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Baby Girl

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“ I thought life was all about money but never knew, I can be deeply fall in love with someone I never expected and that's Otunba’s son “Sandra says speaking to herself and she sipped her wine. “ My whole life is full of regrets, being a sugar baby is not the best option” she says weeping and still sipping her drink. Sandra is a 25yr-old and a sugar baby to Otunba Adebayo Benson, her sugar Daddy always provides all she needs before his son James Benson met Sandra and falls in love with her and he wants to marry her but Otunba Adebayo Benson is against the relationship. Will Otunba Adebayo Benson allow her Sugar baby Sandra to get married to his son James?

Chapter 1

Sandra lay down in her bed weeping starring  at James picture from her cell phone iPhone 14 pro max, the frame James got for her on her 25th birthday fell of from the wall in her bedroom and she turns back and saw it and she tiredly drag herself out of the bed and with her tears dripping from her face uncomfortable. She picked the frame up and started at it and she continued weeping.

“ I thought life was all about money and living a big girls lives bit I never thought I could be this deeply in love and with someone I never expected, James was the least person in my life I thought I will love but now his dad my Otunba that use to be my sugar Daddy is stopping from getting married to anyone even his son, I thought life of a baby girl was the best but now I understand its not the best, I can't settle down because of Otunba, only if I had know I would have listened to my mum” Sandra says weeping.

“ I whole life is full of regrets right now” Samdra says and she continue weeping.

Sandra got everything she has ever dreamt of, she is now a boss lady and a successful business lady having a car and a house but her sugar Daddy does not want her to be getting married. Her cell phone rang and she rushes to pick it up and it was James calling her.

“ Hey James!” Sandra says in her soft voice while she continued weeping and James heard her voice.

“ Were you crying?” James ask.

“ What will you have me do, your dad refused us to get married, “ Sandra says.

“ You should calm down, when two lovers are in love no one can stop them so my dad can't stop us” James says.

“ What is you plan now?” Sandra ask.

“ I was thinking if we could travel out of the country” James says.

“ Thats is wrong idea, running away from our problem won't solve this, we have to fight and win” Sandra says.

“ My dad is very stubborn man, he kept on tell my mum bad things about you” James says.

“ All this is my fault because I messed up just because of money” Sandra says weeping.

“ I will come to meet you so we can discuss, you should calm down, I love you” James says.

“ I love you too bye for now” Sandra says and she ends the call and deoo her phone in the bed and she flashback to her baby girl lifestyle.


“This dress dosen’t look fit, I don’t look s*xy enough, I want Otunba to ask me for more” Sandra says as she swirl around in front of the mirror.

Sandra walks hastily to her wardrobe, she moves her hand on the clothes, she was about removing a crop top when she sights her black s*xy backless mini fitted gown. She quickly brings it out of her wardrobe and she hastily undresses herself.

She quickly dresses up in the gown, she looks at herself in the mirror and she feels satisfied in the dress.

“ I think this really looks good on me and for Otunba” Sandra says to herself.

She goes to her shoes rack and she picks one of the Gucci latest shoes that she got from the money Otunba gave her few days ago.

A nine inches heel strapless shoe.

She picks up her mini handbag and her cellphone and she peeps out of the bedroom and as she sees her mom was so busy with her bible, she removes her nine in ches shoes from her feet and she tiptoe.

Her mother looks up and shakes her head and her mom’s voice that came all of a sudden from nowhere made her stuff like a robot. she stares at her daughter from head to toe.

She felt dissatisfied by her dressing.

“ Where are you off to at this time of the night? Exactly what she didn’t want to hear because she knew her mother was going to ask where she was going and she can’t stand loosing the money she stands to gain from spending the night with Otunba at the hotel.

“ I……I….. “ she opens her mouth and shuts it again because she has to think of the kind of lie to tell her mom or she wouldn’t go out to meet Otunba.

“ I am going to visit my friends” Sandra replied and her mom stares deeply into her eyes and she looks away swallowing her saliva.

“ Oh mom, when has it become a crime to go out with friends to a party? After all I am over Eighteen, I am old enough to take good care of myself? Sandra says.

“ Really” her mom says. “ Did you check the time” she says pointing at the wall clock.

“ Mom please can you just evolve with the world? Sandra says.

“ Mom, I am going to be late for the party, please take care of yourself, I will be back soon” Sandra walks out of the house in a haste while her mom stares at her shaking her head.

“ Sandra has changed, she is no more the Sandra I raised in the christian way?

Sandra is a girl with big dreams, she has always dreamed of being a boss lady, she is beautiful and smart, and she is a girl that all men want. She can go to any extent to achieve her dream, she came from a middle-class family, she loves flexing and she is brave. She took an Uber and went to a nightclub where she met Otunba Adebayo Benson.

She entered the nightclub and she walk past, Otunba was sitting in the VIP then he saw her, Sandra went to the bar to sit, she ask for a glass of wine from the barman and the barman served it, Otunba could not get his eyes of Sandra as he saw, he went to meet her to speak with her at the bar.

” Hey,” Otunba says and he smiles Sandra sip her drink and smile.

” You are so beautiful and s*xy, “ Otunba says.

” Thank you, sir, you look cut as well,” Sandra says mad she smiles.

” Can, I speak with you ?” Otunba ask.

” Yes sure, you can, “ Sandra says and she sips her drink.

“ Not here, can we go to the VIP ?” Otunba asks Sandra.

” Sure, we can, “ Sandra says and she goes with Otunba to the VIP, Otunba asks his bodyguards to give them their privacy.

” You are so hot baby, tell me do you have a boyfriend,” Otunba asks.

” No, I am single and I am ready to mingle “ Sandra smiled.

” That’s so nice, do you come here with a friend ?” Otunba ask.

” No I am here alone, I always love doing things on my own” Sandra says.

” Do you also stay here on the island?” Otunba ask.

” I stay on the mainland but I always come on the island to flex, because this life doesn’t have a duplicate, “ Sandra says and she smiles.

I stay in Banana island, I am Otunba Adebayo Benson, tell me your name” Otunba says.

” I am Sandra by name, “ Sandra says.

” What do you care for so I can tell the waiter to serve you,” Otunba says.

” I have had enough so just tell me why you brought me here, “ Sandra says.

” Can you be my sugar baby?” Otunba asks and he brings out money from his briefcase, Sandra sees the money and she looks shocked, Otunba gives her some five hundred thousand naira cash, Sandra takes the money and looks at it and she smiles.

” Wow Otunba why were you wasting so much time to ask me this question,” Sandra says as she smiles and she keeps the money in her bag.

“ Tell me what is your answer, “ Otunba asks, Sandra smile.

” My answer is yes, Otunba, you were wasting so much time expressing your self “ Sandra smiled and she goes close to Otunba and she smiles.

” Do you still want to be here in the night club or we should go and log in to a five-star hotel, let’s enjoy ourselves a little bit “ Otunba says.

” We should start going now, I am done flexing for today “ Sandra smile and they both stand up, Otunba calls his bodyguards to carry his briefcase, and they go out of the nightclub, the bodyguard opens the car door for them and they both enter, Sandra is looking so happy and excited.

” Oh goodness finally I catch a big fish, he gave me some of five hundred thousand nairas just for this night, now my dream will finally come true,” Sandra says in her mind and she smiles.

” Ate you ok? Seems you like smiling a lot” Otunba says.

” Yes, I love smiling a lot because I am always happy, tell me a little about yourself, tell me a little about your family, “ Sandra says.

” You already know my name and you know I am an Otunba and also I have three kids two daughters and a son, James is my first son and he handles all my business, Omotara is my second daughter but she is married and Omotayo is my last born and still single, my wife has her business as well but she doesn’t always have time for me, “ Otunba says.

“ I am sorry about that Otunba but don’t worry I am now here for you, I promise I will make sure you don’t regret you met me, “ Sandra says and she smiles.

“ What about telling me a little about yourself,” Otunba says.

” As I told you before, I am Sandra by name and I am

from a family of six I am the last born, my two sis are married and my three brothers are hustling to make money,” Sandra says and smiles.

The driver drives them to EKO hotel in Lagos, they got there and they both go down from the car, they enter the hotel, and Otunba books for a hotel suite and they both go in the suit, Sandra smile as she enters the room.

“ Do you like here? “ Otunba asks.

“ Yes, I like here, I just like you because you know did not want time before telling me what you want from me, “ Sandra says.

“ Don't worry, I will give you some cash tomorrow morning before you go home “ Otunba says and Sandra smile.

“ Do you care for anything?” Otunba asks Sandra.

“ No Otunba, I am full already, I need to have my shower,” Sandra says and she pulls off her clothes and goes to the bathroom, Otunba pulls off his clothes and he goes to meet her in the bathroom, he opens the shower and he starts to caress her book, he kisses her round her neck and he fingers her so hard” Sandat moan as she enjoys it and she smiles, he sucks her boobs and, he kissed her Tommy and he sucks her so well, Sandra goes to him and she sucks him so well that Otunba enjoys it and couldn't help but to moan so hard “ you are so good baby, “ Otunba says and Sandra sucks his nipple and she licks he hears “ come and ride on me baby, “ Otunba says.

Chapter 2

Sandra rides on Otunba and he moans so loud and he goes crazy and he slaps her ass, Otunba ride from behind, Sandra moaning so loud and could not stop moaning as Otunba is riding her so fast and hard. They have their shower together and Otunba carries Sandra to the bed, Sandra smile and Otunba kisses her.

” You are so good, I don’t think, I can ever leave you but you have to promise me you will not cheat on me with any guy,” Otunba says.

” Tell me why will I cheat on you with any guy, when you are so good in bed, I never expect this from you Otunba, you still have the energy and even your dick is so sweet, I enjoyed it, “ Sandra says.

” You so well baby, and you are so juicy and spicy, don’t worry before you go home tomorrow I will give you some cash again because you did not disappoint me,” Otunba says, and Sandra smile.

” Thank you Otunba,” Sandra says and she smiles and Otunba closes his eyes and sleeps.

” Very soon Otunba, I will ask for a car but I


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