering figure. "I'll phone you later."

Slipping the phone into her baggy, she got up and walked towards her mother. Narrowing her eyes, she asked. "Mom, where are you going?"

The woman clutched onto her handbag tightly. "I need to leave for work, Collette. I can't keep staying at home like this."

"You're sick!" Collette said glaring at her mother. "There's no way I'm letting you out of that door!"

"Collette." The woman called reaching out. She gripped her daughter's right hand and mumbled. "Don't you get it? Your Dad got fired last week. You on the other hand just got out of college and also..."

She didn't get to complete her sentence as the door was suddenly pushed open and a man in his late forties walked in. Seeing his wife, he paused. "You're not leaving for work, right?"

Before the woman could reply, Collette said. "Yeah, she was. However, I ain't letting her leave. Not today."

The man breathed out a sigh of relief and walked towards them. Standing beside his daughter, the duo looked a lot like siblings.

The woman rolled her eyes and loosened her grip on Collette's right hand. "Don't you two get it? My work is our only source of income right now!"

An eerie silence ensued for some seconds before Collette smiled. "Since that's the case, how about I fill in for you?"

Her words instantly earned her looks of shocks from her parents. Her Mother was still in a daze when her Father asked. "Y–you're kidding, right?"

Collette ignored him and asked her Mom instead. "Would that be alright?"

"Yes but..." The woman trailed off. "...what if you get discovered?"

Collette frowned. "I doubt your employee know or care what you look like and seeing how big your workplace is, I doubt your workmates know what you look like."

The woman nodded. She couldn't deny the fact she saw new faces everyday. A change like this wouldn't really be noticeable.

Although their hearts became a little calm at her words, they still scared. Her Father glanced up at her worriedly. "Collette, what about you? How would you fare?"

"I'll manage Dad. It would only be for a couple of days, Mom is likely to get better before the the end of the month." She reassured with a smile.

It was settled. Ten minutes later she was already on her way to her Mom's workplace. Putting on a black Jean and a white cropped top which had the wordings 'Don't Stare' and the fact she had her head lowered, instantly made everyone feel curious.

Soon she got to the train station. Nimbly searching for something in her bag, she took it out seconds later and pressed the face cap on her head.

Her action instantly made some people on the train sigh. Few of them had followed her all the way to the train station in order to get a closer look at her.

Sighing, Collette balled her hands into a fist. This was the problem—While most people thought it was a blessing to be very pretty, she viewed it as a curse.

The face and body were really an eyesore to her. Even if she had her face hidden, her body would always stand out.

While she was lost in thought, the train came to a stop. She only snapped out of her thoughts when someone tapped her.

Thanking the person profusely, she rushed out but unfortunately bumped Into a wall—No, a chest. Which she confirmed the moment she raised head.

She tensed instantly but relaxed seeing who it was. "Adams."

The boy who was shocked at seeing her, instantly inspected her intently, like one of his goods. He only stopped and breathed out a sigh of relief. "What are you doing outside?"

"I'd be filling for Mom at work." She retorted.

The boy placed a hand on his forehead. "You're filling for Mom? What about you?"

The worry in his tone was evident and the frown on his face made his handsome face look a little stern.

Collette chuckled. "I'm not a kid anymore. I'd be fine."

"But..." He insisted but received a cold glare from her which succeeded in shutting him up.

"Act like an adorable little brother who trusts his elder sister for once." She scoffed walking away.

"Elder sister? We were born the same day!" He yelled after her.

"You came out six minutes after me!"

"That doesn't count!"

Getting to the company where her Mother worked, she glanced around the building in awe but refused making it obvious by her expression.

She relieved someone and took over her duties. As she mopped, she came across a corridor.

Glancing confusedly at it, she made to turn around but noticed some dusts on the floor, so she reckoned it was part of the places to be cleaned.

She mopped all the way to the rear end before straightening up weakly. Wiping hot sweat off her forehead, she leaned on a door but unexpectedly, the door gave way and she staggered inside.

With eyes closed, she gropped onto something which successfully held her in place. As her eyes flew up, she jumped up in fright seeing the cold-faced man before her.

The man's eyes blazed with unknown anger which she had no idea how she incurred. She looked the man over.

Seeing he wasn't putting on the uniform she had on, and neither did he have a name tag on his suit to indicate he was a staff, she mistook him for someone who came to interview for a job.

Chapter 2: A Shameless Man

"I think you're in the wrong room." She cleared her throat. "The interview room should be on the first floor."

The man stared at her strangely. Seconds later, he got up and walked towards her. "What's your name?"

Feeling the man's cold hand on her face, she tensed up. "Collette."

Minutes passed by and still no word from the man, she was slowly beginning to get scared as she wondered if she had run into a psycho and at a place where he could do anything to her and no one would know.

"Collette?" The man repeated. "Collette who?"

"Collette Hendrix." It was only after giving her answer that she felt something wrong.

Without warning, the man's lips came down on hers. Despite her effort to push him away, the man refused budging, instead his tongue ravaged hers.

Minutes later, the man let go of her. Filled with anger, the girl's right hand connected


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