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BILLIONIARE'S SECRET! GENRE: Romance & Mystery. TAGS: Toxic Relationship, BDSM, Sadist & Billionaire Top, Masochist & Loyal Bottom, Self Discovery & Acceptance, Possessive Partner, Love Triangle, Unrequited Love, Family Conflicts, Rape, Secrets & Betrayal. SYNOPSIS: The story revolves around the lives of guys who crossed the paths of each other accidentally. Michael is the heir to Mr. Wilson’s family, he is a rugged guy who was expelled from university and has to get back to his home town to assume his family’s business. There he met Shadrach, a maid in the mansion who was made to be Michael’s personal maid. Michael hates Shadrach because he explores his wildest secret, but when Jerry and Louis started approaching Shadrach, Michael’s possessiveness started changing gradually into an unexplainable love. How will the two adjust loving each other in their difficult situations and what will be the faith of Jerry and Louis’s unrequited love to Shadrach? Will Shadrach be able to endure all the torture and hardships or run away from his psychopath boss?

Chapter 1


I slowly rolled on my bed as I flipped the next chapter of the story I was writing. I felt reluctant and I decided to close the book and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I got ready after the shower and head to the kitchen to prepare dinner because it’s almost evening and he would be coming back soon. I don’t want to keep him waiting, so serving him is technically my duty and I enjoy doing it.

Life is not always a bed of roses as everyone thinks. We all live a hard life which at some points we will feel like taking our souls. But the most difficult form of hardship in life is a situation where by we have to endure that torture which is being inflicted on us. Even though we know that we can run away, but we can’t just do that because we find a bit of pleasure attached to that hardship.

I never thought I would be someone's horrible secret. I would never believe that my life would turn out this way, even if a fortune teller predicted that, I wouldn't agree to it. I never thought I will end up where I am today. Even though I had the chance to run away or decline that, I still choose to hold to the horrible torture. It all started when I was working as a cook to the Wilson's in their mansion...


The Wilson's mansion is a big house in the extreme Northern part of Nigeria, Kaduna state precisely, in a remote village in the extreme end of the state. The mansion is big with more than 100 rooms in it. Mr. Wills Wilson is a popular wealthy man. He is a farmer, owning one of the largest farms in the Northern part of Nigeria.

The mansion which adapts the structure of an estate is an abode for traders and farmers who worked for Mr. Wilson and also merchants who comes for business purposes. There are a lot of workers in the house, mostly orphans like me; ranging from cleaners, cooks, drivers and other staffs. I don't know for how long exactly I have been working here, but as the oldest worker in the house always says, he met me here while I was still young so practically, I am among the oldest workers in the mansion.

I am a chef in the mansion; I work in the kitchen unit, cooking daily for the whole people in the mansion. Our work is not easy at all, cooking all day is not easy most especially if it has to be in a large quantity. In addition to my task, I am the person who also cooks for the family members which includes Mr. Wilson, his wife and two children. I always cook for them and serve them on the three square meals daily.

I was still lying on my bed on an early Monday morning when Ben came into the room. Ben has been my friend since the first day he came into the mansion. We are more like brothers because people mistaken us for that so we address ourselves as brothers. "Are you still lying there? Aren't you going to make breakfast for the family?" He asked pulling off the blanket I used to cover myself.

I dragged the blanket back and folded myself in it without saying a word. He took it off again and tapped my legs. "It's already 6:00am Shadrach. You don't want to be late." He said looking at me. I quickly jumped off bed immediately when I heard the time. I quickly rushed to the bathroom and have a shower. I stood by the mirror and put on my clothes. I brought out my white apron and wrapped it around my waist.

I combed my hair that's so full and applied some fragrance. I stared at myself for a while on the mirror for a while. Sometimes I wonder if I am actually a Nigerian or from another country. My skin complexion is also an added complication. I have this black shiny skin with a very full silky hair, a round face, wide white eye balls and a pointed nose.

The oldest man in this mansion will always tell me I might probably be a native of one of these West African countries, probably Niger or Somalia. Anyways, that's not a problem to me. This dashing face of mine makes a lot of workers and even traders in this mansion fall for me. Not only ladies, but even men in the house approach me.

I quickly walked to the kitchen and started preparing food for the main family. I greeted everyone jovially as usual and begin my daily task. I prepared yam sausages wrapped in eggs with veggies sauce which is Mrs. Wilson’s favorite. I made some hot chocolate drink to compliment the food.

At 7:30am, I have already finished arranging the food on the huge dining table inside the main family's building. "Good morning Madam." I greeted her as she came into the dining section. She was accompanied by her children, Jerry and Jessie. "Good morning Shadrach. What do you have for us?" She asked as she took a seat on one of the dining seats.

I slowly opened one of the food flasks revealing the delicious meal I have prepared. "Wow, this looks nice Shadrach." Jerry said looking at me with a smile on his face. I smiled back at him and continued serving the food. "I know Shadrach will always serve a delicious meal." Jessie said as she started eating the food.

Jerry exhaled loudly in pleasure as he raised his head and looked at me. "Can you pack some of these for me Shadrach? I will like to take them with me to school today." He said looking at me. I stared surprised at him. "Are you resuming school already?” I asked with my mouth agape. He nodded his head with a smile. I sighed slowly as I picked my tray. "Okay then, I will pack some cookies for you too." I said as I turned to walk away.

I was about leaving when Mrs. Wilson called me back. I turned and stare at her. "You should increase the quantity of food for tonight Shadrach. Michael will be coming home later. And also get Ben to clean his room." She said looking at me. I nodded my head and leave the room with lots of fear in me.

I am so afraid and also heartbroken at the same time. This monster Michael will be returning to the house, he has always been so aggressive towards all the workers. I really don't know his problem. He is irritated by anything we do. No one wants to work around him at all. At the other hand, Jerry who is so jovial and kind and also seems like a friend to us is leaving. He would have helped us from the aggressive behaviors of Michael.

I looked so worried and disturbed as I walked into the kitchen and break the news to all the workers there. Everyone becomes stressed instantly. Ben was surprised and worried also. He quickly picked his cleaning tools and head to the main house and began cleaning. He cleaned the whole part of Michael and left the main house immediately. Every one of us is really afraid of Michael; no one wants to see him because of his attitude.

I am always being at the bad side of his story because no matter what, I can’t escape serving him food. He would yell at me to his satisfaction and even end up throwing the plates of food on me. I remembered a time when he nearly slapped me because I served him yam which he doesn't like. Thank God Jerry was around so he saved me from the horrible Michael.

I sighed deeply as I was cutting the vegetables trying to make some soup. I put in my best effort even though I know Michael will surely decline the food. I finished cooking everything and arranged it at the dining at exactly 8:00pm. Everyone came in expect Michael. So I quickly took the opportunity to serve everyone so I could leave the dining before he came out. I was in such a hurry that I didn't notice Mrs. Wilson giving me a compliment on the food.

Unfortunately, as I finished serving everyone and was about leaving, I heard him call me with the usual name he calls me always. "Hey black. Who would serve me the food?" He asked with a bossy tune. I slowly paused by the door and turned with my body obviously trembling. I sluggishly walked to the dining with my head facing down.

I dished his meal and raised my head to pass it. To my surprise, Michael has changed a lot. He is now bigger with a more matured look. His fair face is full of beards which make it more handsome. His pointed nose and pink lips added some sauce to the face. You could swear that Michael is not a Nigerian by just a single look.

I was still staring at him with my mouth agape and still holding the plate of soup when he shouted at me. "Will you drop the damn plate and stop staring at me?" He shouted on top of his voice which made everyone on the table looked at him. My body was shaking as I quickly dropped the plate of soup and turned to leave.

I was walking to the door with my legs crumbling on each other when he called again. "Black" He shouted referring to me. I was already sweating seriously at this point. I quickly turned and looked at him with fear engulfing my face. He sighed slowly and dropped his spoon. "I don't know the idiot that cleaned my apartment. I don't know if they even understand what cleaning is. I want you to go clean that place again. At least, I can manage your tasks." He ordered.

My body was already trembling more at this point. This is surely going to be a hell for me. How can I bear going to Michael apartment to clean. This will definitely be my doom. I was about leaving when Mrs. Wilson called again. I almost shouted this time. "Hey Shadrach; I think you should just be cleaning Michael's apartment and running his errands, seems he likes your work a bit. I will relieve you of some kitchen duties so you won't be exhausted." She said with a smile on her face.

My heart began racing faster. I don't know what to do at this point. I would have honestly declined this offer if I really have the chance to, but I can’t say no to my madam. I was still thinking about the proposal when Michael talked. "I don't like his work also, he is just a little bit wiser than the rest but they are actually all stupid." He said staring at his phone.

I sighed deeply and turned away. I sluggishly walked back to our apartment. "This will surely be a pit of hell to you Shadrach!" I said to myself as i lay on the bed...


Chapter 2



I quickly rushed back to the kitchen to tell everyone about the new changes recently. You can tell from a mere look at me that I am worried. “What is wrong with you Shadrach? Why are you looking worried?” Ben and other workers kept on asking me as I entered the kitchen.

My lips became locked. I couldn’t open them to utter a word. I sighed deeply as I leaned on the cabinet and folded my arms. I sluggishly opened my mouth and told them about the situation. They were all surprised and worried too. “I won’t mind working for Michael, but I don’t think I can tolerate his daily insults.” I said looking worried.

Aliya, one of the kitchen staffs quickly moved forward and tapped my shoulder. “You need to be strong before you start working for that man. I heard from other workers that he is a psychopath. That is why all his personal staffs never lasted while working for him.” She said looking so serious.

Her words instantly triggered the


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