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Billionaires must divorce

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Sorry to bother you, I need your help. I'd like to ask you to come over. My wife is angry, what should I do? The president has always been very generous and expresses his infinite love to me every day. Today I gave you a luxury car, tomorrow you gave me a mansion, and the day after tomorrow you gave me a plane... The media wants to interview you: "What is the most expensive gift you have given your wife?"

Chapter 1

In a cold court, a ruling draws new lines. He, the myth of C City, the powerful emperor, faced her outside the iron window with a cold but firm voice.

"Next month, I will marry Angelina. I am here just to let you know."

Anne looked at him blankly, the man she had loved deeply. Their past dissipated into the air like smoke, leaving only the cold reality.

"I was never worthy of being your wife..." she said with a trembling voice and a self-deprecating smile.

He is still that mythical existence, but what about her? The youthful beauty she once had has been eroded beyond recognition by pain. Now she is just a prisoner waiting to be shot.

"This is the last time we meet. Is there anything else you want to say?" He asked coldly, without any emotion in his eyes.

She swallowed hard and asked in a weak voice: "Have you... ever liked me a little bit?"

His silence is the best answer. No! Her heart felt like it had been cut by a cold blade, and she was so painful that she couldn't breathe.

"It's always been my fault..." She closed her eyes, her voice calm, "I will never stand in your way again."

Her heart had died, and only impending death awaited her.

He glanced at his watch and stood up indifferently, "Annie, if I had known this, why did I do it in the first place?"

Her tragedy was self-inflicted, and he no longer had any thoughts about her. He turned around to leave, but heard her hoarse voice behind him, "Brother Logan..."

He stopped and looked back, only to see Anne resolutely hit the wall - bang! ! **Echoes of impact**

At that moment, the sound was deafening, as if the whole world was shaking. Anne's slender body slid to the cold floor like a fallen leaf, and a wisp of broken dreams dissipated as she fell. Logan's pupils tightened, and everything in front of him was stained bright red. He couldn't believe that she would choose to leave in this way.

The air was filled with the smell of blood, and her blood-stained whisper seemed to ring in Logan's ears, "If I had known today, I would never... fall in love with you..." Every word pierced him like a knife. Heart of.

**Pale Night**

The hospital corridor is pale and silent. Annie lay on the hospital bed and opened her eyes faintly. Next to him, Logan's familiar figure came into view, his eyes cold and distant. Anne's heart was stung instantly. She thought she was dead, but why did she still stay in this world?

"Wake up." His voice was low and cold, as if he was a world away from her.

Annie turned her head and looked directly at him, "Yes, I'm still alive." Her voice was calm, but there was deep helplessness hidden in it.

Logan was slightly startled that he didn't expect her to respond like this. In the past, she was always willful and noisy, but now...

"Why didn't I kill you this time?" His tone was as cold as ice.

Anne smiled faintly, "I also want to know why he didn't hit me to death." There was a trace of confusion and helplessness in her eyes.

Logan's heart shook slightly, her change surprised him. He thought she would be as impulsive and unreasonable as before, but now...

"Injury to others?" Annie repeated his words in a low voice, a trace of doubt flashing in her eyes.

A nurse walked into the ward. She was the servant who had taken care of Anne since she was a child. Seeing Anne, she asked with concern: "Mrs., are you okay? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Annie looked at her with a hint of sourness in her heart. She has lost so much, and now even the people closest to her are leaving her. She looked up at Logan, "I'm in this situation all because of you." Original work:

In Anne's eyes, the world seemed blurry again. The smile froze on her lips, and she said softly: "I'm fine..." But a voice whispered in her heart: "It's just a pity, why didn't she just disappear at that moment?"

The nurse sighed, "Mrs, why are you so stupid? You tried to drive into Mrs. Lin. Even if you just rushed towards the car, you might be injured, and the consequences could be disastrous. Don't do such stupid things again in the future." "

Anne's mind was in confusion - what was Nurse talking about? She remembered that she had already crashed into Angelina's car, and that was a dusty past. But why does it sound like it just happened?

"But Mrs., don't worry," Nurse continued to say softly, "This matter has been suppressed by my uncle, and it will not have any impact on you. Your body is not injured. Although Angelina is also in the hospital, she only has a minor injury. . You are all lucky this time. If something happens, how will I face the old man?"

Nurse's soliloquy was like a gust of wind, passing by gently, unaware of Anne's increasingly pale face. From her words, Anne felt an inexplicable panic.

When did she hit Angelina's car with her car again? The car accident in my memory seems to have happened a long time ago. Why does it feel so fresh now?

Anne raised her fingers stiffly and touched her forehead uneasily. It was smooth, without a trace of scar, and the pain seemed to be far away from her. She remembered the pain of hitting the wall and the gush of blood, but now the calm on her forehead frightened her.

Was she really not hurt? Or is this just another nightmare?

"Mrs. The doctor said you are fine. We can leave the hospital and go home today." Nurse's smile was warm and kind. "When you go back tonight, I will cook a delicious dinner for you. I will leave all other worries for now. Throw it away. You have to understand that no matter how close my uncle and Angelina get, she can't shake your position. As long as you are still my uncle's wife, there can be no results between them. "

"Nurse——" Annie suddenly grabbed her wrist, making Nurse startled.

"Mrs, what's wrong?" she asked nervously.

Anne looked at her eagerly, "Give me the phone, give it to me right away!" Nurse was stunned, not understanding her request, but the look in Anne's eyes made her unable to refuse. At that moment, Annie took the phone and her eyes immediately widened. The date displayed on her phone shocked her and she couldn't believe her eyes. How could this happen...time actually went back to two years ago! Anne's heart instantly became confused. This sudden change made her feel unbearable. She pinched her thigh hard, and pain hit her, proving that what she experienced was not a dream.

"Nurse, what's wrong with me? Are you okay?" Annie's tone was trembling.

The nurse comforted her: "Madam, don't worry, you are fine. We can leave the hospital and go home today."

Hearing the nurse's words, Anne became even more confused. She couldn't help but start to think, what on earth is going on? Why does time go backwards? What impact will this magical change bring? Anne knew that she needed to clear her mind and face this sudden change.

Chapter 2

In the hospital corridor filled with the smell of disinfectant, Anne asked eagerly: "Nurse, is Angelina still here?"

"Well, she's in the next ward." The nurse replied, with a hint of caution in her eyes.

Annie took a deep breath and said, "Please take me there."

The nurse was a little worried, thinking she was looking for trouble with Angelina, so she hurriedly tried to dissuade her: "Mrs, you'd better not go there, we can just ignore her."

Anne smiled and saw through the nurse's thoughts, "Don't worry, Nurse, I won't do anything to her."

There was a hint of mystery in her smile, as if she was hiding an unknown secret. If she was really reborn and returned to the past as she said, then her care for Angelina would also end.

She would never do those self-destructive things again, ever!

The door of the ward was gently pushed open, and the ward next door came into view. A


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