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A trip to remember

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They say memories stored in our brain could be sometimes forgotten, but then the heart does not forget. Because our heart always remembers, the heart recognizes our beloved when our brain couldn't. the same place where they met. And funny how destiny works, they met again just like how they first met, accidentally bumping with each other.Zhanaia's heart was filled with joy, she couldn't contain her happiness and jumped to hug Dion, not wanting to let him go again. But all the hope in her shattered when Dion pulled away from her embrace and asked her, "I'm sorry, miss, but... who are you?"

Chapter 1

8 Years Later...

  As the passengers descended the steel stairs, all of us who were left sighed in relief since this is yet another safe flight and we managed to do our jobs efficiently. We all prepared our things for it is our turn to leave the plane after the passengers. Most of us will stay in hotels while some, including me, can go home as we wait for our next flight.

  The familiarity of home enveloped my whole being as I reach the last step of the steel stairs and with a smile, I started pacing forward together with the other ladies wearing formal blue. I fished my phone out and set off the flight mode and notifications started coming in, mostly texts from my family, and there was also one from Caroline. I walked faster despite the heels I am wearing just to reach one of the airport's parking lots immediately.



  "Sweety, over here!"

  My family was already waiting for me as I reach the parking lot, waving and calling my name, making some of the fellows around take a glance in their direction. Zhairo and Caroline were the ones who ran to me and greet me with a big hug, while mama and papa who have aged for the last eight years stood there, smiling while watching the three of us.

  I greeted them and asked how they are doing; mama and papa's business which opened just a couple of years ago is booming and gaining a lot of customers continuously, they opened a bakery that sells classic pastries and coffee. Zhairo, my brother who's no longer the little prince of Camince Castle for he's now a grown-up man is busy with his studies and to his girlfriend, he met a few years ago when he finally overcame leukemia.

  Caroline on the other hand is blessed with her modeling career, she's been receiving calls after calls for endorsements and she's preparing for her acting career. She passed the audition for a lead role on a new romance series that will be set in Paris, France. Her love life is so active too, she's currently dating a famous Hollywood actor.

  Oh, love life speaking. It has been eight years since Dion left and in those eight years, a lot has happened, a lot has changed but my love for him never fades. The distance made my heart grow fond of him even more and I come to love him even more. Ironic, isn't it?

  Three years ago, I still have contact with him. When he flew back to America for his brain surgery, our communication continues through phone calls, and emails. When he started the procedures, we rarely talk and I use those times to focus on studying until he came for the surgery and he didn't contact me for a while. When I talked to him again, I found out he was unconscious for a year. Our communication came intact again after that, but as I focus on my study more, I lost time for him. Dion on the other hand was busy with his treatments too, the brain surgery was not the end of his battle with Brain Hemorrhage. With that, we rarely talk, and when we talk through phone calls or emails, the time was short as our other responsibilities call us back. It goes on like that for I don't know how long, until one day, I just woke up and I totally lost contact with him.

  I did not have the time to dwell on that back then for I was busy working hard to be a flight attendant. It was a tough journey too. Normally, before you fully become a flight attendant, it will take eight years, but because I was hard working and my performance was good, it only took me six years.

  After I passed the requirements and interviews of Swiss Airlines, I started with my training which was tough and very challenging. The maximum training days were six months and if you are doing good, it could be lessened to four or five months. Mine was only five months and a half for I gave my full focus on my training. It wasn't easy though. We were trained to cope up with emergencies, first aid, I even experienced jumping down in the ocean while we were flying a thousand feet high.

  We were also trained on how to give services which was an easy one for me. We were also trained on how to properly interact with passengers, how to properly smile in front of them, and so on. After my five months of training, I was on probation for another five months. Probation for flight attendants means you are on call, and it is the final stage before you fully become one. Your senior flight attendants will watch each of your moves and report even the slightest mistakes you made. If your senior flight attendants like your performance, then your training will be shorter and easier.

  I guess my skills to speak several languages helped too. Multilingual flight attendants were often in demand for international flights, and because I am one, I was assigned for international flights just half a year ago when I started my full-time career in local flights.

  I started studying how to speak and understand several languages when Dion left as a way of coping up. I made myself busy in all of these, especially when we did not talk for a year because he was in comatose. And when I finally lost contact with him, I was on full focus on becoming a flight attendant. When I was on probation and was not busy as before, I tried contacting him but I couldn't, seems like he changed number. He's not replying to my emails anymore. I tried contacting nurse Stell, Daniel, dad, and Francis but they all went off rigid.

  To avert myself from hurting, I made myself busy again and focus on work, until I lost time to make myself happy. I became a working girl. Flights after flights travel after travel. I may not feel the pain for I keep myself busy, but I know it's there and just waiting for the right time to be lashed out.

  "So, how's Asia?" Caroline asked, pulling me back to reality.

  I plastered a smile on my lips, "Oh, it's good. It's kinda hot in some countries, those countries which only have two seasons. They were also rich in mountains and natural resources."

  "Oh, well, what would you expect? Asia was blessed in nature, that's one of the main reasons why Western countries wanted to extend their territory in Asia way back then."

  Caroline and I shared a knowing look with Zhairo's statement. As expected from him, he's smart. He was always on top of his class, and he graduated valedictorian in high school. Good thing he managed to do a home study when he was not allowed to go out yet due to his leukemia, he's now in his second-year college, pre-med.

  We all rode to the mini-van on the way home. And as always when I get home, there was something prepared by my family. A small feast and all of my favorites were served. They let me have a shower first before we dine in and have a casual talk, doing catch-ups with each one.

  After the small feast, Caroline and I headed up to my room and she started her own catch-up with me, asking how's my love life. I told her it is usual, I'm enjoying myself's company and that made her roll her eyes.

  "Oh, come on, Zhanaia. Don't make an excuse, I know it is because you are still waiting for Dion." she made a face with the mention of his name.

  I sighed and stare at the ceiling of my room. It's been a while since I last did this one.

  "Well, kinda."

  "Zha, stop it, now. We've tried every way we know to contact them but no use. It seems like they don't want to do anything with us, with you. And besides, it's just a boy, Zhanaia. You'll find someone new, someone, more than deserving."

  "But he promised." I retorted.

  "Promises are meant to be broken, Zha."

  The next morning, I decided to stroll around the city as I am on vacation and it would probably take a week before my next flight. I wore a simple dress and paired it with white shoes. I also put a light make-up and let my hair fall. Over the years, I learned how to properly take care of myself and dress accordingly, unlike before when I always wear jeans and blouses or shirts.

  I looked at myself through the mirror once more and take my red signature sling bag where my wallet, phone, and some pretty little things that a normal girl stuffs in her bag. Yes, a normal girl. I am.

  Zhairo just got out of his room when I was about to step down the stairs. He looked at me from head to toe and gave me a knowing look.

  "Up for a stroll?" he asked.

  "Yeps." I nodded. "Stroll, shopping, eat and enjoy myself's company."

  He chuckled. "You always say that. Enjoying yourself's company, huh? How about Caroline?"

  "She has her own schedule for today. You know, unlike before, we have our own lives now, and showbusiness' life is not that easy."

  "Yea, yea. She actually has some bashers online, those silly girls who are insecure because she's dating Tyler Brooks."

  I chuckled, "Let those bashers be. Caroline can handle them. Anyway, where are you up to?"

  "Oh, come on, I know that tone, Zhanaia. I am no longer the little Zhairo." he made a face that made me chuckle even more.

  "I know that, Sebastian Zhairo. You are now a grown-up man, you are in your second-year college, you already have a girlfriend, and you are even doing proper exercise, gym, and all that. But that doesn't stop me from asking, where are you up to, hmm?" I raised a brow.

  He shook his head and raised both of his hands like surrendering to the law. "Okay, okay. You don't have to make a speech mentioning all that I am doing. My girlfriend and I will have a date."

  "Your girlfriend? You mean, Heartly?"

  He nodded. "Yes."


  I smiled. My brother knew what love is. Heartly and Zhairo have been together for four years now, and their relationship was tough. It was his last follow-up check-up back then when he met Heartly, and everything about them started. It's not my story to tell though, but knowing their situation, I just hope they won't end up like me and Dion.

  "When will I meet her again? It's been a while since I last saw her."

  "We'll be here later for dinner," he said with a smile.

  "Really? Well, that's great! Wait, do you have money with you?"

  I was about to get my wallet from my sling bag and give him extra cash when he stopped me.

  "No need. I have a part-time job so I won't ask for money every time from you to mama and papa. And besides, I am a scholar too. I spent every penny wisely so I manage to have my savings too."

  And that made me smile even more. Well, Sebastian Zhairo Camince is thoughtful too.

  We headed out together and let our parents know about our plans for today. They were busy in their bakery which was located at the entrance of our neighborhood. Zhairo and I parted ways for I decided to go to Miró Coffee, while he's meeting Heartly at Sprüngli.

  Of course, there were changes in Zurich over the years, but its beauty never fades, it's still here. In fact, more tourists come as years passed by, not just Zurich but the whole of Switzerland is being introduced to the whole world because of its beauty.

  Switzerland is an epitome of a paradise after all.

  I was about to enter the café when my phone rang from inside my bag. Taking it out, the name of one of my co-flight attendants flashed on the caller ID. I answered the call and she notified me that our next flight's schedule has been sent through email. I thanked her and told her I'll check it out later.

  I put my phone back in my sling bag and turned on my heels in the café's door direction without looking, and that's a mistake for I accidentally bumped into someone and I am sure I'll fall with the impact, and I braced myself.

  But a strong set of arms caught me before I fall, and a shock runs through my whole being as I felt the familiarity of the embrace and the familiar smell. Slowly, I look up to see the owner of the arms holding me in place, and my eyes instantly water when I saw his face.

  Eyes as blue as the ocean, his black long lashes, his eyebrows that were still in right thickness for a man, his proud nose, the perfectly shaped jawline, and his reddish lips. He's still the same, only that he looked more manly now, and mature, and his brownish hair was a bit longer.

  "Dion?" I whispered.

  A lone tear fell from my eyes, and a sob escaped from my throat. All the feelings I have been trying to hide by keeping myself busy for the past years resurfaced. I hug him and buried my face in his chest and I started sobbing, but he pulled away, and with confusion, he asked something that made my world stop and all the hopes in me shattered into pieces.

  "I'm sorry, miss, but... who are you?"

Chapter 2

  "I'm sorry, miss, but... who are you?"

  It was as if someone poured a cold bucket of water in me when he asked that question. My heart broke, and all the hopes in me shattered into pieces.

  "W-what... y-you're kidding, right?" I tried to laugh it off. "Oh, come on, Dion, I know you're just playing with me. Come on, stop this."

  But the serious look and confusion in his eyes said it all, he couldn't recognize me. He doesn't know me. And my system cannot accept this, I could feel my heart shattering into pieces as I look at him.

  He shook his head. "No, miss, I'm sorry. I don't know what you are saying. And I am not Dion."

  "Gin. My name is Gin."

  Our eyes locked, and although he denied it twice, I knew it is him. Dionysus. My Dion. But then...

  "Gin. My name is Gin."


  Tears loomed in my eyes as I look at him. He sighed and for a while, I thought he would end this play but then he apologized and once again, shatte


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