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Auctioned - Marriage Contract

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Alyson Hambleton, was a happy child, raised in a happy home. But from one day to the next, her caring, loving, and concerned father turned into an executioner and started treating her mother and herself very badly. He beat them for no apparent reason, just because he felt like it. At least, that's what little Alyson thought. Until close to her 18th birthday, Alyson finds her mother dead and from then on her hell begins. Alyson is auctioned off by her own father, who wants her to be mistreated by everyone. Her auction is a success because she is a virgin and the one who ends up with her is the charming and handsome, Kevin Macwire. But the contract he signs has one important clause, Alyson has to be auctioned off every year on her birthday. What will happen? Will Kevin live up to the contract? Will Alyson end up in the hands of who else? Will she be as mistreated as her father so longs for? And Brian Keller, who will it be and why will he appear in the story? And where will a Marriage Contract fit in? Is there forgiveness in the end? Come and meet a story with lots of Hot romance, lies, betrayals and drama. Fall in love with... Auctioned - Marriage Contract.

Chapter 1

Auctioned - Marriage Contract

This story is solely and only of my own making.


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You are my dream come true

His hands on me make me feel the most desired of women, the most loved, the most protected.

He runs along my body, with his fingertips and the tip of his tongue, making me shiver.

His fingers enter my wet intimacy, such is our urgency to love each other.

Gluing our bodies to each other, as if we were one body.

- Too hot. - he whispers in my ear, making me shiver.

I moan in desire with all the desire to have him inside me.

As if reading my thoughts, he places his member at my entrance and slides inside me.

The sensations he gives me are indescribable, desirable, the best I have ever experienced.

He is my deepest love, my love of a lifetime.

He owns me yes, but he owns my heart.

Wolf in Sheep's Skin

Narrated by Alyson

In the silence of tears, anguish is undeniable

I look up at the sky that is so starry, I feel the breeze passing through my long brown hair.

I close my eyes, savoring the sweet taste of the moment, there are few that I savor, like this, so calmly.

Alyson Hambleton, pleasure, it's me.

I was born in the United States of America, more precisely in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

A town with German characteristics, it has delicious local beers, typical architecture, and delicious food.

Maybe for this very reason, my parents emigrated to Germany when I was only 10 years old.

I remember that my parents argued a lot before they decided to move and I didn't understand at all when they said that we were going to move out of the United States of America.

My mother, told me that we needed to start life somewhere else, away from this country, away from all the evil and that she just wanted to protect me.

I sigh saturated.

After all, what did my dear mother really want to protect me from? If the devil was going to go with us, there it was, right under our noses, under the same roof, a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing, ready to strike.

My father, was that wolf, hungry for revenge, and he waited, waited patiently to deliver his final blow.

To sell me to the highest bidder.

To auction me off, as if I were a painting.

An auction with strict rules, a signed contract, and everyone had to fulfill the contract, the agreement.

Strict rules written by the fist of my father... the wolf.

Father, no, a father doesn't do what he did.

I'm going back, so they understand.

I need them to understand.

I need to know if I'm the one who's always been wrong, or he's the one who never really amounted to anything.

Fulminant Heart Attack

October 2004

Narrated by Alyson

I learned to smile, even with my eyes full of tears

The trip is tomorrow, we are moving to Germany, I don't know why, I don't understand why.

I am only 10 years old, made last week.

My parents have always been a beautiful, passionate couple, always very friendly.

So I don't understand why they have been fighting non-stop.

My father accuses her of being a traitor, a wh*r*, sold out to anyone.

I don't understand anything they talk about, but my father is very upset, angry with my mother.

My mother cries, she cries all the time.

So they decided to start a new life away from here.

My mother said it was for us to have a better life.

Why better? We have everything here.

We live in a mansion, where we have servants, a driver, a gardener.

Do we need to go to Germany to have a better life?

But what my mother doesn't know, is that I heard my father practically forced her to go wherever he wanted.

- You are going to do what I tell you to do, because if you don't, I will leave you where you deserve to be, on the street. But because I feel sorry for you, I will let you and your daughter come with me to Germany. - I heard him say to my mother.

My father's name is Jack Hambleton and he owns a jewelry chain.

My mother, Karoline Hambleton, was a much sought-after model, but she gave up her career after she became pregnant with me.

My mother was indeed going to Germany, but not because she wanted to, she was practically being forced to go.

That night I got my first slap from my father, just because I ran in the hallway, something I did so often, I didn't understand his attitude, but from that day on, I started getting beat up a lot by him.

I didn't understand his hatred for me, he had always cherished, loved and supported me, and from one hour to the next he started treating me very, very badly.

We then arrived in Germany and went to live in one of the most posh and bourgeois neighborhoods, a mansion in Zehlendorf, located in the area of the former West Berlin.

My father, who used to be loving and caring, became a hangman, an arrogant and downright stupid man.

He treated my mother very badly, in front of all the employees, in front of anyone, and no one was allowed to say anything, or look at him with disapproval.

Since he was a billionaire and had a lot of knowledge, no one even dared to think of standing up to him.

One day, I stood up to him myself, I was 15 at the time, and I couldn't stand to see him hit my mother, hit me.

From my room, I heard my mother's screams and ran to her rescue.

I walked into the room without even asking permission, she was tied to the foot of the bed, he was beating her with his belt, and just as he was about to give her another beating I held his hand.

His anger turned to me and he hit me so hard, I had a week of not being able to go to school.

The father I loved so much became pure hatred, for that man who had no heart, a tremendous cruel and soulless man.

Three years later, my dear mother died, I was the one who found her on the bathroom floor already lifeless.

They said it was a massive heart attack.

Was it really? I don't know, and I don't know if I will ever know.

If before I thought I was living in hell, from the moment my mother left forever, I have visited hell, many, many times.

Chapter 2


The Virginity

October 2012

Narrated by Alyson

It's impossible to smile, when everything inside me is falling apart

- You're not going to school tomorrow. - he enters the room and starts shouting.

I don't even pay attention to him anymore, I'm so used to his shouting that I don't even shake it off.

I don't feel like listening or talking to anyone either, my mother was buried a week ago today.

My sadness is enormous, I don't even know how I'm going to live under the same roof with my crazy father.

I take a deep breath.

- And why is that? May I know? - I ask, already knowing well what his answer will be.

- And since when do I have to justify myself? Since when do I have to answer to you. Especially to a spoiled little girl who thinks she's somebody! You are nobody, you are a piece of shit Alyson, just like your mother," he spits out the words angrily.

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