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Back In Your Arms

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Firstly, love is like candy. Even if it's sweet, it can make you feel heartbroken that you were unable to prepare when or how it would happen. There were ups and downs throughout Aiden and Sabrina's relationship, and the last was their parents' consent. Although they win all that fight, will Sabrina and Aiden be able to overcome the obstacles that will break Sabrina's heart? When Sabrina discovers her pregnancy, there might be another reason to hold on after letting go? Nevertheless, fate hasn't been kind to them since they cannot reunite, and, to make matters worse, one of their twins died due to Aiden's family's actions. Can love heal Sabrina's wounds as she seeks retribution on Aiden's family? Would it be possible to experience a sweeter love the second time around? Are Sabrina and Aiden capable of getting back into each other's arms? Don't miss out on the ending!



I was running out of breath when I entered the elevator of the company I was working in. I woke up late because I stayed awake last night and could not remember when I slept. Gosh, I am sure Sir Anderson will scold me for being tardy. As the elevator opened, I immediately ran to my work cubicle and checked the clock. Shoot, I am three minutes late.

My co-worker commented, “Oh jeez, girl, you looked like you were passing out,” when she noticed me.

“Almost. I woke up late,” I explained while struggling for air.

“Why? Have you had dinner with your boyfriend last night?” my co-worker maliciously asked.

“Yeah, that wasn’t the reason. I was exhausted from accompanying Sir Anderson to his meetings yesterday,” I responded.

“It is tough to be the CEO’s secretary. Look at yourself; you seem sluggish,” my co-worker jokingly commented.

“There is no sense in making myself beautiful; there is already someone who fell into my charm,” I replied, then started laughing. The comment made my co-worker laugh as well.

“You’re driving me crazy, girl. Make yourself presentable, and Sir Anderson may call you later in his office. Apparently, he arrived before you,” she said, shocking me.

“What?” My heart nearly dropped, but I managed to calm myself down.

Oh, no! I can now be confident that he will scold me. Argh! I saw my co-worker attempt to speak, but she immediately froze. Her eyes were also filled with nervousness as she looked at me. Seeing where she was looking caused me to turn around, which I immediately regretted.

“In my office!” Sir Anderson ordered coldly, and he walked away. He returned to his office. Since I knew he wouldn’t want to wait for a long time, I managed to stand up despite my nervousness.

“Good luck, girl!” She encouraged me before heading back to her cubicle. A sigh escaped my lips as I walked toward Sir Anderson’s office. I knocked on the door three times.

“Come in!” I heard him exclaim, so I rushed in.

I caught him standing near the glass window while talking to someone on his phone. Keeping my feet firmly on the ground, I moved closer to his table.

“All right, Mr Hudson. We will handle that for you. Thank you.” He said this before ending the call with whomever he spoke with.

With his symmetrical jawline and straight face, he looked at me. Women are drawn to his brown eyes, which are a great attraction.

“Stop daydreaming, Miss Cruz. As I enjoyed the view, he coldly interrupted me, swiveling into his chair and abruptly sitting down.

“I apologize, Sir!” I lowered my head quickly in embarrassment.

“You know I cannot resist you if you keep staring at me that way,” he pointed out, making me glance at him. Grinning widely at me. “What do you need, and why did you call me here, sir?” His wide grin disappeared when I asked seriously.

“I just wanna check out my schedule for the day. You know, I am a bit drained because of what happened yesterday.” His eyes gleamed seductively at me.

“Stop being flirty. We are in the office,” I replied to deter him from acting mischievously.

“Psh, so impatient. So, my schedule today is as follows?” He pouted shortly before asking. Then he raised his left eyebrow.

“You have a meeting with the Marketing department at 9:30 AM, then a meeting with the sales department at 1:30 PM. Lastly, dinner with your parents and the Hudson Family,” I spoke immediately while reading what was in my journal.

“Why do I have long meetings?” he muttered, then began to massage his temples.

“I will remind you of the reason. You are rushing some meetings because you will leave the country to attend the business summit in Singapore the day after tomorrow.” I answered his question.

“Have you finished packing your things yet?” He asked out of nowhere.

“For what?” I asked in puzzlement.

“I will take you to Singapore with me. I told you about it last time,” He thoughtfully explained.

“I couldn’t join you because you would leave much work in the office. You cannot take me with you even though I am your secretary. “While you’re away, I will be your direct communicator here,” I maintained my straight face as I explained my reasons to him.

He quietly stood up and walked closer to me, which made me walk backward. Oh my gosh, his eyes hypnotized me. My nervousness increased when I felt that I was hitting the table already. I could not move back anymore. He moved closer to me until it was only two inches before our lips could meet.

“Who said that I would take you on as my secretary? I want you to be there as my girlfriend.” He sweetly said while smiling, and immediately stood up straight. I felt like all the blood in my body rushed to my cheeks because of what he said. Yeah, Mr. Anderson is my boyfriend. However, no one in the office knew about us. I also stood up straight because I had bent my head to avoid his stares.

“Stop teasing me.” I protested. I also hit his shoulder and glared at him.

“You look more beautiful when you blush.” He commented, then chuckled.

“Back to work,” I asserted firmly, changing the subject.

“Fine, but I still want you to be there.” He said before going back to his swivel chair.

“As much as I would like to, I just can’t. Aside from that, it was my grandmother’s birthday just a few days from now, so I had planned to visit her,” I explained to him after observing him closely.

“Fine, but behave yourself!” He said seriously.

“Huh? I should be the one telling you that,” I snapped and raised my right eyebrow.

“You are the only one I love. And if someone tries to lure their bodies and seduce me, I won’t give in to their charms. I’m yours, and no one can change that,” Aiden said with passion in a soft and dulcet voice.

“Stop being so cheesy, Mr. Anderson.” I blushed, and my heart palpitated.

My blush intensified when Aiden sweetly said, “Okay, fine, Mrs Anderson.” In order not to blush in front of him, I faked coughing and checked the clock on the wall of his office.

The meeting will begin in a few minutes, so you should prepare yourself. “I’m leaving now, Sir,” I explained politely.

“All right, please bring me a cup of coffee before you leave.” He then turned his attention to the reports that the marketing department sent.

Although he did not see me, I nodded and marched straight to the pantry in his office. I suppose people began to wonder how I got to be a CEO’s girlfriend. During our college years, Aiden and I were classmates in a few subjects, leading us to become friends. After some time, we decided to take our relationship to the next level. It was not my intention to become his secretary. I knew that when our secret was revealed, it would destroy his reputation. Then, when my grandmother was fighting for her life, I found myself desperate for a job. I did not hesitate to accept the offer. Although I was his girlfriend, I told him that I should be treated the same as his other employees. I grabbed some cupcakes from his pantry before returning to his table, holding the coffee he asked me to blend. The moment I placed the coffee and cupcake on his table, I turned around and walked toward the door. Before I left his office, I took a glimpse of him once again. I smiled slightly because of what I was seeing. While reading the reports and taking notes in his notepad, he displays a serious yet charismatic expression. Perhaps he is making notes in preparation for the comments and suggestions he intends to present later in the meeting. I gently closed his office door and returned to my work cubicle.




It was almost nine in the morning, so everyone in the office was busy doing their tasks. Since Aiden will leave for Singapore in the next few days, the schedule of different department deadlines has become tighter. It was because Aiden did not want to go with an ongoing project in the company since it would also cause a delay to the employees’ benefits.

“ Ms. Cruz?! “

I almost jumped from where I was seated because of the loud voice I heard. I raised my head to see whoever the jerk was trying to surprise me. However, I gulped when I realized who had called me. His dark aura and his eyes that could eat a person alive made me shiver in fear.

“ Sir Anderson,” I called his name after I stood up.

“ Daydreaming in the workplace is not allowed, Ms. Cruz. “ He lectured me in a serious manner. However, when our eyes met, I recognized that he did not mean to talk to me like that, but he had to.

“ I am sorry, sir!” I apologized and smiled sligh


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