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Boss Agreement

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After becoming pregnant by a stranger, Stephanie starts working at a prestigious law firm, where she'll have to deal with a boss who seems to hate her and whom she will soon despise as well. Amidst this tumultuous working relationship, Stephanie will begin to discover that her boss is not the person he appears to be, that he is a man with many secrets from his past, and he will be willing to propose a marriage agreement to her to get his way. Between contracts, mediations, and legal disputes, Stephanie will find something more than the love and partner she needs in her life.

Chapter 1. Stephanie

Just before entering the interview for the job of her life, Stephanie was in the bathroom, taking a pregnancy test. That morning she had felt the same nausea as a few days ago and the uncertainty was killing her. Yes, she was in the luxurious bathroom of the offices of Hanks and Associates, one of the most prestigious law firms in the city, which only competed in quality and performance with Falinni & Darrida, doing a test, but it was in that moment or the anxiety would already prevent her from presenting herself. She looked at the clock, with the tablet in her hand.

Five minutes had already passed since the test and she only had three more to enter the office. Stephanie took a deep breath and saw the result. "Miss, have you heard my question?" said the lawyer conducting the interview, a woman no more than thirty-five years old who could see how well she was paid because even her hairstyle was more than a hundred dollars.

"Oh, yes, sorry, it's just that ... sometimes I wander on legal topics," said Stephanie after she couldn't come up with a better excuse to justify the fact that since she had seen the result of the pregnancy test, ten minutes earlier, she couldn't think of anything else.

"Ah, yes, don't tell me, and what is the topic that now has you in the clouds, miss?" the lawyer asked.

That was just what Stephanie expected as soon as the strange excuse came out of her lips. She looked in the direction of the man accompanying the lawyer, a young man no older than she, who already had his position in the prestigious firm and whom she should not worry at all if Stephanie passed or not the interview while, for her, her entire life depended on the decision they would take in that room, even more now that she had seen the result of the pregnancy test.

"I was thinking, well, it's something uncomfortable to mention in front of a man, but it's about whether male masturbation can be considered an abortion or not." "WHAT?!" said the lawyer, between surprised, amused and embarrassed.

"Yes, I know it's something they discuss in that movie Legally Blonde, like twenty years ago, but it's true, don't you think?" said Stephanie “Because although it can be considered that there is human life from conception, then there would be embryonic life from the spermatozoon and a behavior is considered abortive when it attacks the life of the embryo, do you understand my point?”

The lawyer shared a look with the young man who must have been her assistant, not knowing what to answer Stephanie.

"Well, good, yes, it is an interesting topic you raise," said the lawyer after a few seconds “But what I want to know now is if you consider that you fit or not in team work, what do you say?”

Stephanie sighed and took some time before answering, but not because she had to think too much about the answer, but because what really troubled her at the moment was not whether she worked well or not in a team, because since she saw the result of the pregnancy test she was sure that she did (or don't babies form like that, in team?) But the fact that, if she did not get that job, her life would be ruined from the moment she received a negative answer.

"You see, I have to say that I do not fit in team work, but do not misinterpret my answer," said Stephanie, determined to introduce some risk in her answer “What happens is that I have a problem with the verb you are using, the one of fitting, because I do not "fit" in a team.” Stephanie made an intentional dramatic pause. "I lead the team, understand?"

The lawyer in front of Stephanie smiled and the young woman knew, at that moment, that unless she stumbled when leaving and thus spilled the coffee that was on the table over the two thousand dollar suit of the woman who had interviewed her, she would be hired.

"It has been a very bold and original answer, thank you," said the woman “Now you can wait outside. I will communicate our decision in a moment.”

Stephanie smiled and left the office a bundle of nerves. She knew that, despite the fact that the lawyer had spoken in plural, it was she, and only she, who would take the decision, but corrected her perception when she found herself face to face, when she opened the door of the office to leave, with a man no more than thirty years old who, when he smiled at her, stirred something in her memory.

She responded to the gesture of the man entering and knew, at that moment, that he must also be very important in the firm because he greeted the lawyer with a kiss on the cheek and a hand that almost touched her buttocks.

«He must be the one who must approve or not the decision of the woman who interviewed me,» Stephanie thought when she saw the door closing and thought she heard the newly arrived man asking about the candidate for the position. She thought of pressing her ear against the door and trying to hear something else, but the last thing she needed was to be found snooping. She restrained herself and sat in the chairs in front of the office she had left, waiting for the answer that would decide her life because, of the only thing she was sure of at that moment, was that she did not remember the face, or even the name, of the young man with whom she had slept the night she got pregnant.

What was she going to do, in her condition, if she didn't get that job? She could apply to other firms, of course, but her situation was now desperate because when her parents found out she was pregnant, they would throw her out of the house and her mother was a consummate witch to detect pregnancies. While meditating on her uncertain future, Stephanie heard the door of the office opening and, just at that moment, her stomach mouth opened, determined to release the content that oppressed it.

«No, no, no, not now, please ....!» She said to herself while she brought her hand to her abdomen and saw, with horror, the thousand dollar shoes of the lawyer, peeking through the crack of the door.

"Stephanie," said the lawyer as he left. Stephanie got up, but as she did the feeling of nausea increased and she directed her hand to her lips, aware that at any moment she was going to overflow.

«Don't be on top of the lawyer, her thousand dollar shoes or her two thousand dollar tailor, and not before she tells me if I'm hired or not, please God, if you still have some mercy for me...!».

“Can you come in, please?” the lawyer asked. “Mr. Michael wants to meet you.

«Oh my God, why couldn't he give me the news already, just like that!». Still with her hand over her mouth, Stephanie nodded. «Oh no, God, I'm going to vomit in front of everyone! Why me? And at this moment!».

Chapter 2. Michael

Michael watched the young woman who entered the office with attention. He had liked the face he found when he opened the door of the office and now he wanted to see her again, in more detail, so he was surprised when he saw her with her hand covering her mouth. "Can you take your hand away from your mouth?" said Michael, more like an order than a question. Stephanie managed to swallow the vomit before sitting down and could fulfill Michael's wish, but from then on she realized that there was no longer any trace of the kind man who had smiled at her when he left.

"Magda wants to hire you, but I'm not convinced yet to do it," Michael said when he saw that Stephanie was already seated. "Do you have something that could make me change my mind?"

Stephanie's eyes were locked on Michael's gaze, which watched her as if she were a merchandise he was considering buying and, despite having managed to control the nausea, the feeling


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