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Auctioned - Marriage Contract

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Alyson Hambleton, was a happy child, raised in a happy home. But from one day to the next, her caring, loving, and concerned father turned into an executioner and started treating her mother and herself very badly. He beat them for no apparent reason, just because he felt like it. At least, that's what little Alyson thought. Until close to her 18th birthday, Alyson finds her mother dead and from then on her hell begins. Alyson is auctioned off by her own father, who wants her to be mistreated by everyone. Her auction is a success because she is a virgin and the one who ends up with her is the charming and handsome, Kevin Macwire. But the contract he signs has one important clause, Alyson has to be auctioned off every year on her birthday. What will happen? Will Kevin live up to the contract? Will Alyson end up in the hands of who else? Will she be as mistreated as her father so longs for? And Brian Keller, who will it be and why will he appear in the story? And where will a Marriage Contract fit in? Is there forgiveness in the end? Come and meet a story with lots of Hot romance, lies, betrayals and drama. Fall in love with... Auctioned - Marriage Contract.


Saskia Visagie

Review after half of the novel

I love reading these books keep me in tears and I also love the way I look at the world and the details was INT. It was a very hard time for me and my family. What caught me in tears is the way you are describing the world and the details was BYC. You can see that the world has a lot to offer and you can make this a good choice for your future. You can always make a statement that you are not the only bad person1.

April 17, 2024

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