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Adaline Cintron, was a young pretty girl suffering from an anxiety disorder called selective mutism. She was known as the pretty dumb girl because she found great difficulty in expressing herself orally thus she would remain mute in public or social gatherings. The Cintrons we're among the rich families in Blitland, they had an identical twin girls who were the total opposite of themselves. One was the jovial and happy type, always seeking attention from the public and loved to be praised. The other was not only known as the pretty dumb girl but also a walking dead, she never socializes orally, always quiet in a corner with a blank face expressing no emotions. Adele had always felt and thought she was the most loved and the best among her twin sister, she always wanted to contrast herself from the dumb Adaline and wanted to be better than her in every way possible. But what will happen when she finds out that her dumb twin sister would get married to the most handsome bachelor, The handsome CEO rumored to be a ruthless psychopath known for being heartless and does things without any humanity. Would Adele allow her twin sister to get married to the man of her dreams? She was always the perfect one among both of them, what would be her reaction when she comes to the notice that her parent made an arranged marriage between Adaline and the heartless CEO? Read to find out how the tug of war between both sisters ended.


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