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Sebastian Mila Davies! Mila is a young girl who experienced the hardness of life at a very young age, her father snatched her away from her in a bomb blast which made her a b*st*rd. Her mother abandoned her for a man richer than her dead father making her an orphan, left alone in the world and betrayed by her mother she vows to become better than her and richer than her mother's husband. Brett Harvey is a young and compassionate young man inside the theatre but outside he is a total brat, he hates his father for getting married to another woman when his mother is still alive. He believes in waiting for the right one, but there is something more to him that no one knows about that he is keeping a secret. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ "Ya! Aren't you the girl to who I gave my watch?" Brett stared at Mila with intense anger hidden within his eyeballs. "Do I know you?" Mila asked forging ignorance at his words, she crossed her hands over her chest without a care in the world. "Don't give me that sh*t, I know you are the one. How dare you send me a doll smeared with blood as a warning, I mean who does that." Brett grumbled out stepping closer to her and trying to intimidate her. The people in the hall gently back offed too, they all knew how harsh their Doctor could be. "I don't care who you are, no one is above threats and warnings. You should be happy I only warned you, next time it will be worst." Mila muttered with a cold tone, she turned away from him and slowly swayed her hips as she padded her way out.


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