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Billionaire Music Lover

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Rose’s dream of being a music artist has always been hated by her mother, Determined to follow her dream. Rose leaves home and her path crosses with a single father who is a music guru and a billionaire, Paul who is the only one that can help her to achieve her dreams. Will he only help her for her sake or for something else? However Paul's baby mama is out to frustrate the love she never had. But as pregnancy comes into light and the life of his lover is on the line, Will Paul go the extra mile to save his lover?

Chapter 1

Rose's POV.

"Why aren't you dressed yet, Rose?" My mother called out in a loud voice as I was about to go do my laundry. She was in the living room, she walked up to me with a glass of wine in her hand. She swirled it and took a sip. She seemed happy. I mean why wouldn't she be? She will be hosting the gala this year as always, and of course she wants to flaunt and show off her daughter. "Oh what now?" I rolled my eyes.

I knew she would say something and I was prepared. The laundry basket was right in my arms. I threw my head backwards as I turned from the stairs. I exhaled and groaned. I ignored her and her question and I walked away. I was so d*mn sure that the neighbors already got their seats and popcorn ready for the next scene that my mother and I would create.

It was a glorious morning but Atlas, she would ruin it again with her yelling and her unnecessary arguments. It was a bore. I held on to the basket and tried to hold myself.

"Rose, I know you ain't deaf and I ain't talking to the thin air." My mother yelled out and she did it, she found a way to ruin my morning. She walked to where I was and stood with her glass.

"You wanna know why I am not dressed yet dear sweet mother." I asked her as I turned my neck.

"Don't you dare be sarcastic with me." She fumed and demanded.

"Ohhhh, I am terrified. But sweet mother you should know the reason I am not dressed is because I don't want to, I told you a while ago and I know I said it yesterday too, I don't want to get dressed to go to your old gala or meet with any of your friends, can't you just accept that I don't want to be anything like you!"

"You will not disrespect or embarrass me, not in front of-"

"Yes, I know that line all too well-" I dropped the laundry basket and I interrupted her, I looked her deep in her eyes and I tried to hold back my tears. I sighed and I said to her, "It's always the same old. I shouldn't embarrass you in front of your friends, is that it? You care so much for the gala that you do every f*ck*ng year and they still don't treat you like you matter, they treat you like sh*t. Please mother, don't you dare piss me off.

"Rose, have you lost your mind? Are you insane? Who the f*ck are you talking to?" She poured wine on my face. I cleaned it with my hands, I smiled, I knew what I had done.

"You can have fun at the gala for all I care, I don't give any fucks if you are the next president, you don't know anything about me so why should I do the same for you?" I asked her but I knew her like the back of my hands, I knew her more than she knew herself.

"You b*st*rd, you little c*nt!" She cussed and yelled. I exhaled and tasted the wine.

"The wine seemed expensive, is this the wine tasting you were to do for tonight?" I asked her in a corky and rude tone. I was done being submissive and obedient.

"I am your daughter, why don't you believe in me and trust me and yet, you really believe that I would attend some god damned gala? Be for real!" I yelled at her and I climbed the stairs, I left the laundry basket, I was done with her. I needed to lock myself up and be at peace, that woman was the opposite of peace.

"You will not use slang and curse words in my house!" She yelled out and climbed the stairs.

"Oh I wonder who I learnt it from." I laughed at her attempt to train me or to straighten me up.

"Get out!" She ordered. "I am not in your way." I replied to her as I reached the top of the stairs.

"You aren't, I mean you should get the f*ck of out of my house!" She can't be serious. She wouldn't send her own daughter away, she wouldn't.

"You know I don't have anywhere to go, why would you do this? You are kidding! You must be kidding." I snapped back at her. She is insane and nuts, she must have lost her bolts, there isn't any more explanation.

"Oh, is that what you think?" She asked me as she stood in front of me. I got worried, my hands shook and trembled. I feared she might be serious.

"Yes, you are just bluffing so I will attend the stupid gala. But I won't, I still won't." I threatened, I hoped that she was just saying those words.

"Oh but you will, you know why? Because I will make you!"

She pushed me aside and went inside my room, she had the door wide open. She threw the frames and all the perfumes that I had in my closet, and she pushed them to the ground.

"I f*ck*ng raised you when I had nothing, I fed you." She yelled again and kept on trashing my room. " I put clothes on your body and I only demanded respect and to be loved and adored and for my daughter to make me proud and not do some low life music and then what? You will do drugs and draw ? You better leave before I call the cops on you, I deny you with all that's left in me. Don't dare me." She panted and raked her hair backwards.

She carried a heap of clothes and dumped them down the stairs.

"You are throwing me out of the house?" I asked her as she glared at me. It felt like a dream, I couldn't believe her. "Yes, I am throwing you out. I don't care where you end up and who you end up with, I can't do this anymore." She walked down the stairs and I was too stunned to speak. "My phone, my phone." I touched my entire body, trying to find what part of me could have hidden my phone. "Oh sh*t." I remembered it was at the charging port and I dashed back into my room. I made sure that I got it.

I carried my fanny pack too and I got outside, the door was already opened and she was there with all my luggage that she had tossed outside. "You are wasting my God d*mn precious time and I don't have all day in case you didn't know!" She yelled out again, I stepped out and I saw the neighbors outside, they already knew what was happening. I knew I wasn't going to walk in shame or even think that I would beg her.

When she saw me, she glared and yelled for the last time. "Good riddance, Get the hell out of here. I don't ever want to see you here!" I smiled and grabbed my bags, I had some cash with me and some in the bank. I sighed and I was ready. She slammed the door hard.

I knew I had no place to go, Heck I knew no one that could help. I had hope and I knew I could stay at some of my friends' houses. I walked down to the bus station with my bags, the fanny pack and my phone. I hadn't even had breakfast yet. I dialed Richard's number.

"Hi, can I crash at your place for a few days?"

"Did you offend your mother again, b*tch?" He laughed it off and replied. "Of course, you can." I was relieved.

Two days later.

I stayed at Richard's place, it was comfortable but I felt like a bother. He was actually cool and he didn't make me feel like I came to a crash but I couldn't couldn't take advantage of the fact that he was nice to me.

"Hi, why are you all packed up, aren't we hitting the restaurant anytime soon?" Richard asked as he dashed through the door. He paused when he saw the bags that I had packed. "Uh, I am sorry. My brother called and he said I could come over to his side. It's already decided and it will be fun, you know it has been a while since we saw each other." I lied and at the same time I didn't. I called my brother and I begged him, he knew how crazy our mum was, she needed therapy.

"Okay, but still? Let's have lunch and then you can go see your brother, okay?" He shook his head and he was firm on his words and his actions matched. I knew it would be way better to be with a family member than just a friend, families are for life.


It was five miles from Richard's place, so I walked all the way here. I wasn't ready to waste twenty dollars on a cab ride or a bus trip, I needed to save and exercise at least, who was I kidding? I am broke.

I finally got to the building that he had sent via the Internet app, Facebook. I made sure I didn't get lost or miss the place. There were seven houses that looked the same. I sighed and exhaled. I looked at how tall they stood. "It's a new chapter." I said to myself as I nodded, I needed all the motivation that I could get.

I finally got to his house and I shook my head, my joggers seemed worn out and old. Even my top, it reeked of sweat and mustard stain, I groaned. I had burgers with Richard, I smiled, I should have known better when he mentioned a restaurant. I looked at myself and I concluded that I needed a bath, a scrub.

I placed quick knocks on the door. I sighed and I waited for a response, any one at all.

"Yeah?" I heard and I was glad, finally he is here. I was so cautious of how I looked. I mean, I could come across or bump into the love of my life and in what? Some old joggers and a mustard stain crop top? Hell no.

Paul POV'S

I heard the door knock and I immediately went there to check it.

"Yeah?" I said and I saw her. I hadn't seen her here before, I was that sure. She looked shocked, she wasn't expecting me. Not at all.

"Do you know where Aadan Andres is? He is my brother and he should be- no this is his room door. So do you know where he is?" She asked in a rather cold tone. She stared at me but she wasn't moved at my looks, she didn't drool or rate me.

"Yeah, sure." I replied in a plain tone. I was still perplexed as to why she wasn't impressed by my looks. At first sight, girls fall in love with me. They drool and they swarm around me, they make the first move and they always have racy thoughts.

Did she despise me? Did I do something wrong? How did I answer her? Was it cold or was it off? I asked myself internally as I looked at her. She looked pretty, even with the mustard or mustang stain? I can't tell but she looked tired, s*xy too.

Chapter 2

Paul's POV

It was another morning and as expected I had to do my job, being a studio owner and creating different beats, it's quite a lot. I sat in front of my recording setup, I had my headphones on. I played the beats I had made a few weeks ago for my client, I did a recheck and to confirm it all and how it is. And it was ready. That was a relief, I spent weeks and weeks working on that project and my soul knew how much it drained me. I always want to deliver the best and the best only. I hold a lot to my name and I have worked way too hard to reach where I am today and there's nothing that would that reputation, so I take my time in everything I do.

I locked myself in the studio, I was busy and I didn't need to be disturbed. I stood up and I checked each and every piece of equipment. I also made sure they were all hundred percent clean, it was a lot actually. But then small habits are underestimated, it's a routine and a lifestyle at this po


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