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Aberrant Adaline : Getting Mr Drew

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Adaline Cintron, was a young pretty girl suffering from an anxiety disorder called selective mutism. She was known as the pretty dumb girl because she found great difficulty in expressing herself orally thus she would remain mute in public or social gatherings. The Cintrons we're among the rich families in Blitland, they had an identical twin girls who were the total opposite of themselves. One was the jovial and happy type, always seeking attention from the public and loved to be praised. The other was not only known as the pretty dumb girl but also a walking dead, she never socializes orally, always quiet in a corner with a blank face expressing no emotions. Adele had always felt and thought she was the most loved and the best among her twin sister, she always wanted to contrast herself from the dumb Adaline and wanted to be better than her in every way possible. But what will happen when she finds out that her dumb twin sister would get married to the most handsome bachelor, The handsome CEO rumored to be a ruthless psychopath known for being heartless and does things without any humanity. Would Adele allow her twin sister to get married to the man of her dreams? She was always the perfect one among both of them, what would be her reaction when she comes to the notice that her parent made an arranged marriage between Adaline and the heartless CEO? Read to find out how the tug of war between both sisters ended.

Marriage Alliance.

So much trashing and crashing was heard loudly inside the classic living room with modern luxurious decor, the supposed French-styled living room was now a total mess, expensive flower vase, table lamp, China wears and porcelain jug were in a sorry state as their pieces were lying on the expensive tiled floor.

The older couple tried to coax and explain things to their ignorant daughter but it was all useless as the girl was adamant about getting what she wanted and that was something impossible for her parent to do, she was devastated as she sat on the bare floor with her hair scattered not caring about her perfect image, what she wanted was what was important to her at the moment.

On a cream-coloured couch, there sat a calm yet beautiful girl, she just stared at the mess her twin had created as if it was nothing, no one could blame her for her indifference, she had selective mutism, she never talked, not even when she was alone with her family, no one knew if it was her selective mutism or she purposely chose to be quiet for the reason best known to her but everyone knew her as the pretty dumb girl, a total difference from her lively and jovial twin.

She stared at her twin sister who was crying and throwing tantrums while her parents tried to cajole her but she was strong-headed and kept her mind on the same thing her parent was against and that was to get married to Mr Drew Euston, the ruthless and heartless CEO of a large company, he was rumoured to be a psychopath and derived pleasure from hurting others.

Adaline had no reason why her parent made an arranged marriage between her and the cold-blooded devil, she could see with her very own eyes that her twin sister wanted to be the one to get married to the devil yet they refused.

"Enough!! We are doing this for you, we can't let you get married to someone who is psychologically abnormal, you've heard the rumours surrounding him yourself, stop being a fool and see how we are looking out for you, everything is for your good"

Mr Thom's voice growled out loudly in the whole room shutting the crybaby to silence, he could not stand his stupid daughter's behaviour anymore, he only wanted the best for her. Adele was shaken by her father's thunderous shout and it made her keep quiet and sob silently as she hiccuped

Adaline frowned deeply at her father's statement, she was finding it hard to understand the logic in what he spouted, he said he would not let his daughter get married to a psychologically abnormal man but what about her? Wasn't she his daughter as well? They were twin sisters and she was the younger one, then what did he mean by his words?

She was wondering who Mr Drew was because she never met him in person, Adele was the only person who had seen him. She was wondering what he would look like, how old was he. Fifty years old? Sixty years old? Or even higher or maybe lower.

Mrs Freda silently lifted her sobbing daughter from the floor and escorted her to her room, she felt sorry for her daughter but what her daughter was asking for was impossible. The whole arranged marriage thing was only a business alliance and nothing else, their company was falling at a fast pace and was close to bankruptcy, they needed a partner to help them and Mr Drew was their only hope, they decided to get him married to their mute daughter, they also saw this as a good opportunity to get their dumb daughter a husband because they knew no man would ever want to get married to a girl suffering from selective mutism and could not even talk, though the man they were marrying their daughter too wasn't good but was better than living as a dumb old maid.

Mr Thom glanced at Adaline and turned his back to her, he was feeling guilty but it was still better than leaving her hopelessly without a man to marry, he could not find any other person, Mr Drew was their only choice and it surprised him that Mr Drew had no complaints when he told him that his daughter was dumb but he didn't ponder much and moved forward to other preparations.

"Adaline, get prepared because anytime soon Mr Drew will be coming to take you and don't disappoint us, this is our only hope for a better future"

After talking without looking at her, he matched out of the house through the front door. Adaline finally registered everything, she now understood but she did not mind that her parent was using her to salvage their company because she was dumb. Even if she wanted to do something, what could she do? She knew how hard things were for them so the least she could do to contribute was to get married for a business alliance and save their falling empire. A small smile fell on her lips for the first time in a very long time.

Greek god.

It was just two years ago that the Cintron twins graduated from the university, they both studied fashion design together. Adele decided to study fashion design but because of Adaline's disorder, she was asked to study fashion design along with her twin and she obliged without any further questioning.

Though fashion designing was suggested to Adaline by her parent, she still did well and excelled.

Adaline and Adele were a pair of identical twins, opposite of themselves. Adele was known to love people acknowledging and praising her like a goddess, she always had a warm and lovely smile on her beautiful face that was no different from Adaline.

Adaline was a dumb girl, she was always mute and was known to always be alone with a poker face giving out no emotion on her expressionless face. It was as if she hated her presence being known and if she and Adele made an appearance in public gatherings together, it was always Adele who caught the attention while she was


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