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Billionaires Obsession With Pregnant Women

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Zed has been a player all his life , changing women , every now and then without any care in the world but the interesting thing with him is that he doesn't deal with normal girls, his interest is always with pregnant women . He has been playing successfully and hurting their feelings uncountable times until he met Anita who was also pregnant, he thought he was doing his usual games but she made him fall for her without knowing she was on a revenge mission for her sister who was heartbroken by Zed and ended up committing suicide. due to what she experienced she ended up losing her sister and the baby and vowed to repay the man back his cruelty.

Chapter 1

Hi beautiful, Sarah heard someone calling from behind, she was in deep thoughts and could tell whoever it was has been calling her for sometime now, she turned around only to see a very handsome man approaching her, she was confused. Zed knew he was charming so his confidence was on another level, he approached the lady with a small smile on his face, Sarah was lost again, what would such a handsome man be wanting from me, everyone can see that am pregnant and many are avoiding me , what is it with him?, she was thinking , the man looked rich his clothes were of famous brands and from the way he looked one could tell that his background is really good, so how come he's smiling at me, a lowly, pregnant woman, she shook her head in confusion , the man tapped her shoulder , this had her think that maybe the man had evil motives , she had heard of those rich people who sell others for slavery, it dawned to her that maybe he wants to kidnap her and steal her baby when he/she was born, with that in mind she turned around and started walking in hurried steps away from the man , she didn't bother talking to him. Zed was left wondering what was wrong with the girl, he walked forward again with his long strides which couldn't be compared to her and caught up with her she started speeding up as if she wants to run , when he noticed she wants to run away, he told her that he meant no harm, she got tired easily and slowed down, after all she was pregnant, she looked at him with doubt and asked what he wanted from her.


Hello , my name is Zed , have seen you walking alone from afar, i first didn't mind but you turned at some point and i happened to see your beautiful face 'of course the fact that she was pregnant too' that he can't say out loud. And so i thought i can't let my lack slip off my hands , you look very beautiful and charming, can i at least know your name? , he asked .

Sarah was lost of words , he thought there was something wrong with his head , so you saw my beautiful face but couldn't see my big berry , she asked, Zed chuckled and answered , of cos i have seen it but that makes no difference , the fact is that i like you already, and you don't mind that am carrying another man's child? she asked again , not at all, zed answered.

She didn't know what to say , she stared at him for a while before clearing her throat, excuse me Mr man today is not a fools day and don't think i will fall for your joke or trick whatever it is , kindly excuse me i need to go home and rest.

Zed knew it would not be easy to convince her , it has never been anyway, but he knew how to play round with his words, you haven't even told me your name , Sarah was not willing to but there was a look on his eyes that told her that he wasn't a bad man, she told him her name and turned to leave again, wait , Zed said , what? she asked , can i drop you off at your place ? i can see you already look tired , no, am okay i'll be there soon , it ain't that far and besides am doing exercise while walking, Zed didn't want to be so nagging otherwise he would be dismissed so he just nodded and left. Sarah continued her slow walk to her rented apartment, unknown to her , Zed had followed her from a far distance and when she opened her door and got in , he smiled and left , wait for me darling i will surprise you soon , he left after saying this in a small tone to no one in particular since he was alone.

Chapter 2

Sarah got to her house and was pretty tired so she laid on the couch to catch some sleep before getting up and continuing her duties. She slept for almost three hours until she was later woken up by her phone, it was ringing non-stop and she was wondering who it was calling her that much , apart from her mother and her friend Anita, she's not used to receiving calls so it was either of them .she got up and picked her call , as she had predicted it was her mother asking how she was doing, her mother is checking on her too much lately since she knew that Sarah was pregnant. She was mad at her at first but then what is done is done, she didn't want her daughter to end up like her, she was in her position years ago and was left alone to take care of Sarah at a tender age , her father had married another woman, and left them out the reason was because his family didn't want him to marry a lady from a poor background and he had to listen to them since he preferred to inher


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