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Bound By A Red Thread

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Meredith, a new member of a Cooking Club, has grown up always feeling like she is waiting for someone. Being plagued by sad dreams that always left her waking up with a wet face, fear of loud noises, and a birthmark on her temple, she has always felt as if she is missing someone. Randall, her classmate and the new member of the BSU Swimming Club, has also spent his life looking for someone whose faces he cannot recall. Until fate brings them together due to some circumstances that force them to pretend to fulfill Don Warrick dying wish which is a fixed marriage. Meredith accepted it because her mother wanted her to get marry as soon as possible for reasons she didn’t know and at the same time, to pay off all the debt left by her late father. And Randall to get its inheritance. The pretense that led to a beautiful love story. But when they finally love each other, their bad dreams about the two people they've been looking for for so long will disturb them. Would Meredith and Randall accept it if they knew that the person closest to them was the root of the tragedy in the past?




IN THE DARK room, two people are hugging each other while sitting on the sofa where nothing else can be heard but their little sobs. Two people are forced to separate by fate due to their status in life. Two people who started with oppression and belittlement were tested by fate. That despite their different worlds, sweet love prevailed in their hearts and minds. But nothing is permanent in this world. There are times when you have to let go and sacrifice your happiness for the happiness of others.

The young man slightly distanced himself from the girl who was leaning on his shoulder and then looked at the girl’s teary eyes under the bright moon.

“I love you,” the young man said with all his heart.

“Remember that no matter what happens, I will only love you,” he added when no words is coming out of the girl’s mouth after he kissed her on the forehead.

The girl’s lips trembled. “W-why do you sound like you’re going to leave me?”

The young man did not answer.

She released her hug from the boy and looked at him with curiosity. “Didn’t we promise each other that no matter what happens we will not be separated? That we will face all the trials that come our way together?”

The young man touched both of her cheeks. “I know. And I never forget that. But everything in this world has a limit.”

The woman shook her head. “No! I do not want! I can’t handle losing you.”

“I-I know it hurts, but you have to accept the fact that we’re not meant for each other. Don’t you notice, while we are happy, some people are hurting?”

“I don’t care about them! All I need is you!” the girl insisted and hugged the boy tightly.

The boy hugged her back with tears in his eyes. They have gone through many trials, especially him at the hands of her father. But as he said earlier, everything in this world has a limit. That if he forces himself to the girl, her father will force her abroad so that he will never see her again. He would prefer that even if he is not with her, the important thing is that he can still see her even from a distance.

Her father, who’s a soldier, once told him that his daughter is already destined with the son of his friend who is also a soldier. When he found out about that, insecurities enveloped his entire system. He couldn’t help but look down on himself even though that wasn’t what the girl was making him feel.

“Please, don’t say that! Don’t leave me. I love you! I love you so much!” the girl kept saying.

The man sighed. He loves the girl and God knows how much he wants to fight for her. That’s why he allowed himself to be with her one last time.

“Okay, I’m sorry. Stop crying. It’s just on my mind, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave you. I promise, I will never leave your side,” he said even though he was deceiving himself too.

When it comes to her, he really became weak.

After that, the door opened and spat out the girl’s father who was furious, causing them to separate and get up from where they were sitting.

“What's the meaning of this?” The general asked angrily.

“D-dad?” the girl said in shock, then hugged the boy’s waist from the side.

“Let go of my daughter!” the General shouted and pulled her away from the boy.

“Dad, please! Let us go! We love each other!”

The General glared at her. “He’s just using you! His a gold digger!”

“It’s not true, Sir! I really love your daughter, I’m not after your wealth,” the boy explained.

The girl bravely faces her father. “I love him, Dad! No matter what you say or do, we love each other! No one can separate us! Not even you!”

The General pointed a finger at her. “You’d rather choose that guy than me, huh?! He is not the right man for you! He can’t give you the life you deserve!”

“He is a responsible man! Because of him, I gradually changed. And I’m happy with him! Please, Dad, let us go,” the girl begged.

“No! You choose! Me, your father or that scumbag?” the General asked as he pointed also a finger at the boy.

But the girl’s answer did not change. “I’m sorry, Dad, but my answer still—” the girl couldn’t finish what she wanted to say when her father slapped her hard.

The boy immediately stood and knelt in front of the general. “It’s enough, Sir! Don’t hurt her, please! I’m begging you. I’m the one asking for your forgiveness. D-don’t worry, I’m letting her go.”

“What?! No!” the girl shockingly objected.

The girl’s face was full of confusion and ask the boy when she got no response from him. “Don’t do this to me, please! You promise me,” she begged, crying.

But the boy didn’t say anything.

At that time, the girl felt that her boyfriend had given up on her, that everything he promised was untrue. That’s why she couldn’t think straight and quickly snatched the gun from his father’s gun belt beneath his shirt, which made the men surprised.

She stepped away from them while pointing the gun at her right temple.

“Oh, God! Please, calm down! G-give that gun back to me,” the general begged.

She looked at her dad. “No! If you don’t agree to what I want. . . ” she looked next at the boy. “And if you’re just going to leave me, it’s better if I take my own life!”

“No! Please, don’t! I’m begging you! Suicide is a crime. It is not the answer to this problem,” he said, trying to convince the girl to calm down.

“Why? Do you think walking away from me is the solution to this problem?” The boy was stunned by what she said.

“Don’t come near me!” she squealed when her father tried to approach her again.

“Please, I’m begging you. Give that gun back to me,” the general pleaded, but the girl did not listen to him.

Despite what she went through, she seemed tired. She looked at the boy, lovingly, for the last time.

“I love you. I-I love you so much,” the girl finally said as she pull the trigger.

“No!” the men shouted at the same time.

The boy approached the girl first who was already lying on the ground, full of blood.

“W-wake up, please! Don’t leave me like this. . .” the boy pleaded while he was trying to wake her up though he knew there was no hope.

“I’m sorry. . . I should have died because I didn’t fulfill my promise,” he cried while hugging her.

When his eyes caught the gun on the side, he couldn’t think straight anymore. He quickly took it and put it on his temple too.

“I-I love you too, my love.”

After saying those words, he didn’t hesitate to take his own life too in front of the General. He couldn’t think of anything else during those times but to fulfill what he had promised her. That nobody can separate them.



MEREDITH was woken up by the ringing of her alarm and lazily stretched her hand towards her night-stand to turned it off. Her eyes widened and rushed out of bed when she saw that she was going to be late on her first day in college.

“Oh, no! I’ll be dead if Aunt Marita finds out I’m late on my first day,” she mumbled then quickly changed, brushed her teeth, fixed her hair, and in no time, she was racing out of the room.

“Morning, Mom!” she greeted.

“Morning, Darling!”

“Here’s your food. Just eat your breakfast on the bus so that you won’t be late,” her mom said as she handed her a paper bag.

She kissed her mother on the cheek and thanked her. “Thanks for the breakfast, Mom! I’ll go ahead. Don’t worry, I’ll be home early, so I can help you close the shop.”

“Alright!” Then she went out. But her mother suddenly called her.

“Editha! Did you bring your earphones?!” Mrs. Ebelte shouted at the main door when Mered


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