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“But my p*ssy is d*mn wet. Can’t you see my c*m? No! F*ck me now, Lucas. I don’t care anymore. If you had f*ck*d me regularly, this wouldn’t have happened. Penetrate and f*ck me, Lucas. I will bear the pain…” They were separated by hustle and survival and by fate they met again but only to discover that one had turned gay. Opula is back to reclaim her childhood lover who has become the gay lover of a ruthless billionaire. A cute, dashing boy is trapped between a man's admiration and a woman's sexual desire. Things will get really naughty and dirty as the love of his life, Opula returns to have her man back. Lust, love, and addiction won't be missing as every lover takes his or her side of love. Let's turn the pages and get entangled..

Chapter 1~Cute boy in the kitchen~

Chapter one

~Cute boy in the kitchen~

Nku stood in the spacious, gadget-fitted kitchen, unwilling to light up the cooker. He cupped his jaw with his hands and repeatedly shrugged his shoulders in one thoughtful moment: Did I actually do that or was I hypnotized? Was my mind in its right senses when he slept with me? I mean him sleeping with him?His hands which smelled of the peppery scent of the onions he just peeled so irritated his eyes that tears trickled down his cheeks. He dropped his hands and kept wondering at the bizarre night experiment that might have occurred severally between him and Sen.Madu.Only God knows how many times he has had me, and wiped his mouth, he thought and breathed hard. Inwardly he believed the reason Sen. Madu so much needed a handsome, fresh boy, with soft features, for a cook was for his sexual desires. Sexual desires with a man? Does it actually exist? How does he enjoy it? Where is his soft spot for realecstasy?He never saw it coming; a lust so disdained that stories of him-him lovers offended his imagination whenever he thought of it.

Just forth nights ago it happened and it happened exactly when he was very much asleep; deep out of this world, possibly sleep induced by a hot tea I avidly sipped.How do I believe he didn’t drug my tea? When you are scared to confront the one you love through one way you love them whichever way. Now I am a victim. He was getting the effect in his dream until reality dawned on him in the morningwhen he nakedly woke up in between the legs of Sen. Madu. Nku flinched at the sight of his own nakedness. His eyeballs rolled confusedly as he searched for his boxers. His boxers seemed uneasy to find then he grabbed the huge pillow close by and covered his p*n*s “What is this, sir?” His soft voice beckoned for an answer as his face scowled like a kid that was about crying. A lustful hush fell over the room as Sen. Madu was at his silence. He stretched like a dog, allowing Nku to feed his eyes with his fair hairy laps. Nku shut his eyes. Sen. Madu slowly tied up his towel and walked away as though he had been waiting for him to wake and watch him walk away. Despite having his bath, the heady perfume of Hugo Boss which Sen. Madu sprayed still hung around him. Thought of the whole escapade scourged his conscience that he decided to leave after preparing breakfast.I didn’t bargain for this; never in my life. A he-wife, he-girlfriend or what, perhaps he-goat for life?

Breakfast was jollof rice, fried, ripened plantain and fried fish. Sen. Madu had already told him he preferred his jollof rice served with fresh orange juice. Nothing of such could be stressful for Nku. He knew he was good at it. The school of catering he attended in Enugu groomed him well for the task ahead.Now a real task ahead, he thought. After selecting the sweetest of oranges and juicing them out, he squeezed in a pint of lemon to balance its citric value before serving.

Ear-ringing silence threatened Nku the moment he walked into the dining room. Sen. Madu was not yet seated and part of his domestic creed was to call on him whenever food was served.But Nku shook his head in unapologetic resistance as thought of forth night steered him quickly to touch his buttocks and p*n*s with his hands.This is unfair, senator, chai. He looked around the gigantic executive walls that surrounded him and feared his escape. And how is it going to be? How do I look in his eyes and tell him I am done working for him for sleeping with me. Sleeping with me? Raping me? How do I put it? Either of the twoisbad for my ear, much more a third ear. He would not dare near his door because Sen. Madu could pull him into his room for another round. No place seemed safer for him anymore except his leaving Sen. Madu’s Lekki mansion for the street; the same street that made life unbearable for him with its thuggish brutality, that unfastened his legs to roam around Lagos until he ran into a gate with the chalk inscription on a sizeable board;




To an extent, Nku thought the doughnut-soft looking meant he should have the texture of a well baked doughnut, so he spent the last token he had on a handful of doughnuts, which he munched before appearing for the interview. “I am handsome. I just ate doughnuts,” was what Nku kept repeating in his mind as Sen. Madu assessed him.

“Hi, NK,” Sen. Madu called Nku the moment he walked into the dining room. Nku was furiously blushed at the NK he just called him; it was feminine. He inwardly picked back the ‘U’ from wherever Sen. Madu dropped it. He gave Sen. Madu a perfunctory smile then gradually frowned as Sen. Madu walked to him with a sheer grin. Nku wondered what was in his hands and why he hid it at his backside. Those cold fingers dropped on Nku’s shoulders and massaged gently. Nku did not fancy it and felt nothing than the painful claws of a lion. Sen. Madu briefly shut his eyes as the tissue-softness of a fresh boy caressed his mentality.

As the massage lingered, Nku yelled, “Sir!” and adjusted from his devourer. His face went crimson with rage.

“Oh, NK, you know politics…I am stressed out,” he mumbled and eyed Nku erotically. He brought out his left hand from his backside and handed Nku a brown envelope and a yellow bag with a bold red lettering; SHOPRITE.

Nku quickly pocketed the flattened envelope and impatiently looked into the yellow bag; two bottles of Smart Collection Perfume, Chivita Juice, Hollandia powdered milk and Milo squeezed in. “Thank you, sir! Thank you, sir!” he chanted and genuflected like the Yoruba.

Chapter 2~Abuse or love~

Chapter two

~Abuse or love~

“Oh come on, Nk,” he intoned and started walking closer to massage again. Nku wanted to adjust yet further but he was already closed up on the wall. He stilled and got anothermild massage from Sen. Madu. “You will get more of this. All I need isyour humility and cooperation,” he said and massaged with eyes half closed.

This time around the massage gave its message as Nku could feel the Romeo effect tickling his skin. “Sir!” he yelled louder and Sen. Madu was startled. “If you are really tired go and have some rest in your bed. My shoulders don’t look like the latest Vita foam,” said Nku with his wobbly eyeballs and enraged looks.

Sen. Madu smacked his lips, whirled around and quickly sat for breakfast.

“I will be in my room, sir,” Nku said and gently walked away. And Sen. Madu steadied his eyes on his buttocks until he was out of sight and then he opened the dish. Thick aroma hung in the air.

Nku locked the doo


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