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A surrogate for the billionaire

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Follow the compelling story of Rylee Coker in “A Surrogate for the Billionaire” a young woman sold as a surrogate for a billionaire, who thrusts her into a world of luxury and power. However, as she walks through the difficulties of her arrangement, she's drawn to her benefactor‘s brother, which causes her to have some unexpected feelings. A compelling tale of love, sacrifice, and the hazy boundaries between duty and passion, Rylee is forced to confront her true desire because she is torn between duty and love.

Chapter 1


It’s a new year….the Xmas celebrations are over. Hearts are in love and some are heartbroken. Shops are closed and the streets are as dry as a graveyard. After the Xmas celebrations, we were expecting a fuller street for the new year but it seems people are over it already.

“Hey, you, we baking today?” Laura said smiling broadly at me

“We have to, it’s our job..the streets look dry and empty but we can still do deliveries”

“Miss Jolie didn’t think it’s a good idea to open the shop today but I insisted we should “

“What harm would be done when we are only trying to fill a lot of bellies with our delicious cakes”I shrugged

She moved to open up the sign and rearrange the Xmas decorations.

“Good morning Miss Ry”

“How are we today” my work husband comes through. Lucas is my favorite person. He must be in a good mood seeing he was wearing his jumper.

“We are all good, Lucas”

“How was the Xmas celebration at your end “

“Good, good” he drank from his little bottle

“Come to my end when you are done here,

I have juicy gist for you”

“You will thank me for this”

I struggled to recall whatever conversations we had the previous nights and tried to connect the dots. Just maybe another boy-talk. He winked at me. It's definitely boyfriend-related. I smiled at him.

Lucas has always been free-spirited and I have always needed that realm of sunshine in my life.

Miss Jolie called the next minute and I moved toward the counter to talk to her. She ordered we remove the Xmas decorations. She said the holidays are over.

“We don’t want to give people the idea that we are still on our discount month” she sounded so cold.

Ohhh ohhh trouble in paradise?

“But miss it’s a new year and the decorations are still fresh”

“We could leave it till the end of January”

“Take it down,Rylee”

“Yes ma’am”I said in annoyance

There must be something wrong. Jolie has never sounded so worked up without a cause. it must be her love life. Last I called and asked about her Xmas date she didn’t seem to be in good spirits. Kevin must have disappointed her again this year. There was definitely no kissing under the mistletoe this year. That must be quite sad. I shook my head and headed directly toward the decorations aisle. it had to be taken down. if I owned the place I would leave it till the end of the month but the boss said it should be taken out and I had to do just that.

“Lucas, Laura help out please”

They were confused as to why we were throwing the decorations out. it was the discount month last month and the decorations we had,made it possible. It was designed by capable hands and it did the magic. We had worked overtime last Xmas.

We had made deliveries for birthdays, and weddings, some were ordered to celebrate Christmas and some did it for family hangouts. We had done Xmas bonuses and the sales were skyrocketing. Jolie has always been a very creative businesswoman and marketer. I have always wanted to own a bakery. This was one of the main reasons I took this job. I love baking and it makes me meet new people. I love communicating and serving people to the best of my pays the little bills and my boss is so nice on a normal day. She gives us a peaceful environment to work in and also appreciates our work. I learned to bake the most amazing cakes. I have baked without paying a cent. Miss Jolie is really kind. I went there to work as a sales girl and I ended up loving and working at the bakery.

We were about to close when a new troop of customers rushed in. It seems the new year sales are beginning already. From little infants to grown-up adults, everyone came to our store. We have special drafts for all ages including vegetarian options. We waved at the people and proceeded to serve them. Tourists and all. I didn't want to go home just yet. I wanted to work extra hours in other to save money for my education ..I have been saving up but I need to save up more. My friends were all going to college the next fall and I was going to be left behind. I have really grown because people see me as the the manager of the bakery but I am simply one of the workers .My pay is barely enough to feed my family not to talk of college but I was wishing for the best.

I didn't want to go home.

I needed to stay around these happy families. Spending time with people serves as a reminder regarding the kind of life I wish to have. It kept me on my toes on what I needed to be doing. I needed to go to school, get a job, and also take care of my younger ones.

We had to pick up, clean, and wish each other goodbye. Walking down the streets of Texas,I met people drinking , smoking, and clubbing. The new year is indeed starting on a good note.

“I wish I could be that carefree without thinking of what to eat, wear and how to survive till the next day” I muttered

I took the train with people full of life, chatting, with skateboards, gadgets, and a number of bags, and headed back home.


Home. A place I detest coming back to. if I had my way I would move to a different city. But how can I, when I have siblings to take care of? They are barely adults. Katy is 15 while Rudy was 12. I could smell the scent of cigars coming from the parlor as I stepped into the house…It must be my parents. Who else would come to my house at 10 in the night? They were chitchatting half-naked in the house.

“Mom” I shouted angrily

“Put some clothes on”

I stomped to the kitchen where Katy was struggling with the table cooker.The house was almost ignited. The smoke detector was on and they couldn't care less.

“What are you doing, Katy”

“Mom asked me to make dinner,” she said admitting tears. The table cooker has been faulty and I told Mom about it. She didn't bother to fix it”.

“It's okay, Katy “

“You should go upstairs”

“I’ll take it from here”

“You should inform me about things like this” I patted her shoulders.

I rushed to the TV and switched it off.

“Ry,” my mom sprung up

“What was that for”

“Rylee, you are back” my father added while directing his attention back to his rolled-up cigar.

“Yes, I am back and in a really foul mood”

“What is going on here?”

“You asked Katy to cook?”

“But the table cooker is bad”

“Did you consider your safety?”

“That was reckless I must say” I headed upstairs

I froze the next minute.

“We are buying a new one tomorrow.We got money from a man.A rich man .He visited this afternoon and wants you be his surrogate”

“He wants an heir”

“He’s in love with your bodily features”

My mother dropped the bomb.

“Your nose, honey” She tapped My Father's nose gently

“Rylee, we are rich. He paid one hundred thousand dollars as a deposit and he promised to pay more”

“Only if you accept to be his surrogate”

“You accepted one hundred thousand dollars from a stranger for what exactly” I tried to understand what they had been saying. I needed clarity.

“For you to give him a child,” My mother said making a weird face.

“Easy right?

“Nine months and you are good”

I laughed out loud for a few seconds and turned to the stairs.

“You both have a great night.”

“Return his money”

“That’s if there’s truth to what you are saying”

“Return it”

“I’ll fix the table cooker when I get my pay next week”

“Rylee,you have to……

She tried to complete her sentence and I waved it off.Whatever conversation they were having the next moment I wasn't so interested in it. I just needed to rest. I had a long day and a well-deserved shower was just what I planned to have the minute I got to my room.

“The water bill” I sighed

Chapter 2


My alarm rang the next minute and I struggled to lift my head. It was a very busy day the previous day and it was looking so hectic already. We sold a truck full of cakes and the orders we had for the day were close to a hundred.

Good grief

Laura and Lucas would have a hard time if I decided not to show up for the day. My head was heavy and all I needed was rest. I had to be there. Miss Jolie trusts me to be there. I am like her assistant now and it’s been incredible. I love the duty and recognition that comes with it. A lot of our clients compliment my management skills and that keeps me going. Being invited to exclusive events was the little cherry on top. It helped me build my self-confidence. Hell, it made me feel like a badass.

I was grinning from ear to ear until the thought of the previous day popped into my head. My parents are crazy. They have been so selfish over the years and they still are. How can they accept money from a st


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