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Billionaire's Aberrant Lover.

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Sebastian Mila Davies! Mila is a young girl who experienced the hardness of life at a very young age, her father snatched her away from her in a bomb blast which made her a b*st*rd. Her mother abandoned her for a man richer than her dead father making her an orphan, left alone in the world and betrayed by her mother she vows to become better than her and richer than her mother's husband. Brett Harvey is a young and compassionate young man inside the theatre but outside he is a total brat, he hates his father for getting married to another woman when his mother is still alive. He believes in waiting for the right one, but there is something more to him that no one knows about that he is keeping a secret. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ "Ya! Aren't you the girl to who I gave my watch?" Brett stared at Mila with intense anger hidden within his eyeballs. "Do I know you?" Mila asked forging ignorance at his words, she crossed her hands over her chest without a care in the world. "Don't give me that sh*t, I know you are the one. How dare you send me a doll smeared with blood as a warning, I mean who does that." Brett grumbled out stepping closer to her and trying to intimidate her. The people in the hall gently back offed too, they all knew how harsh their Doctor could be. "I don't care who you are, no one is above threats and warnings. You should be happy I only warned you, next time it will be worst." Mila muttered with a cold tone, she turned away from him and slowly swayed her hips as she padded her way out.

Bomb blast!

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

An Announcement was being made from the control room "Run, everyone run if you can find your way out get out of the mall. Terrorists are destroying the mall it's on fire." The control quickly said and sat down on his chair twirling in it. The control room was made with materials that protect against fire and bomb blasts.

Explosions were held from all ends of the shopping mall, everyone ran trying to save themselves from the explosion. Once again the police were late like always, a mother held onto her child to protect her, and another mother ran leaving her child to die. Everyone cared only about their survival.

"Mila dear, I will get you to a safe place. Stay there and don't come so papa can save other people too." A haggard-looking man said to his daughter with a worried expression, "papa no don't save anyone just stay with me, so we can go home to mummy. Mum must be so worried about us." Mila a little girl of five years said to her father.

"Mila dear I will come back for you okay, what has papa always told you...." He asked running with her in his hands, he worked in this shopping mall as a cleaner and it was a bring your child to work day so he brought his little princess here. He was going towards the control room where she would be safe from harm and chaos. "Papa said never leave others to suffer help them if you can," Mila replied with teary eyes.

"So that means papa has to help others too right, if I leave them to die won't I be a bad person?" He asked his little princess once again. "Yes," She replied nodding her head vehemently. The father smiled at his little princess's naivety. Finally, they got to the control room, he banged on the door continuously "Hello, anyone in there." He shouted from the outside.

"Who is out there?" The control man asked walking to the door cautiously he didn't want to die at the hands of terrorists. "It's Sebastian, Drake," Sebastian said from the outside with urgency. "Oh, Sebastian" Drake the control man said from the inside and quickly opened the door. Sebastian walked inside with his daughter and put her down on the chair to sit down.

"Please keep my daughter safe for me, I will go out there and help the people," Sebastian said folding his sleeve hands. "Sebastian is there any need for you to save the people out there, you could die," Drake muttered with a worried expression. He was a friend to Sebastian more like buddies so he was worried for his friend.

"Drake doesn't worry about me, I will come back just keep my little princess safe," Sebastian remarked before bending down to Mila's height. "Mila remember don't come outside from here okay? Also remember to help whosoever comes your way, help the needy. Daddy loves you, my baby." Sebastian muttered pecking her on her head before standing up to leave.


"Daddy, please don't go. Daddy stays back with me, daddy please." Mila cried with heavy eyeballs but Sebastian only smiled at her before walking out and shutting the door behind him. "Don't cry little Mila, your dad will be okay. He will come back and buy you ice cream, you love them so much right?" Drake said in an attempt to console her but it all fell on deaf ears.

Mila continued crying big fat tears, they continuously drip down her puffy cheeks in quick succession. She shook her head continuously to indicate her disagreement, she couldn't form words out of her mouth. Drake pulled the little girl into a hug to console her, he just hoped his friend comes faster.


In the hallway, Sebastian assisted everyone to walk through the safe exit and come out of Mall. The bomb was exploding continuously making it hard to see in all the smoke. He saw a pregnant woman struggling and quickly walked towards her to help her, she was in a clothes store.

He worked in the clothes store and searched around the store for a blanket. He draped the blanket around her before saying "ma'am come on let me help you out of the mall." He mumbled to her helping her move gently. "Mr my son is in there, can you help him too." She asked him pointing to the store worry clouding her expression. "Don't worry ma'am I will go back to get your son for you don't have to worry about it," Sebastian said with a reassuring smile.


"Thank you so much, sir." She said gratefully with a smile curved up on her lips. When they got out of the mall, Sebastian placed her on a chair outside to sit awaiting her son. He ran inside the mall to bring out her son, the police had finally arrived making the area more chaotic. He rushed inside the clothes store searching for his son.

He spotted a little child curled up into a bun in a corner, he walked towards the child to check if he was unconscious. He sighed in relief when he saw the little boy was conscious, "hey little kid, come on let's go and meet your mummy." He beckoned on the child.

"Really?" The little one who looked about 10 years old asked with wide eyes, "yes come on." Sebastian said with a nod and the child quickly walked into his hands. Sebastian smiled as he patted the little boy's head, he covered him and the boy with a jacket before walking out.

"Here we are," Sebastian remarked with a smile dropping the little child on the ground close to his mother. "Thank you so much, sir, am grateful." The child's mother said to Sebastian with a grateful expression. "No worries ma'am, I have a little daughter too. So I understand your worries." Sebastian remarked with a smile.

"May I ask what is your name, sir?" The woman asked with an unfathomable expression. "My name is Sebastian ma'am, Sebastian Davies." He said with a smile and she nodded. "I have to go now." He said with a smile and turned around walking into the mall but the moment he entered a loud blast of sound echoed;

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!


~~~~~ Milan, Italy ~~~~~

Military base, 4 pm.

20 years passed by like a breeze, some people may see it as a long time others as a mid-time but to Mila, it was a short period. A time that had made her become someone different than she ever imagined she would be, the hurts, the pains, the problems, the suffering, and the happening of all those years was something she had gone through and it had made her who she was today.

Her lips curved up ever so slightly as she received the reward being handed over to her by the Minister of Justice, "For your perseverance and constant support to the military and for being an officer of the Law, standing the country and winning the war for our people. We grant you this reward you are hereby promoted to General." Minister Jonah said with a straight expression.

Mila's expression revealed a grateful smile before it returned to her signature neutral expression, she nodded her head before standing in a still positio


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