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Babies for The Hot Billionaire

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Ariadne Caddel got the shock of her life when she visited her soon-to-be husband and met him on the bed with her stepsister. She felt betrayed by the both of them and took off her engagement ring, broke off the engagement without thinking twice. They didn't even look remorseful. Feeling pained and dejected, Ariadne went to the closest club she could find, seduced the first man she saw and had s*x with him. She decided to move away from the city and leave behind all of her past memories to start a new life. There, she discovered that she was pregnant with quadruplets that can only be for the mysterious man she had s*x with. She came back to the city to find the father of her children but the only thing she had on him was the customized bracelet with the initials "C. J. W." inscribed on it and the only person she has heard of that bears that initials is the Popular Cold-hearted and Playboy Billionaire, Conrad Jared Whitlock.


Rolanda Carwise

Review after the novel completion

Well to be honest, the novel was boring for the first 30 chapters, it took to long for the pace to pick up.I think the writer should have come up with a better meeting of Adrian and the kids father, she said it was dark in the room but they met at a bar first, so the story for that part makes no since. I feel the writer needs to invest more time into each character and the parts they play. Just when things started to pick up you end the story. I wish I had known the story was incomplete before investing time into it. The writers tend to not continue on with their books. I hope there will be future episodes, I want to see you pick the pace up. You have potential to be a good writer. Just add a little more into the plot and you will become better. What happened between and her mom. You seem to rush toward the end. You left Shawn’s character in an odd place, he had feelings but he doesn’t want her, he just wanted to get that off his chest.were her kids in a private school to have to pay fees? I just don’t understand some of the things that are written. Why did her best friend only see her once, in 5 years is kind of crazy. Over all I will give the writer credit for the making of a good novel. What happened to her dad, I hope you will bring in more characters on her side of the family. How often are updates on this book? Please don’t tell me it is the end of the book? How come Conrad doesn’t recognize her? I thought he saw her also.

May 26, 2024

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