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Babysitting Mr. Powers' Daughter.

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After a life-changing event, Grace found herself at the most luxurious hotel in Manhattan with the hope of getting a babysitting job. But the moment she stepped out of the elevator, her entire life changed track. And that was because of Dominic Powers, her employer, the father of a five-year-old. The man who possessed an air of prideful gloom, and appeared hard to approach, the man whose piercing ocean-blue eyes haunted her ever since their first, brief encounter. Will Grace be able to focus on babysitting his daughter? Or will she get distracted and intensely tangled with the irresistible Dominic Powers?



Review after the novel completion

It was an easy to read story. Well written and with a nice story. It has not so many chapters so the reader can not get bored. Although some characters was not very much involved or not very much needed. Somewhere near to the end I felt like the author has nothing to add tot the story and is getting bored. For the end I have to say that for 3 topics the author left us with some questions. We have to know in order to close this story properly.

May 8, 2024

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