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Bound by her bump

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Annie Davis was beyond furious when she learned she'd been inseminated with the wrong sperm, belonging to a Billionaire who insists on being part of her and the baby's life. Despite her anger, a complex journey of unexpected connections and emotions awaited her, forever altering the course of her life.



Review after the novel completion

Annie unexpected love life. She decided after heartbreak she will mend her broken heart with a child. It was a good plan I was sceptical at first, how is it going to work. Even her friend Ella wasn't sure but she was supportive of her. Annie she's been through a lot. I thought at first when Eric found out about the mix-up in Clinic when they took his semen for testing and by mistake they put on Annie he will reject the child. Unbeknown by Annie her long time crush will be the future husband and the father of her kids. I loved this novel it was interesting I could not put it down

May 23, 2024

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