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Accidental Bride (A Christmas Wedding)

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Alex wanted a perfect Christmas,her expectations were high, a Christmas Eve dinner and a well spent Christmas, all but few of everything she wanted however she got the shock of her life when her boyfriend suddenly broke up with her for no reason. Every expectation she had for Christmas crashed and she was left shattered and broken. Finding out that her ex is a brother to the guy who is bent on punishing her for crashing his car, Alex concluded she will pay him back by pretending to date Josh. Her plan backfired when Josh's grandfather insisted that a wedding will happen. It was up to Alex to make a decision whether she wants to get married and give her kid brother a future or fight her way out of the wedding. Luke would not stand by and watch his ex-girlfriend marry his brother because he still loves her. Josh, who thought Alex is a golddigger, will not accept her so easily. Josh's grandfather was more than happy to set the wedding because he believes Alex is more than who she thinks she is. The long secret that was buried, how long will it stay buried before the world unveils it? Was Alex truly who she thinks she is or she is more?

Chapter 1 Break Up

The ringing of her phone made Alex quickened her steps to where it lay on her bed carelessly. A smile crept into her face when she saw the caller, it was no other than Luke, the love of her life. She was wet from showering and she didn't mind knowing that any other thing can wait but her love can't wait.

She picked up the phone and his voice came through, "being knocking for a while now, can you kindly come open the door for me?"

He said dryly and hung up the call immediately.

Alex pulled the phone from her ear and stared at it. This was unusual for Luke not to say a word of greetings to her. His voice was cold and she feared if he is okay.

"Hope he is okay?"

She thought.

What could have gone wrong? Did something happen at home? Is he fighting with his grandfather again? She was confused.

She quickly dried her body and went in search of her clothes. Any cloth will do, it's obvious he has been waiting and she does not want him to wait any longer.

She was actually getting ready for their dinner date and was so excited but with the way Luke hung the call, she was not sure if the dinner date is possible again, nevertheless she is not supposed to lose faith.

It's Christmas Eve and she is looking forward to that dinner.

Could not see any appropriate dress to put on, she picked her dressing robe and wore it on top of her towel, and left to open the door.

Getting to the door, her heart accelerated and she could not tell why. She needed to calm down before opening the door. Whatever she is feeling is confusing because she does not understand why she has to be so worried.

She breathed in and out, managed a smile, and opened the door.

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the look on Luke's face. She thought as much, she knew all was not well with him. She hopes it is nothing serious.

" Hi," she said and stepped away from the door for him to come in. He stared at her without returning her greeting before going in. Alex closed the door and turned to face him.

"Let's break up!"

She heard him say and froze. Did she hear him correctly? What's sort of joke is that? She hopes he is playing.

She chuckled and went to him, held his hand, and smiled.

"Thank Goodness you are alright. I thought something has happened to you."

She said, expecting a response from him but he just stared at her.

Luke knew he was going to hurt her badly but his heart is with someone else. He can't continue to lead her on. They have been in this relationship for almost a year now and for a day has she given him a reason to regret loving her but the heart always wants what it wants.

He knows that no matter how hard he tries to fight for this love of theirs, at the end of the day it will fail. So the best thing is for them to go their separate ways and maybe at the end of the day Alex would thank him for doing this today.

He put his two hands to her face and said, "I want us to break up."

"Break up? For real, why?"

Alex questioned him. She wanted to know why he suddenly wants to break up with her. Did something happen that changed his mind? Of Course, something had happened that prompted him to say what he just said.

"I love you and you love me but we won't work. You are a good lady but I would be the biggest joker to try and work this relationship between us."

"So you want to give up on a relationship of eleven months because you think we would not work. Luke, what happened? You promised to take me out for dinner and I was just getting ready for it and here you just showed up to tell me we would not work at all because of mere assumptions, huh?"

Alex could not believe her ears. Why is she damned unlucky?

Luke could see the hurt written clearly in her eyes. On normal days, he would have pulled her to himself and told her that he was joking but he knows that it was no joke, that it is the reality for both of them.

"Alex, a day will come when you will thank me for breaking up with you. You might see me as the worst thing that ever happened to you and I don't mind if you tag me anything but I have come to say goodbye to you"

Luke said and pulled his hands away from her face. She held onto him but he shrugged her hand off. She felt hurt and withdrew. She can't believe that a day like this would come when she has to be hurt by one person she cherishes so much. It hurts to be hurt by love.

"I guess it's goodbye then."

Alex said and turned her back on him

"You have given up and made up your mind so there is no need trying to make you see reasons. Knowing you was the best thing that happened to me and I would not forget that in a hurry, Luke. You are the one who truly loves me but if your heart wants another then I can't fight. Hate me all you love me but I would continue to love you.

When you proposed a dinner date, I was the happiest creature. I thought I was going to celebrate Christmas Eve with the one I love and to celebrate Christmas with him too, I was hundred percent sure. I wish you all the best in life, Luke"

She paused and sniffed, her tears were threatening to fall but she can't cry here so she had to hold herself.

"Merry Christmas, Mr. Luke Bleak."

Chapter 2 Unlucky In Love

Luke felt hurt by the brutality in which Alex wished him a merry Christmas. He was supposed to be happy that she did not make it difficult for him. She had understood but he had wished she fought a little. Truth is, he was not expecting her to accept their break up, guess he wanted her to beg him to stay.

He wished as she disappeared inside and knew for sure that this is the last time he is setting his eyes on her. His wedding is tomorrow and he needs to be at the bachelor party organized by his bachelor friends.

Getting married at last.

He sighed and palmed his face

It's goodbye for the last time.

"Merry Christmas, Miss Coker"

They are now back to formality. How things end before they begin?

He closed her door and stepped into the mood of the evening,

Alex got to her room and slumped on the floor. She doesn't know whether to cry or laugh but she has to do one and that's to cry.



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